View Full Version : Free white noise Apps for iPhone / iPad

04-16-12, 01:00 PM
1) White Noise Box by Skunk Brothers GmbH (very simple, clean white noise)

2) White Noise + Lite by PopMartian (I love the fan)

3) White Noise Lite by TMSOFT

4) White Noise Ambiance by logicworks

5) eWhiteNoise Lite by Vanke Software inc. (very awesome software. You might not need another!)

These all seem great. I tried about 10 different apps and settled on keeping these 5 on my iPhone. They help me block out unwanted noise distractions while I study and also while I sleep. :yes:

04-16-12, 01:01 PM
iphones also have a multitude of apps for irlen syndrome/dyslexia etc...too bad i have a blackberry :D

04-16-12, 01:48 PM
iPhone rules. I never owned blackberry. but iPhone has changed my life and really helps keep me on task. So many apps i do not even know where to begin sometimes!