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11-05-04, 09:18 PM
I'm finding now that the days are much shorter and it's often overcast or raining outside and frequently chilly, I'm getting in depressed slumps often. I can't afford a light box yet, does anyone else that suffers from SAD have any other suggestions? Thanks!

11-06-04, 01:48 AM
Costco has light boxes, lot less money.

11-06-04, 04:48 PM
My husband and son both suffer from seasonal depression. The episodes usually start small and end big, troublesome times are October to January. Both are on meds for depression year round their dosage is small about 20mg. but during the pinpointed months it gets upped to about 40-60mg. I'm interested in knowing though about these light boxes, what are they and what are they supposed to do and what is a basic cost estimate if anyone knows I'd appreciate any information. I am alway's looking for alternative routes to treatment rather then meds.

Thanks in advance

11-07-04, 04:19 AM
Check out Costco. They're less expensive there.

11-07-04, 02:33 PM
I spend as much time in the (winter) sunshine as humanly possible - I eat lunch at a window, drink my coffee at a window.... that seems to help. Also, they make these daylight bulbs for regular lights. Those help a lot....

11-09-04, 12:46 AM
thank you roger and judit I'll definatly be looking into these items. I've also started doing some research on nutrient levels and how they can affect moods basically if you can keep your blood sugar levels equal at all times then your body functions more harmonously if that makes any sense so far I've gotten about 4 books and printed a bunch of info haven't had the time to read thru it and absorb what it's telling me but as soon as Koda is well I'll be all over it. *laughs*

03-17-05, 12:21 AM
thanks for the costco suggestion, i'll go check it out, hope they have them here in canada