View Full Version : inderal to help rapid heart rate

04-18-12, 06:17 PM
has anyone else been prescribed a low dose of beta blocker to help tachycardia? i just got prescribed 10mg of inderal to help the rapid heart rate caused by vyvanse. however, my blood pressure has always been normal-- my diastolic even seems to be borderline low (general BP is around 106/60). i'm happy to be relieved of the chest flutters, but i don't want my BP to plummet. does anyone know how much a low dose of inderal will affect my blood pressure? switching to a different stimulant doesn't seem to be an option, so i'm trying to find a combination that works.

04-18-12, 06:55 PM
hopefully it shouldnt affect you too much, just keep an eye...the dose indicated for treatment of hypotension (to reduce blood pressure) is 40mg so any affect will hopefully be minimal at only 10 mg...just had a look in the BNF for keep an eye though, can you get a home blood pressure kit ?

05-12-12, 09:33 AM
I'm on 20mg Nadolol to reduce tachycardia & chest pain due to Vyvanse,doc says the heart is just fine had my 3rd clean EKG in 6 months. :yes:

I hope it turns out okay I'd love to hear from an ADHD patient with experience in this area(being that guys seldom take this combo of meds it seems. Maybe it's the whole migraine factor?):lol: Anyone need sunglasses, Excedrin, chocolate, or dark room.Just let me know :)

Seriously though I know how much those hurt ladies as I suffer from stimulant-induced migraines.Ritalin was the worst in this regard as child & Vyvanse causes migraines with auras now.:( However if I don't suffer a heart attack,stroke or cardiac arrest.My Doctor and I have pretty much decided I anit quitin' the V.

05-22-12, 12:28 PM
Are you sure your resting tachycardia is caused by the Vyvanse? Perhaps it sends it over the edge of the 100 mark, but not causing a marked increase.

I've found that many, many women have high resting heart rates (high 80s, 90s) and there is absolutely nothing dangerous about this.

I really want to add a beta blocker to my stimulant, especially as titrate up the dose to reduce the accelerated heart rate.