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04-19-12, 09:41 AM
Has anyone here had ANY experiences with RAD?

Although we are not ruling out ADD/ADHD until we get through out visit with the pediatrician (we are currently on the wait list... here is my introduction thread about that: )

RAD concerns me, as I may in fact have suffered from (still be suffering from) it, or a similar attachment disorder.
(* I was adopted as an infant and have never formed a secure bond, or felt accepted or truly loved, thus causing some major insecurities and attachment/relationship issues for myself. I have not been diagnosed with anything nor have I really sought out treatment. I have attempted to talk to the family doctor but she only offered me a prescription that did not deal with any of the emotional issues or true background of why I was struggling, which led me to feel as though I could not be helped.
I wish my parents would've made me go through the therapy when I was young and I don't want to leave stones unturned when it comes to helping my daughter!*)
She very well could be too, from what I understand RAD is commonly misdiagnosed as ADD.

Any information or experience are appreciated, as I am looking for both her and myself.
Thanks. :)

04-19-12, 10:49 AM
I heard of that orginally when I was trying to come to terms with the fact my birth son wants nothing to do with me ....( and it was a semi-open adoption ,, it was 30 years ago, and still pretty new ) .....and read about it on an adoption forum site ....

It terrified me RAD .....I thought I was doing the best possible thing for my child and to find out that I may have been terribly wrong about that ....yikes only consolation is that I chose the parents, and I know they dote on him and have since the day he went home with them ....

...There was a book written a few years ago that was very scary indeed might try the adoption forums ....I think it's ...maybe an s at the end of adoption.....they're very suppportive over there ....and it's a good place to check out with the sort of problems you and your child might be having that are rooted in the adoption process....

....all 3 of the triangle are represented there, with no bias towards any one leg .....I highly recoommend the site is on a par with this forum ,.....and that is high praise indeed I think this site is just about the best help, comfort and fun on the internet for ADD.....all the other ones are mostly a joke as far as I am concerned .....they all have an axe to grind.....and this one doesn't .....

same thing with that adoption forum .....and they are going to be in a lot better position to help you with your problem, there's a couple of adopted people here, and I am the only one who had a child adopted ( or at least the only one who admits it ....not an easy thing to tell people .....society does not look kindly on us) but there's a whole lotta people over there who will understand your problem ....and can help you with it.....

jeesh I sure am talkative today ....hope I haven't put you to sleep....

04-19-12, 11:19 AM
Thank you!

I will definitely check it out.

Adoption is a wonderful and while I can look at the situation my biological mother was in and see that it was a bad situation and that I am VERY lucky she did what she did.
Giving me up was the best thing she could've ever done for me.

I have some VERY deep rooted scars that NEED to be tended to!

Thank you for information, I am going now :)

04-19-12, 11:21 AM
Attachment disorders cover a broad range of issues but Reactive Attachment Disorder is specific in its nature. RAD refers to situations in very early childhood and is associated with *grossly pathologically or Pathogenic care*. The pathological care criteria is considered to be a defining feature of RAD and without it, RAD cannot be diagnosed. Other attachment issues certainly exist but again RAD is rather specific and often can be considered serious in its nature and prognosis.

Having said that, we really do not know an awful lot in depth about RAD since true RAD is somewhat rare. Many clinicians will go through their entire career and never see a case.

RAD is seen more in foster and institutional care and clinicians working in those settings will see more of those cases.

A quick reference to the current criteria for diagnosis

On the proposed criteria for the new diagnostic manual.

There is a lot of information on the internet on attachment issues in general so I am not going to go into it here. They are quite real and important but are not RAD unless the care criteria is met.

Hope this helps a little,


PS Salleh gives some good insight and is well worth listening to.

04-19-12, 11:35 AM
DizFriz that's what I had read, if not diagnosed EARLY you never get diagnosed with it.
I guess I've not looking into many attachment disorders, I just know the listing of symptoms for adult RAD are me to a T.

I will look into other attachment disorders, they probably all have similar presentations.
Thanks for your time!

04-19-12, 11:40 AM
Ps. I think I need to have my husband write up a summary of my traits so I can actually explain it, because I really suck at admitting I have a problem :\

I have a tendency to protect the things that hurt me the most and just not talk about it, at all cost. So that's probably part of why treatment fails.
How do you really start to break down those barriers?

04-20-12, 07:35 AM
After researching quite a bit it seems that RAD and ADD/ADHD ate often extremely similar (obviously with different causes) so I'm guessing that's what it may be.

I'm going to have to look into it for both her and myself. I'm certain I will have tons of questions along the way, but I think we've found the right place.
Thanks all!

04-21-12, 10:57 PM


I have life experience and a personal interest in attachment.

I just started a thread on the topic of Attachment!

Funny how things work.

In the link to a thread is a great article to help understand the basics of what natural attachment is.

Attachment is required for all infants/parent/guardian relationship(s).

I have lots of information about attachment to share.

If your interested.

The link in this thread bellow,

is the best place for a person to start,

when trying to understand any attachment disorders.

I will answer any questions you might have in that thread.

Great questions/concerns!