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My Life ADDs Up
11-07-04, 07:35 AM
I used to write a good deal of poetry. While it always came in clusters for me, I haven't written much at all for the past two years, since I got married. Much to my wife's dismay I'm sure, I lost inspiration for romantic poetry almost all together. This isn't because of our relationship, but because I was inspired more by fantasy than reality. Now I see where my ADD might explain this. I can day dream and fantasize more clearly than I absorb reality.
I wanted to post to this forum, and I thought I'd take a shot at writing a new poem. Unfortunately, I could not escape serious distractions, so I wasn't really able to write completely from the heart. Once I share some of my other poems, the differences will be clear. James

My Life ADDs Up
11-07-04, 07:36 AM
What I seek I never have found,
For if I had, Iíd no longer seek.
Yet Iím not content with fruitless dreams,

Ever annoyed at my spinning wheels,
Longing for hope of progress,
Yet nothing proves what it seems.

Never known but ever present,
Reasons for my present confusion,
Trying harder, alone, will bear nothing.

Now with new knowledge all is the same,
But now I have hope for change.
My dreams may yet bear me something.

James Reed 11/07/04

My Life ADDs Up
11-08-04, 02:00 AM
For everything there is a purpose,
Every great loss a greater gain,
Every harsh pain, a warmer comfort,
I shall see this proven true again.

All my closed doors have opened.
I cannot decide which to choose.
But I must begin somewhere,
And I absolutely cannot lose.

For every pain this has caused me,
Thereís someone else hurt more.
Which wounds should I mend first
Of these wounds I never saw before?

Itís not easy. Everyone has been robbed.
Itís not easy because itís not over yet.
How can I find the patience to heal
When my hope is not realized yet?

I know things will happen.
I know all will come together.
I pray for patience to maintain,
Until I at last get better.


My Life ADDs Up
11-08-04, 02:03 AM

I've seen this sky a thousand times,
but never quite like it is tonight
The skies are clear, the breeze is cool,
The moon is full and so very bright..

Alone I've stood and gazed for hours,
alone I looked at this awesome sight,
but today those times seem so dull,
and I know now why it wasn't right.

Because tonight I stand with you to share,
what follows a day graced with skies of blue.
And I thought I had known it's beauty before,
but oh the stars shine much brighter for you.

James H Reed

My Life ADDs Up
11-08-04, 02:03 AM
passion and feeling, not driven at all
fantasy and dreams, yet nothing remains
as a child I used to live
as a teen I wanted to die
now I desire to live again

tender innocence of youth
purposed to remain through life
yet so young he died in me
while defenseless, tossed in strife

I have fought the worst
I have survived myself
now I desire to live
and consider nothing else

I'm a dreamer left awake
a passionate soul gone dry
Yet my heart is tender
and I refuse to die

James H Reed

My Life ADDs Up
11-08-04, 02:04 AM

no chances, none taken
no love, none breaking
his heart, lies alone
and he's dying

no risks, none taken
no effort, he's mistaken
no emotion, it's hidden
inside he's crying

no fools, none mislead
one loss, a life wasted
no chances, none taken
in fear, he's wasted

James H Reed

Copyright ©2004 James H Reed

My Life ADDs Up
11-08-04, 02:05 AM
A Valley

I'm in a bad way,
the music inside has died,
everything is growing numb,
I'm all mixed up inside.
I'm reaching out with nothing to share,
and I'm looking within all is lost.
Not gone forever, but out of sight,
until at last this valley I will have crossed.

James Harvey Reed

My Life ADDs Up
11-08-04, 02:07 AM

You look at me and I look away,
I'm feeling a little self conscious today.
I'm looking around and feeling pressured.
with little to leave me reasured.
It's all looking bleak, and dying inside.
No longer the will and never the pride.
I continue as life will go on, I will recover.
yet not on this day, but definitely another.

James Harvey Reed

My Life ADDs Up
11-08-04, 02:07 AM
Dark Side of Winter

The snowflakes are falling,
The temperature is droping,
The wind is whistling,
and my hands are freezing.

My head is aching,
a blizzard is nearing.
My nose is running,
and I can't stop sneezing.

The storm is building,
Fiercely bone chilling,
Winter is reighning,
and it's far from pleasing.

James H Reed

My Life ADDs Up
11-08-04, 02:08 AM
God's Own Heart

For the gift of God is grace to all,
to lift you from out of your sin.
He comes for you when you've wandered,
He's saying, "Child come home again.
My Precious child, oh how I've missed you.
Why won't you trade your sorrow for my love?
Cast down your cares, I'll get you through.
Take my peace, my joy, and rise above.
I have power to strengthen you.
You'll marvel in your restoration.
Now come and be cleansed, my child.
For my son has bought your salvation.
As his blood was shed my heart was rent.
yet from his sufferring your guilt was washed away.
Just believe and recieve my precious one.
and rise with my saints on ressurection day.

James H Reed

My Life ADDs Up
11-08-04, 02:08 AM
Lonely Stretch

Heavy rain drops shatter into shards,
as the assault on the winshield stretches.
ahead halogen beams glow bright,
as the storm continues down I-95

A long way from home, no turning back,
eighty miles per hour in the pouring rain.
not fast enough, but the distance grows,
she's not going back to that life again.

The windows are fogging, the heater is on,
the torn viynl seats are frigid as the metal.
no luxuries, the radio busted, a foot to the floor,
as the storm continues down I-95

an empty highway blackened by the deluge,
with one lone car defying the rain.
Inside a lonely woman determined to flee,
braving her fears to flee her pain.

Harvey James Reed jr

My Life ADDs Up
11-08-04, 02:09 AM

Something into nothing, never heard of this,
nothing into everything, never did I miss.
The simple fades away, as calamity arises.
Simple mistakes take on catastrophic disguises.
And you wonder why I have ceased to try.
You wonder why so much passes me by.
Perfection is a mental picture to remain,
always a vision in another's brain.
and so as the sand destroys aluminum,
equally fierce shall be the woe of them.
Who fail to perfect any desired deed,
for one looks on, that no one succeed.
And such is the pressure that molded me,
ever since for every flaw you scolded me.
Though now, life, the truth did reveal.
I presently doubt my wounds can heal.

James Harvey Reed

My Life ADDs Up
11-08-04, 02:10 AM
Poet's Sonnet

Blessed be the poet by who's pen reveal,
emotion in rivers of current quite strong.
Who paints in words that his heart conceal,
writing visions of that which most do long.
Saddened by tragedy, excited by joy,
from both heaven and hell doth write.
A poet alive with a passion to enjoy,
to share a tale many savor with delight.
With a strong heart, such a pen does share,
deepest feelings from life, vivid and true
who's mind with heart communes without compare,
is such a man to whom recognition due.
For few a man or woman does possess,
the heart to fathom what his pen express.

James Harvey Reed

My Life ADDs Up
11-08-04, 02:10 AM
Woe Is Me

Cold and cruel, heartless at best.
now all that was, now laid to rest.
The good times and the bad,
the entire life that we had.
I did it all so that we could be,
and now it all has crashed on me.
So it is now and tomorrow will be.
Best wishes to you, and woe is me.

James Harvey Reed

My Life ADDs Up
11-09-04, 02:32 AM
Timeís runnín out and I almost didnít write today.
What a sad way to toss away my new trend.
So now Iím just a tapín away at keys,
Soon to cut Ďn paste Ďn then tweak Ďn send

Not much point to this here poetry,
But to amuse the ole poet in me.
Seems it helps to exercise my creativity,
Lo and behold, I can still do it I see.

Maybe a little rusty, and maybe a little dull,
But if I print it, I could threaten a paper cut.
So I am armed with lyrical nonsense,
And I can keep at it, I can butÖ..

The nights are too short, the dayís are too long.
The less sleep I get, and the sadder my song.
So entertainment is great, but to all itís own time.
And bedtime beckons me to end this here rhyme.

James Reed 11/08/04

My Life ADDs Up
11-12-04, 02:32 AM
Blah Blah Blah,
no inspiration for me today.
But that's ok I guess,
because I find I'm doing ok.

I'm not overly excited,
I am not terribly bored.
I do not have an excess,
of impulses to be ignored.

I'm just writing once again,
because I want to everyday.
So sorry if I have bored you,
by writing this poem today.


My Life ADDs Up
12-02-04, 04:01 AM
Oh Gee, Here I go again,
never sticking to anything,
though I say never again,
here it is the same old thing.

I'm gonna write every day,
and it's only a week and then.
I am not writing at all,
my commitment lost again.

What is there to do,
It always happens this way.
No matter how much I purpose,
I always manage to stray.

Is there any hope at all?
Is there any better discipline?
I don't know now, I didn't know then,
so I'll just start today, again.