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11-09-04, 03:15 PM
New to forums, really like what i've read so far.

Here's a look over my history.

Straterra - didn't do jack, made me feel uncomfortable

Dexedrine 10mg - worked, needed more though. a little edgy feeling though.

Dexedrine 20mg - face aches galore, couldn't handle it.

Adderall 20mg (currently) - Better than dexedrine but still kinda edgy feelign.


I've tried street methamphetamine and it has a calming effect MUCH more than any of these. I've heard similar reports. Basically my question is, what kind of response would i get if i straight-fowardly asked my doc about the possiblity? I would hate to resort to doing lines of the street stuff just so I can handle a intense work day. Nothing has ever cleared my mind, or calmed me like methamphetamine has, it sucks.

11-09-04, 03:22 PM
Establish a good relationship with your doctor, first and formost. Be patient and take the time he/she suggests to give whatever you're taking time to work, etc. - In other words, don't seem like you are in a rush. Most doctors are going to be very careful about prescribing desoxyn, 'cus you can be SURE that they will be asked about the prescription - doctors prescriptions are monitored for schedule 2 drugs!

11-09-04, 03:56 PM
I've tried street methamphetamine and it has a calming effect MUCH more than any of these. I've heard similar reports. Basically my question is, what kind of response would i get if i straight-fowardly asked my doc about the possiblity? I would hate to resort to doing lines of the street stuff just so I can handle a intense work day. Nothing has ever cleared my mind, or calmed me like methamphetamine has, it sucks.
Hmm.. I know exactly what you mean about the calming effect. I'm assuming this is due to it affecting serotonin moreso than dopamine, it is a much more relaxing "in control" experience, and used in therapeutic doses (as therapeutic as you can get with a straw up your nose) there's no crash as with my current meds. Three weeks into dexedrine, without taking a break, I already began to feel a bit psychotic again.. It's been a week since I've last taken dexedrine (I feel I have to take a break every few weeks to feel a bit more grounded again) and my mind is back where it should be. I've recently had the chance to try street meth again, and my mind is definitely made up about it being a much more sensible treatment. Unfortunately I hear Desoxyn isn't even available in canada, where i'm from... I guess none of this really answers your question, heh.. Just kinda there to reinforce the idea. My question is, though, for anyone who might be more knowledgeable.. why exactly is Desoxyn so much more tightly controlled than the other meds? I mean... I read about it being due to the "stigma" of it being methamphetamines.. but is it mostly a sort of political thing, or is methamphetamine at therapeutic doses any more potentially damaging or does it have more addictive potential than just amphetamines used for the same purpose? Or any other medical reasons?

11-09-04, 07:20 PM
Blame people who take methamphetamine recreationally for the difficulty in getting a scrip for Desoxyn. Methamphetamine is not any more powerful than dexedrine and it doesn't work any differently than other amphetamines - I have never read anything that indicates that there are any differences in the way different amphetamines affect brain chemistry - and there is no appreciable direct serotonin effect from amphetamines - they work on dopamine and noradrenaline. Since brain chemistry is complicated and interrelated, there probably is, ultimately, an effect on serotonin but that's not where you are feeling the drug working.
The stigma, I think, keeps it from being a popular choice, or even available in Canada. Used as directed, it had no more risk of abuse or addiction than any other stimulant.
Because there is such a large black market for methamphetamine - presumably because it is easier to synthesize in a clandestine lab - I would think the street price of pharma quality meth would be higher than say, dextroamphetamine, and so the likelyhood of someone selling their meds would be higher. I'm sure if dextro-amphetamine was as widely abused as meth-amphetamine, you'd have a harder time getting it too.
Plus, since there really is very little difference, for most people, in the effectiveness of Desoxyn vs Adderall or Dexedrine, there are few reasons why a Dr would try it, so the potential market for the drug is small, and few doctors would have ever prescribed it. Add to this the problem of prescription scrutiny by the DEA, etc, and you've got a drug that the vast majority of doctors would simply never prescribe, under any circumstances - there are just too many strikes against it.
Oh and Desoxyn, where available in the U.S.A., is hideously expensive - and there ain't no generic.

03-21-07, 09:10 AM
i have heard some, good reports ons Desoxyn. but i dont think i can, get in Australia
i have tried, dex and found it to make me very sick. it gave my a very dry mouth, eyes,
dry up the noses. it would make me very hot, and drank heaps of water. but all the water i drank would be loss in 5 mins. i was going to the bathroom each 5 mins, and then tried ritalin 10mg. it was good in the first 45 mins, i could really keep my mind on things. but after 45, it would drop off. the rebound after that was bad, very stiff muscles, the fast heat beat, hot sweats, tummy pain. so i would like to try Desoxyn

03-21-07, 08:52 PM
I wish it were available where you were at ritalin69. It's a very good product.

I have tried the drugs you mentioned, and I can relate to some of the effects you described.

I would like to share another possible option you might consider called Focalin. I found the drug Focalin to be much more of a contender with Desoxyn than I could have ever expected based on any other methylphenidate experience.

Focalin offered me a very smooth effect, and the stimulation allowed me to be quite productive. The worst side effect for me was the price.

03-21-07, 09:35 PM
worldofawasome, I'm suprised that you didn't mention anything about the ritalin family.

03-24-07, 02:35 AM
The reason (as I see it) Desoxyn is not prescribed more often is simply that the Doctors are not aware of it.

I take Desoxyn, and I had to educate my Doctor. My Doctor had prescribed it once before, and it was to someone who ended up abusing it. Thankfully my Doctor knew that was an exception and not the norm. But since then she thought it was no longer available. In addition, noone ever requested it, so she just never thought about it.

The scrips Doctors write are NOT watched. I followed that trail and it just went in circles and finally ended up at the insurance company, who just have every excuse in the book to deny a claim. I asked everyone to give me the name of whoever, and noone could. I even called the DEA myself, and there is NO person or department who checks up on Doctors scrips.

I recommend you do some research collect some articles from medical journals and take them to your next Doctors appointment and say "hey, I've read about this drug, here is what I read, I would like to try it."

Or see if it is on your insurance plan, it is on my mail-in 3-month supply program, and see if your insurance company will reccommend it, mine did!

It is amazing what you will get when you simply ask.

Plus, if your Doctor says no - ask why not? Have him/her give you a credible reason as to why not. Just becuase he /she does not like it is not an acceptable answer. Or that they are watched - b*llsh*t - no their not. Pharmacy's can carry it - all they have to do is order it - they just do not have it in today. Do not accept these b*llsh*t answers from anybody.




03-24-07, 11:28 AM
Does dosoxyn usually do what Adderall doesnt?

I've tried.. Ritalin (made me more stupid)
Dex (amotivated)
Adderall (amotivated)

Also, I suppose it isnt usually covered by insurance? How much MORE expensive is it then Adderall?

Does it help hyperactives, or innatentives more?


03-24-07, 02:29 PM
The reason (as I see it) Desoxyn is not prescribed more often is simply that the Doctors are not aware of it.I could not agree more with you on this. I was/am shocked as to how few Dr.'s & Pharmacist are familiar with the drug Desoxyn.

I wonder if Desoxyn might have been overlooked (intentionally?) by medical and pharmacy schools?

Matt S.
03-24-07, 02:43 PM
A big factor in the issue of Desoxyn being rx'd from what I can presume from trends in the Pharmaceutical industry is the emphasis on Once Daily Extended Release Medications and how they are considered to be better medications. As far as clinical trials are concerned, and I research everything excessively, the target patient for those are school kids and people with a history of stimulant addiction. The irony is that I have tried every XR med there is available today and the Desoxyn Gradumets I was rx'd in High School were the only effective long acting med I have seen so far, and they are no longer available

03-24-07, 03:00 PM
It's true that the Desoxyn Gradumets are no longer available, but since this version worked better for you than any other extended release drug, I would suggest that you consider talking to your Dr. about the possibility of having a local compound pharmacy prepare an extended release methamphetamine HCL compounded especially just for you.

Some patients need the option of a different compound from a compound pharmacy because they might be allergic to a certain dye being used in a brand name drug, or perhaps they might suffer from an intolerance to a specific binder or filler being used.

Another use for compound pharmacies is when a version of a drug is discontinued, and a patient only responded to that version of the drug, or respnonded best to that version of the drug. This is a perfectly legal option.

03-28-07, 09:58 PM
hi Lars

i thank you for your help mate, i cant get Focalin in Australia
i rang the company that makes ritalin,they say they dont sell it
in Australia. the only thing we have here is dex, ritalin,concerta.
i find here, if them drugs dont work for you. they want to put you on
srr anitpressants. i think next thing they will have us on, largactil
and tied in chair. with straitjacket on, so we dont make waves over
drugs that make us sick. force feed us and give us enemas