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04-28-12, 04:08 AM
Hey all,

I just ordered a bunch of supplements based on what I've read on the internet to supplement my ADHD (my issues are primarily focus studying for the GMAT and suddenly am unable to put words together as well in business- which is scaring me)

I ordered the following:

-Jarrow Formulas Alpha GPC, 300mg, 60 Tablets
-Now Foods Creatine Monohydrate 750mg Capsules, 120-Count
-Piracetam 800 mg 60 vcaps
-Omega 3 Fish Oil
-10 Gram (0.35 Oz) Oxiracetam Bulk Powder
-Acetyl L-Carnitine 500 mg 240 Caps by Swanson Premium
-Focus XT by SNS Blue Raspberry 360 grams

Also considiring Vitamin B Complex & also want some guidance on what to eat to maintain nootropic effectivenss. Thanks so much!

anyways, this should be in tomorrow. Before I take it I want to get some level of regimine, dosage, and anything else that I should add to this. If you could break it down by morning/evening/night, what else to take, what else to add/avoid- it would be greatly appreciated! Also, do I cycle? Do I remove any of these? Thanks a ton!

04-28-12, 05:50 AM
There is reasonable evidence to support the use of Omega-3.

However, in general I would be extremely careful about using dietary supplements. Things that fall into the category of alternative medicine usually have not been adequately tested for safety and effectiveness. They are often advertised as "100% natural!" -- as if that somehow made them safe.

There is absolutely no reason why "natural" should be equated with safe. I can think of at least 2 or 3 things in the forest behind my house right now that are "100% all natural" that would kill me within an hour if I were to eat them. I'm not saying that dietary supplements are going to poison you in a matter of minutes or anything. My point is just that the whole "natural=safe" thing is little more than advertising BS.

If it's a supplement that many people have taken over a long period of time, it's probably not going to do much immediate damage. However, it might very well do serious damage over a long enough period of time that people have trouble seeing the causal relationship.

Even things that are normally good for you can cause serious heath problems if taken in excessive amounts:

I'm not totally against all supplements. I take Omega 3 myself. I'm just saying that taking a supplement that hasn't undergone proper scientific safety/effectiveness testing is a little like walking into a pharmaceutical company laboratory and volunteering to replace one of the lab rats as a research subject.

04-28-12, 05:51 AM
My experience with supplements is that the benefits tend to be relatively unpredictable and short lived. They are not really for treating serious issues.

Regarding your regimine though, this is what I think:

I would recommend red bull or monster energy drink on test day. Sip it, don't drink it too fast.

Omega might help, take every day for best benefit. Its mild but safe for most people.
Acetylcarnitine--mild benefit, I find it can make me sleepy. I like L-carnitine better.
Exercize--you should get some, lol I probably say this in all my posts, I think it helps though

GPC--I'm not sure, I think it depends on your diet. Can you post any research you have on this stuff?

Focus XT--Hmm, just googled it out of curiosity. The vinpocentine in it has been linked to depletion of dopamine:
Not that vinpo is bad, I just wouldn't recommend someone take it everyday, especially if they might have ADHD, it will be WORSE after using this. Its nice with coffee to balance out the tense jittery feeling--I've taken it, but haven't since learning about this problem.
The artificial sweetners worsen alot of peoples ADHD, if you do really have that, and theres a bunch in the focus xt.
Huperzine A--all I noticed was really vivid, lucid dreams, and being calm during the day.
Tyrosine--this would help if your deficient.
Overall this stuff (focus XT) is junk, I'm sorry to say

Gingko--you might want to try, you can take it daily, also ginseng. Also caffeine. I like siberian ginseng when I study. These things are used worldwide for minor benefit.

You don't mention diet. I would recommend a high protein diet. Also when studying for the GMAT, snack, keep your energy level up, avoid bing meals that will make you feel tired. You probly know this stuff though.

oxiracetam/ piracetam--have you tried this stuff? I had bad experience but some people claim benefits. These are synthetic chemicals with no oversight in the US, so who knows whats in them or how pure they are.
creatine--this is for muscle building and anaebolic stress. Its not going to help in my opinion with your brain.

Vitamins--it really depends on your diet. I take a mineral supplement which I think helps. Most of the studies on vitamins show supplements do nothing unless diet is deficient.

Do you take medication for ADHD? If not, really, look into mainstream options, especially if you are planning on grad school. Expect to be extremely busy. Do you know what schools your going to apply to?

04-29-12, 02:45 AM
Hey, thanks a ton-good to know about the Focus XT and the creatine. In terms of the nootropics/racetam-s ive personally never taken it but I need some help here.

I;m applying to most of the top 25- I have good experience if I could just focus! As for diet, I do eat protein, but am trying to settle between what to eat and what not to! What multivitamin is good for adhd-pi?

04-29-12, 09:27 AM
I think omegas are good, even a multi vitamin regimen is good but anything else that claims to offer focus or implys it can treat adhd is highly suspect.

The vitamins I take for a nutrition defeceit and also for health are:

prenatal vitamins
b12,b6,and b complex
vitamin c and magnesium at night
folic acid
vitamin e
vitamin d
and melatonin at night.

The ADHD Fan
08-12-12, 11:55 PM
There are a lot of good comments here. Sorry for being a little "late to the party" on this discussion. Some of the most popular minerals for ADHD are Magnesium, Zinc and Iron. Based on my findings, Magnesium does better for the hyperactive component of ADHD and zinc does better for the inattentive (here is a link to a recent study on inattention and zinc levels ( It was done with children, but may still be useful). It's important to note that going overboard with any of these can be harmful, not just because of toxicity, but because the different metals can compete with each other (they use similar transporters and enzyme systems, so an excess of one can crowd out the other). With regards to anyone taking stimulants (Adderall, Concerta, etc.), there is some evidence that iron or zinc can complement the effects of these meds. Here's a study on how zinc supplementation may boost the effects of methylphenidate ( (Ritalin/Concerta/Daytrana). Note that the study was cautiously optimistic and not a home run. There have been similar findings between zinc and amphetamine based stimulants ( Iron levels ( may actually dictate the recommended dosing of stimulants as well. I wouldn't go crazy supplementing, but making sure you're getting enough iron and zinc seems to match up well with some of the research out there.