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11-10-04, 07:11 PM
Hello to everyone!

I am a mom of a teenager with TS/OCD/AHHD and a 'tween' that has ADHD.

I have been reading through the posts on the boards, and hae to say how impresed I am with this forum.

Once the evening quiets down a bit hopefully I will get to enter into the chat room and add a post ro two to the boards as well.


11-10-04, 07:38 PM
Welcome to your new Home Away From Home

All your new brothers and sisters will be glad to help you anyway we can.....

Read, Read, and Read some more, and when your ready, jump in and post away to the threads that interest you.

As I am very lazy when it comes to typing so I have created a welcome page and ADDed a link here to get you there

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11-11-04, 12:18 AM
Welcome Zan
I'll have questions for you when you start posting!

11-14-04, 01:52 AM
Ok, its just past midnight and the house is relatively quiet LOL

Thank you for the welcomes and ask any questions that you would like. I am sure that will have a ton of questions to ask everyone here as well.

Here's a bit to get started with:

I am a mom of two boys, Matt (13) and Josh (11). Matt has was diagnosed 6 years ago with Tourettes/AHDH/OCD and Josh with ADHD.

Needless to say, alot of our family time has been devoted to researcing, discussing and working around the diagnosis', issues and meds that come with the territority of being unique.

Our experiences have been varied over the years, some have been great and some not-so-great, as I am sure that many of you may be able to imagine.

I still remember vividly the emotions the day that Matt was diagnosed..... it turns out that we wern't bad parents with spoiled children after all.... that Matt's tics wern't ploys 'just to get attention'.... that what was happening with our boys actually had a medical reason... that our boys are even more special than we had ever imagined. Josh was diagnosed within the next year (once he hit grade 1)

One of the aspects of Matt's TS is violent raging - not a topic that I have been able to find much on - anyone that would like to know more about what we have experienced just ask.


11-14-04, 02:32 AM
I do I do I do Zan,
I have questions:) My youngest 10 yr old son recently dx'd w/tourettes (but maybe OCD too).
We're going for an MRI Monday and blood work (unless the MRI is too overwhelming). I think, just to rule out any other possibilities.

Did you boys agree to the meds and/or can you give me a heads up what we might experience.

I'm so very nervous about meds even doc has reservations.

Son is fine, right now with his tourettes but his school work is suffering greatly for the very first time ever in 5th grade. I'm wondering how long he can hang with teasing before his self esteem suffers.

We're not seeing any violence yet, unless you consider hitting himself in the head as violence:( I'm guessing this is a form of stopping a thought pattern at this point and his movements and vocals change often, so not too worried yet about the possibility of a head injury.

Thanks for opening up and I'll wait for answers that will probably trigger more questions from me.

Thank you so very much!

11-14-04, 11:07 PM
Hi Charlie

Meds are a huge issue. At first the Dr had to convince ME that Matt should try them.

Matt was very young, only in grade 1-2, so getting him to take the meds was fairly easy.

First we tried ritalin, it helped a bit with some aspects but the muscular type tics were amplified. To the ritalin was added clonidine - that was an even worse combo - Matt's rages intensified, the ticking was 24 hours a day but he could finally sit still and sleep for more than 4 hours at a time. Yes - he ticked in his sleep even.

About this time I thought the Dr was a quack, so I took him off all the meds and we tried to cope with just counselling. that wasn't a good soloution either. So, bulheaded as I am, I decided that we needed another opinion or someone was going to go crazy, and it likely wasn't going to be Matt, LOL. That is when we found the Dr that we still have. He poked, prodded, tested, asked tons of questions, read Matt's already thick file from school and presented the diagnosis of TS for consideration. In addition, he sent us to London Ontario for a full psych evaluation - best trip that we ever made! The diagnosis of TS was confirmed with OCD and ADHD and he prescribed risperidone. The dose started small and was very gradually increased then adjusted to compensate for growth.

On the first visit to his office, I also had my other son, Josh with us. The Dr requested to take Josh as a patient as well after seeing him zip back and forth through the halls, unable to sit still for more than about 2 minutes at a time. It kind of surprised me, as I had always thought of Josh as the 'easy' one - he was only 'active' and didn't tic, therefore I thought him to be 'normal'. The Dr did the same testing with Josh and diagnosed him with ADHD. He suggested trying ritalin with him and that has worked wonders.

Anyhow - back to meds....

With Matt's risperidone, he gained weight big time and is always tired about 3 hours after taking his meds. He naps at school every day, they even bought a cot that he has use of for at school.

Matt is unhappy with the weight gain as well as the sleepiness and has asked to be taken off the risperidone. A week ago we had a video conerence with Sick Kids Psych in Toronto. We are about to change meds once again, hopefully with few side effects and still with the positive results that we have seen from the risperidone. Within the next week we will be trying prozak, once that is established in his system, we will wean him off the risperidone - all in all it will take several weeks to accomplish this and evaluate how he is doing with the changes.

Some short notes on meds:
- They take time to work properly and find the right dosage
- Moniter everyting - we always do blood pressure, heart rate, weight etc when making changes
- Listen to what your child says about how the meds make him feel, remembering that sometimes they don't have enough words to fully describe it

I have talked to one parent that chose to not medicate their child - instead they are trying a holistic approach partnered with diet change and counselling.

Matt has self esteem issues that stem from his peer group. Kids are cruel and no matter if your son tics or not, they will find something to tease him about. Could be eyes that are too blue, hair is too short, feet are too big - anyting that makes him different. There is no medication that will stop the teasing, for that all you can do is teach him to be the smart one that walks away.

11-14-04, 11:14 PM
Thanks Zan
I'm sure this is the start of a journey and I'm so thankful for your reply.
Sorta nervous about tomorrow so will try to post another time.

11-14-04, 11:18 PM
I hope that your appointment tomorrow goes well.

Meds are just as easily stopped as they are started - a good thing to keep in mind.

02-14-05, 02:21 AM
Hi Zan, I am glad that I stumbled upon you. I have a soon to be 6 yr. old daughter that I am positive has TS. I have it too and noticing her mannerisms over the last year I now know she does. Anyway, I havent taken her to a doctor yet because its just been during the last couple weeks that I noticed her tics getting worse, she cleared her throat allot before but now the eye twitching is starting, getting pretty constant too.

My main concern is medication or no medication, especially being so young? And how do you know when you should put her on meds? I am concerned for her health first and formost, but I am also worried about the social repercussions that can come of this. She is so out going that I hate to see that characteristic regress in her.

Please help,