View Full Version : Gender Issues and AD/HD

06-10-03, 06:34 PM
Gender Issues and AD/HD: Research, Diagnosis, and Treatment
by Kathleen G. Nadeau (Editor), Patricia O. Quinn (Editor) 2002

This is a great resource for professionals who treat and work with females with AD/HD, females with AD/HD, and parents of females with AD/HD. Though the book may be intended for professionals, the setup of the book is very ADD Friendly and the language is easy to understand.

I think reading this book will be very benefical to women with AD/HD and family members of females with AD/HD. It may put females ahead of the game when they seek treatment for AD/HD. It may give them a better idea of whether the professional who is treating them acutally understands AD/HD.

Females who are currently in treatment for AD/HD should consider asking the professional treating her if he or she has read this book. If the answer if no it may be in her best interest to suggest that he or she does.

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