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11-12-04, 10:22 AM
Donna's poem

One more pound and I'll be perfect
One more pill and I'll do better
One more drink and life will be great

Alway's one more away from perfect
You weren't able to see
The beauty and perfection
that has alway's been you

You left a legacy
Donna Jo
That has alway's been your goal

Thirteen years I wasted at your side
calling you friend
You betrayed me yesterday
The pain will never cease

You've left your legacy
Left me ashamed
A failure

One voice whispering
against the screams of many
There is no hope left
Nothing to fight for

I'm an empty shell
My dreams haunt
and taunt me
You selfish *****

Your mother's screams I hear
Your vomit I still taste
Your bone cracking under the pressure
My life giving breath
Thrown back in my face

Thirteen years of prayers
Thrown away for what?

You were never almost perfect
Not to me Donna Jo
Too blind to see
You were alway's perfect to me

I pray you've finally found peace
and that soon so will I
why Donna why

I had enough fight left in me
for you and I
Did you even think of those you were leaving behind
Left behind forever with
memories of failure

In memory of Donna Jo ******* Nov. 10, 2004