View Full Version : Aging and ADD

05-05-12, 06:04 PM
I am starting to have serious concerns about aging and ADD. Besides trying to live with ADD in a positive way, now I feel different as I have gotten older. In some ways, my ADD traits are less pronounced but now I feel I am dealing with an aging brain. It scares me.

It was hard to live with ADD, but living with ADD and dementia will probably be horrid, if I remember any of it.

On top of this, I am living in Mexico and I am still adjusting. I think the move while positive in many ways has aggravated some aging issues. I don't think as clearly or as quickly. I have a hard time sleeping. I do not feel I am adapting as quickly as I used to.

I am alone in Mexico. I have yet to find a community where I fit in -- it will be harder here due to the language barrier.