View Full Version : 5 mg instant release Focalin just for studying/homework?

05-06-12, 01:50 PM
My doctor has prescribed 10 mg Focalin during the day and then 2.5 mg instant release Focalin in the evening to lessen/quell evening crash. Doesn't really work for the afternoon very well. However, when I am off Focalin I find that my ADD symptoms are much more pronounced than before any medication (I have read that being off medication for some time will amplify these symptoms for some time but return to normal after some time).

But what I'm wondering is, on weekends where I have homework and simply cannot focus but don't want to have to take the 10mg XR Focalin (to avoid a crash, especially on the weekends -- want to be able to get work done for some short time while I need to but without a crash) is it possible to take 2.5 mg or 5 mg instant release Focalin just while studying or doing homework? Is this a commonly used method? Would it work? Is it recognized as a valid way to deal with ADD for short amounts of time? Any input will be appreciated. Thanks.

05-06-12, 02:25 PM
I firmly believe as does Russell Barkely, that medication should be taken at the same time, every day for effective symptom relief and consistency. Adhd doesnt go away or only pop up for studying, it impairs your whole life every day. It is chronic and in most cases deblitating. Maybe focoline isnt the right drug for you.