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05-10-12, 11:40 AM
Hello all.after being on Abilify for 6 weeks with no effect ( 15mg ). i have been changed to Risperidone 1mg for a week then 2mg afterwards for psychosis symptoms and anxiety/ocd. Does anyone know if this will work after time or? How long does it take before i should notice any effect. please leave your stories

05-10-12, 12:54 PM
Risperdone was no good for me there's even a class action lawsuit out. Geodon has worked well.

05-11-12, 04:08 PM
First day....Only went and took 2mg by accident! but im fine really, this morning i felt sedated and a bit 'odd' but i feel okay.... hopefully day 2 is positive

05-15-12, 12:02 PM
Day 5 and starting to feel better but still enough of the symptoms are about to bother me

06-17-12, 12:20 PM
I took 3 mg for a year, but was increased to 6 mg when I started having a lot of visual and auditory hallucinations. It has worked well for me every since (two years total now).

I find that it takes 5-10 days to properly control symptoms.

06-22-12, 01:46 PM
Been on risperidone for a couple of month now - alot of weight gain and not helping much with what i need help with - Does anyone know any alternatives i could ask my doctor about on thursday ?

06-22-12, 02:22 PM
It depends on what antipsychotics you've tried before. Some are considered to have more weight gain potential than others... But that doesn't mean you will gain weight on them. I've been on them all, and have found that I personally don't gain weight on the meds that are supposed to.

Geodon, seroquel, zyprexa, abilify, saphris, and fanapt are all possible atypical antipsychotics you can try. Then there are the older antipsychotics such as clozoril, but they have much higher rates of negative side effects.

Have a good and open conversation with your doctor about what you are looking to specifically treat and your side effects on risperdal, and they should be able to help you make a decision.

06-23-12, 08:01 AM
thanks for you response. i have been on abilify 15mg and risperidone 3mg, back down to 0.5mg now trying to get off it safely. I am thinking of asking about seroquel and geodon. Are they both available in the UK do you know?

06-23-12, 10:26 AM
I'm in the US, so I'm not sure about UK availability. I googled and say that seroquel was available, but I'm not sure about geodon.

Remember, seroquel is very sedating at the lower doses until you work up to a higher dose. But it usually subsides.

06-23-12, 11:16 AM
thanks for that information. i will keep all in mind. wish me luck for thursday when i see my doctor :)