View Full Version : lexapro causing huge anxiety? (only took once)

05-10-12, 08:19 PM
Hey, I was diagnosed with SA and GA last week, and was prescribed lexapro and klonopin... took the lexapro for the first time 2 nights ago and it gave me extreme anxiety, I couldn't focus on anything, I just basically spent the whole evening pacing around the house trying to wait it out. I was in given-up-on-life state. I skipped the benzo cause I didn't want to mess with my brain anymore. met the next day with anxiety to an extent I've never experienced before.

last night I tried the benzos and it was really nice(obviously), but it actually seemed to greatly help my anxiety today, I could focus very well in the morning (better than adderall has ever done for me!).

I'm not touching the lexapro till I can talk to my pdoc next week. Has anyone reacted to the drug like this? Is it supposed to be this intense on the very first dose?