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05-15-12, 03:52 AM
Hello All:D!

I am wondering if any of you have trouble with eating foods because of it's texture? I am super picky about what I eat not because of taste, but because I don't like the texture. I don't eat any veggies (except corn and potatoes...the starches), I like most fruits except Pears and Peaches (their texture freaks me out) and I can find the smallest piece of lettuce in my taco because I feel the texture in my mouth (I have never eaten a salad.. tried many, but did not like it:). Spaghetti is okay but if the sauce is chunky I can't deal, :pand I don't like tomatoes at all, they are squishy and squishy and I don't mix.

It drives the people around me nuts, and I thought maybe it would be something I would grow out but have not. I try something new or re-try something about every 3-4 months, but it instantly gags me and I have to spit it out. I smell everything I eat before I put it in my mouth, even drinks (I know it looks weird:) and the smell (unless it's really bad or something I haven't eaten before) isn't a deterrent, its the texture.

I am also very picky about tags on shirts, and have to cut them out of everything I wear, and if the fabric of a shirt I like feels weird to me I won't wear it, even if I have worn the shirt before and it starts to ball up, I am done with it. I don't like touch either :rolleyes:and freak out if ANYONE touches my face (I will never have a movie kiss, where he grabs your face and you passionately engage in a kiss:) and unless I am SUPER comfortable with you I do not want a hand on my shoulder or a hug or anything. I am not affectionate at all and it has definitely hurt my partner in past relationships.

It could just be me, or maybe a sensory thing or something else, but was curious if it could be ADHD related or if anyone else out there has the same experience and if so if you have any advice on how to deal.

05-15-12, 05:16 AM
It's a sensory issue; some sensory issues are common with ADD'ers (as we find them distracting, like shirt tags etc), but your issues sound more than that.

05-15-12, 05:38 AM
Thanks Driver!
Do you know if it something I should talk to my Psychiatrist about and possible meds or is it more of a therapist thing that I can work on with some behavioral therapy stuff? I know the being awkward with physical touch is probably more of a PTSD thing and I really don't want to work on that (I would rather just not be touched lol :) ) but the sensory stuff I would definitely like to work on! I also have a terrible time getting comfortable (I have to stretch my fingers out multiple times, turn my pillow, flip my head, stretch out my legs repeatedly) to sleep and the room has to be completely dark and I can't have TV or music on or I can't sleep. Is this also more of a sensory thing? Thanks for your help!

05-15-12, 05:41 AM
Talk to your psychiatrist about it then you might get referred to a occupational therapist for a sensory profile and then followup treatment.

05-15-12, 08:16 AM
Okay thanks ... I will look into it :) Anyone else???

05-17-12, 01:06 PM
AFAIK it's not an ADHD-specific thing, and you're definitely not the only one. My friend's partner can't eat anything slimy or mushy in texture.

05-17-12, 09:47 PM
It's not an ADHD-specific thing but it is more common among people with ADHD than the general population. It's really common with autistic spectrum disorders as well. It also can exist separately from both as sensory processing disorder.

As far as it goes for me, I have a lot of trouble with food textures: I love the taste of salads with lettuce, but sometimes the lettuce texture is actually gag-inducing. My sensitivities here vary over time, however. Sometimes I can eat all I want. Sometimes one bite will do me in.

I'm not fond of being touched either, although this is less intense than when I was in my teens. I used to cut tags out of all my clothing. Nowadays I try to get clothes that don't have tags in the collar. Even so, the iron-on things they put there instead can be almost as bad on some days.

05-18-12, 12:35 AM
Thank you both! I responded to your message Fortune before I had read the post so I apologize and you can feel free to ignore the message. Thank you though, everyone I do some of these things in front of look at me like I am an alien and I was just curious if it was specific to me or ADHD or neither. I know I am way more focused and a whole lot calmer with Adderall, but it hasn't helped these symptoms at all =), I talked to my therapist a little about it and am talking to my psychiatrist as well to see if there is anything or if this is just the way I will always be =)... I may just be okay being an alien lol =)

05-18-12, 02:23 AM
Occupational therapists often deal with sensory issues. If you could look into that, you may be able to get some assistance.

And you have nothing to apologize for. :)