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05-15-12, 04:58 PM
I've been trying to come up with a vampire novel plot that I could live with for 15 years. more than that. I'm 25. Vampires are my obsession, my muse, my first love besides executioners.

So I was going through my vampire notes today. 39 pages here, 34 pages here, all crap. I just said "to hell with it, I'll combine it all! It'll be a story about a vampire who falls in love with a space ship captain fighting for civil rights and trying to solve a murder!"

And after all my banter, I combined all my vampire stories. And it was beautiful. I've been sitting here for hours just untangling everything. This is the plot:

Two friends are turned at the same time. They go out feeding and end up exposing themselves as vampires to the human world. One decides to use his vampire powers to murder bad people in the world. The other uses his powers to help law enforcement, but the law is also trying to track down his friend who is murdering people. Crime in the city goes down due to improved law enforcement and word that someone is murdering criminals at night. Both sides blame each other for exposing vampires to the real world and take credit for the lower crime. These two friends have now become enemies and have split the vampire culture in two.

First off, if you have anything negative to say about this, please don't respond to this thread. I don't need it.

But... to me this is beautiful. I don't have to chose between the "killing vampire" and the "gentle vampire". I can do both. Victims won't know which one they are getting so they'll continue to be frightened. It's a conflict. It's inner struggle.


05-24-12, 09:08 AM
wow that is quite the plot line you have going there. I am not into vampires myself but I am intrigued by it