View Full Version : Mexican taquitos-the authentic way.

06-11-03, 02:24 PM

1. boiled chicken or beef(not ground! but the stringy one)
2. tortillas
4. sour cream
5. cheese
6. lettuce

1. steam beef or chicken
2. chop it up.
3.put in freezer for a bit
4. warm tortillas slightly, don't let;m burn.
5. stuff tortillas with beef or chicken, roll them up tightly, and hold it together with the tooth pick.
6. fry the taquitos until the tortilla is golden brown and hard, but not burnt.
7. top with sour cream.
8. put cheese on the sour cream
9. add rinse lettuce if you want.

10. eat with hot sauce if you want.

06-18-03, 11:41 PM
Thank You Very Much..I've been looking for a good taquitos recipe. I can't wait to try it.:D