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05-22-12, 05:28 AM
Finals week is nothing short of torture. As I go on through college/grad school, things get much more unstructured and I'm definitely learning why they say people with ADHD need structure... without said deadlines and someone on my back, I procrastinate and forget details and next thing i know, i'm in a situation like now, with an all-nighter and everything due tomorrow lest I fail!

How does everyone else get through finals week without totally losing their sanity?

05-22-12, 06:10 AM
When i was in college the only way I made it through finals was with lots of coffee.

05-22-12, 06:45 AM
I keep typing really long essays here but frankly, even I'm finding it a bit "tl;dr"!

I have finished all my essays for the year, and did my first exam yesterday. I have one in just over 48 hours and one on the morning of the 30th, and I should be revising.

I'll try to briefly list what I do to keep myself from not going absolutely insane.

- Know how you work best: If you find revision easier the night before then do it, don't listen to your crazy housemate on your course who claims to have done 300 pages of revision over 4 days for 3 exams, then judges you for not doing the same. (true story from me there!)

- Tidy your workspace: I personally find that being in a really tidy room with no clutter about makes my mind feel the same way. Unfortunately my attention deficit mind doesn't like keeping tidy automatically.

- Know your most motivating environment: I work really well in the morning/day on sunny/clear days in quiet places. Some of the guys I live with like working at 2am with light on and music.

RELAX! Take it easy! (but if you work well under extreme pressure then don't!)

Take a moment to plan how much time you have left and set yourself mini deadlines. If you're anything like me, getting a small task done well within the deadline might make you want to get on with the next one.

Lol sorry that this is too long!

05-22-12, 10:40 AM
I try to avoid the all-nighters. They give me more anxiety and make me extremely irritable. I try to get 6-8hrs of sleep and I go to the library, b/c if I study anywhere else, I will never get anything done. Try moving study locations every few hours, my friend said there was a study that said that helps studying. Drink a lot of water, I heard a study that said that helps, even during a test. I keep a to do list in my dropbox account (googledocs has a similar cloud service) so I can check what my priorities should be from school, home, or on my iphone. A tutor helps alot.