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05-28-12, 05:20 PM
Hello dear ADD, ADHD and scarce-energy sufferers

After 10 years of attempts I have found a supplements regimen that helps a great deal with my inattentive ADD, lack of energy and lack of productivity.

Previously I was productive about 1/3 of a normal person, at work, and home, and in social activities, and I needed to sacrifice all my free time and weekends to barely keep up for school and university studies, and later for not being fired at work. With this regimen I am about 50% more productive than the average person (that's why I call it 150% working treatment), so that's a 6-fold increase in productivity. I can now do in a weekend what previously took more than a full week to accomplish! My life is reborn, it's like I had never lived before!

Frankly there are still problems in paying attention listening to people who say things that are not of my interest, so the most fundamental problem of ADD (inattention) is still there, notwithstanding the subject of this post, but with this level of energy and productivity I feel I more than compensate for this defect. Note that also the decision-making problem of ADD is definitely solved by these supplements.
Note that this mix is not cheap at about 10 euro / day, but at 6x the normal productivity it's worth its cost.

Finding these supplements was an epic task: I have tried more than 130 substances on my own body in an arc of 10 years, including many prescription drugs (also Methylphenidate, two SSRIs, benzodiazepines, Reboxetine, selegiline, PEA, Galantamine, Huperzine, pseudoephedrine, vasodilaters, ginseng, citicoline, tyrosine to name a few, and most "normal" supplements available on earth), many times risking my life with intolerances and overdosing. A good number of substances worked at first, but I got tolerance build up quickly (2-6 weeks) to all of them, to the point I believed I would never be able to overcome my problem and I was near to suicide.
This mix does not cause tolerance to me. Probably my ADD was caused by a depletion of chemicals, so that even adding stimulants, they would only work for some time but then aggravating the depletion they would stop working (MAYBE, not sure).

The following "magic mix" has worked for two years for me (some sub-parts, for much longer) with no sign of tolerance build-up so I am disclosing it confident it will keep working forever. All previous substances were stopping working ("tolerance" or the like) in 2-6 weeks.

In the following "magic mix" please excuse the fact that I'm mentioning the brands of ths supplements. I know it looks like spam like this, but I really have no affiliation to any producer. Unfortunately I found is quite significant difference for me among the various brands, and also I want to shorten your time to find the stuff required to test this.

For most supplements I am sure they are required, i.e. removing them removes at least a part of the effect. Just a few were not double checked by attempting to remove them, and I will mention this fact in the list.

You will neeed a small shaker such as the Myprotein Blender Bottle Mini from .

Morning (also watch out for the order):
- In the shaker:
- 50ml of water
- 1 x 6g sugar cube (needed to better absorb the rest)
- 2 x PeakATP with Glycocarn capsules(open the capsule and pour the content in the shaker)
- 1 drop of DMAE-H3, Liquid 1.66 oz from Twinlab . Solid DMAE is much more problematic for me... Please note I am particularly sensitive at 1 drop only, you might need to up the dosage. Too much and you will feel drained, distressed, depressed and angry, too little and you will feel spacey and without energy and determination. This is a very important "knob" to tune your regimen. Note: this supplement is of utmost importance.
- [Shake well here]
- 3g (3/4 of a measure) of psyllum husk by "Psyllogel Fibra barattolo by Nathura" (Italian otc medication). This is probably not needed if your intestine is in a good shape. I have not found good international substitutes for psyllogel, they are either too fine, making an un-eatable thick layer such as that of Now Foods, or too raw and not hygroscopic such as that of MyProtein. You might find Psyllogel barattolo over the internet. As I said this is probably not needed if your intestine is good and you don't get diarrhea, stipsis or irritation (excessive urine output) with these supplements.
- [Shake well here] it should be a semi-solid gel when you "eat" it. Clearly it won't become a gel without psyllum husk.
- Drink the content. Last part that sticks to the shaker is to be eaten with a spoon.
Now, directly into the mouth:
- 2g Creatine Monohydrate, preferably with Creapure inside
- 2 x 100mg phosphatidylserine softgel by "NeoBros 40 capsule - Fidia" another Italian OTC medication. Other brands irritate my intestine too much. This is a liquid form (inside the softgel), see if you can find other liquid / softgel form of phosphatidylserine or you can purchase this Italian OTC medication from the internet. Phosphatidylserine gives more endurance throughout the day: if you don't take this, after having been productive for half a day you will feel very tired.
- 200mg Caffeine. Use a caffeine supplement and not real coffee because that's too variable in the dose. Very important supplement
- 1 x 500mg Taurine by Now Foods. Very important supplement.
Just before lunch, or at least just after lunch:
- 200mg Caffeine. Very important.
- In the shaker:
- 4 oz of water (118ml)
- 1 x 6g sugar cube (needed to better absorb the rest)
- [at least 3 days per week] an effervescent multivitamin 100%RDA supplement. I use Supradyn, an Italian OTC medication, but most brands are probably fine. Check out for intestinal irritation.
- 2 x PeakATP with Glycocarn by LEF. This one is of utmost importante.
- 3 drops of Vitamin D liquid. This one I have not double checked that it is really needed for the anti-ADD / energy effect, but it gives significant general health to me and is cheap at 3 drops/day. Note that 3 drops/days is on the high dosage side.
- 3 drops of Sodium Selenite liquid. Not sure it is required; same as for vitamin D.
- [shake for 20-30 seconds]
- 1 x 800mg alpha-lipoic-acid "Tiobec 800 by Laborest" an Italian OTC medication. You can try to find another brand of ALA and it will probably work, but for me all other brands irritate the intestine immensely. This is the only brand which has incapsulated ALA in shellac microspheres which makes it much more tolerable. It's written it uses "Matris(R)" as source of ALA. The 800mg format is also mixed in a gel. This supplement is of utmost importance.
- [shake for 60 seconds]
- 1 x 20g measure of proteins - Enhanced Life Extension Whey Protein - Other brands might work for you but irritate my intestine too much. I can recommend this as it is a good quality protein.
- [shake for 40 seconds]
- 2 x 4gr measure of "Psyllogel fibra barattolo - Nathura" (see notes above), or 2.5 measures if the effervescent multivitamin is also in the mix.
- [Shake again well here, until it's a partially solid gel]
- Drink the content. Last part that sticks to the shaker is to be eaten with a spoon.
- 1g Creatine Monohydrate, preferably with Creapure inside
- 2 x 100mg phosphatidylserine softgel by "NeoBros 40 capsule - Fidia" (see notes above)
- [2-3 times per week]: 1 x Liquid Magnesium by Carlson. Other brands of magnesium irritate my intestine too much.

If you have diarrhea or stipsis, try to introduce probiotics bacteria in the mix together with psyllogel or another fibre supplement you find good. If you can purchase from Italy I can suggest Enterolactis Plus.

I might follow up in the next years if I have updates.
You can follow up by inserting this string into your posts:
Google Search will find all post containing this string.

Best of luck with your ADD / lack of energy
And Thank God for having me find this after 10 years of efforts.


05-29-12, 01:06 PM
I apologize for infringing the policy with commercial links (which were removed by admin), I hadn't realized it was forbidden. Problem is that after removing the brand name completely, many dosages are now missing. Please let me specify them:
DMAE-H3, Liquid 1.66 oz from Twinlab has PABA 150mg and DMAE 100mg for each 10 drops.
PeakATP with Glycocarn is by LEF and has, for each capsule, Glycocarn 500mg and PeakATP 100mg
liquid vitamin D is by LEF and has 2000 IU per drop
Sodium Selenite solution liquid is by LEF and has 250mcg every 5 drops
Liquid Magnesium by Carlson has 400mg of magnesium per softgel
Other dosages should already be clear from above
Best regards

06-25-12, 04:40 AM

"Sodium selenite" is absolutely required for energy! It stimulates the thyroid.
In my original post I had written that I was not sure if sodium selenite was really needed, well I am sure NOW because I tried to remove it for a few days and energy went down significantly.

06-26-12, 10:04 PM

06-27-12, 04:57 PM
Hello I am sorry if my posts look like spam, they really are not. Please note that there are at least 6 major supplements brands mentioned in there: what spammer is affiliated with 6 producers?

This is really the result of 10 years of research fighting ADHD on my body and lots of money spent, and I think I have to share this.

However if the admin feels that brands should not be mentioned, please kill the entire thread and I will repost without the brands name.
(but do it soon because in a while I might not be still here looking for the thread, from which I really gain no money)
Let me know.
No doubt this will make harder to find the correct supplements for other ADDers willing to try this.

I know the mix is expensive but, for me, it is definitely worth the price. If you try a subset it should still work to a minor extent. If a subset works but just for a short period (days or a few weeks) usually it means you have depleted some other chemical in your body so you have to find which one (it might be another entry of my list, if you are lucky, or not, as we are not all identical).

06-27-12, 05:14 PM
Where do I sign up? Should I send a blank cheque?


Seriously, you MAY be just trying to help out from the goodness of your heart, but there is NO WAY I will be able to make that concoction. And I don't want to buy your magic mix. I'm not saying it doesn't work, it may. But its just waaaay too complicated. And it IS kinda funny that you only show up to post about this and nothing else.

06-28-12, 04:29 AM
Crystal8080, I don't "sell the magic mix" but you can easily find components on the internet.

True this is my first post, I did experimentation practically alone in these 10 years (I did visit about 8 phychiatrists but they knew less than me on the subject). Internet, mainly google and wikipedia, was my source of info, and long time ago newsgroup also was but now is abandoned. It is true that I went looking for a forum only once I felt the experimentation was "complete", well not "complete" but "reasonably working" and without tolerance for at least 1-2 years, and so I had to share it. I had found lots of supplements in the past that did work for a short period of time, but I built tolerance to pratically all of them to a point that I thought I was untreatable. This is the first time that my list is "stable", so I am reporting it.

I understand the mix is complex but you can at least pick a few components and look them up in wikipedia to see if they can reasonably be a fix for your situation. ADHD symptoms can be a lack of various chemicals... in my case "scarce energy" gives most of the adhd symptoms, so this is the fix I have found for that.

Also keep in mind that I have irritable bowel syndrome so the psyllum husk thing is probably not needed for many people. Also phosphatidylserine and magnesium can be probably chosen of any brand if the intestine is OK.

Oh and I forgot in my first post:
- chocolate
gives a great focus to me, but in a few days of taking it I am depleted of some chemicals and situation is worse than ever until various days of break; so I stopped taking it. Others might have more luck with chocolate.

Good luck

01-28-13, 07:42 PM
Thank you for sharing the results of your self experimentation. I am grateful and may have taken many years to find some of the things you have included here. Please continue to share your results and I am so happy to hear you have found relief.

06-28-13, 01:02 AM
Dmae H3 with a cup of green tea has always been my staple and rock when all else fails. Its by no means perfect but I wanted to add my testament to those 2 substances which the op states works for him.

I also use the nicotine patch with intuniv and 5htp supplements. For the most part its a help but I find adhd medication to work better on an as needed basis. The efficacy of all adhd meds have not been proven long term and their consistency is not really viable for me. Rather than go up in dose I prefer to use green tea and dmae on the off days and limit medication use to 3 out of 7 days a week.

Btw the green tea helps me sleep too :)

06-28-13, 01:18 AM
I find that with the right vitamins and supplements, you'll feel much better about yourself, because you are essentially healthier.

It doesn't do much for the ADD itself, but you can strengthen other aspects of yourself to such a great degree that the ADD doesn't have to hold you back in every aspect of your life.

06-28-13, 04:15 AM
I'll just stick to adderall.

06-28-13, 04:24 AM
I'll just stick to adderall.

Combined with healthy supplements, you could play god. :p

06-28-13, 10:36 AM
Thanks for sharing and I'm glad it helps you. I'd caution anyone though to take a mix of supplements without speaking to their doctor first. They might not need a prescription (which also means that they aren't regulated) but there can still be interactions, overdosing, etc.

06-28-13, 10:10 PM

Sorry I don't have anything to contribute :P

06-28-13, 10:55 PM
Cos what I need is more energy being hyperactive n all :/DAFUQ brAHhHhhhh
I'm glad something works for you but if you can fix it with vitamins it's probably not ADHD

07-01-13, 08:38 PM
and they said we would/could never go to the moon. It would never work. Imposible ??? mmmmmmm A well. when it comes to things being regulated in Canada , Our medical drugs at least. the so called regulators have not had the proper regulations or power to properly regulate the meds. was a big hulla balloo around February to May some definite bad ie: not enough of the active ingredient
in the pill/capsul to achieve any better affect than a placebo, chek MSN.
when it comes to the vitamins, herbs, minerals I have to compare it this way> do you think the big gas and oil companys would hail me as a hero if I gave yoozz a "something" that could double your gas mileage N lubricated your car engine to last double the years they do now, or improve any of it to the better .care is needed with both

07-02-13, 12:00 AM
Moderator Note

While ADDF is glad to provide a platform for membership to discuss whatever treatments and approaches have worked for them, it should be noted that we do not specifically endorse the use of any supplement or combinations of supplements, nor can we vouch for their efficacy or safety of any such products.

Before starting on any regimen of supplements, particularly one containing multiple compounds, ensure yo first consult your healthcare provider.

Carry on :)

07-02-13, 12:04 AM
Cos what I need is more energy being hyperactive n all :/DAFUQ brAHhHhhhh
I'm glad something works for you but if you can fix it with vitamins it's probably not ADHD

There's good energy and there's bad. Vitamins give you good energy. ;)

With good energy, you can control your thoughts/impulses better.

Blanched Dubois
07-02-13, 12:18 AM
i'm drinking more good water and taking a pharm grade supplement from pdoc 'calmmness' supposed to mellow the hyper/distraction and it works - with my Klonopin :D

Omega 3 good pharm grade, magnesium,cal D3 supp liquid - vit c vit e and milk thistle and some chinese tinctures for hot cold etc etc

need some cranial sacral and it's not just for the head it's a whole body work - i met one guy who really did it and only that and was so excellent - so relaxed and he relaxed my jaw which was flippin' most excellent - i'd have to bill my medical but i need to call him up and get me in..and nothing works better than sun and the ocean at 89 degrees
ahhhhhhhhhhh i'll shut up now

07-02-13, 04:30 AM
I'm on a bunch of supplements for fibro and can say categorically that it does NOTHING for the ADHD.

If you're looking at supplements for whatever reason make sure you do it under the supervision of a qualified naturopath. Even then still research everything yourself. I have found that chromium stops my meds working and is not recommended for people on psychiatric meds.

07-02-13, 06:35 AM
Seriously? Chromium?

I pop a ****load of that for energy / appetite suppression / weight loss

07-02-13, 07:32 AM
Seriously? Chromium?

I pop a ****load of that for energy / appetite suppression / weight loss

Yep. Stopped my meds working big time. And I got in sooooo much trouble at work. it was a complete nightmare.

Canadian Mess
07-02-13, 12:27 PM
I'm sorry, but this magic mix of yours... you are assuming I can follow directions or have an attention span to read all that... I just failed on both counts :p

And certain supplements can interact with the digestion of certain foods, or having too high an intake of certain vitamins/minerals/supplements can have adverse side effects.

I think I'll stick with professionals who know what they are doing (I hope at least).