View Full Version : wellbutrin xl no longer GSK labs

05-30-12, 02:36 PM
Anyway , since I finally stopped wellbutrin periodically I'm getting some of the side effects from stopping. It's really not a huge deal. Basically I have no motivation and drive of my own due to it coming from wellbutrin for some time. I've been on and off the drug every winter for a few years. It works well for seasonal depressive disorder . SAD. Basically every summer I stop. It's weird too, I have up and down feelings of having energy and drive. It'll come back soon. I expect to make a full recovery without leapfrogging onto the next antidepressant out of desperation. Its me against the world now and I'm ready to be off of this stuff. Anyways, I ran across a strange occurence. While I was titrating down from 300mg I went to 150 and ran out of the XL version. I had old wellbutrin sr in my cabinet from a few years ago and used them to wean down. Anyways, I noticed that they worked alot better. I didn't really think about it much since I thought they were made both by GSK. Turns out GSK sold the xl to biovail in 2009, the xl version hasn't been made by GSK labs for a few years. I wonder if thats why the xl suc ks.