View Full Version : Has anyone tried Interpersonal Therapy?

Mrs Miggins
06-03-12, 07:35 AM
Ive been diagnosed with ADHD (privately) & take escitalopram, Wellbutrin & L-methylfolate. Ive got Ritalin but it doesnt do much extra on top of all of the other stuff. Im n the UK so Ritalin is my only option currently.

But my depression lingers on, even though I feel good I feel 'burnt out' with people. Too many mistakes, too many broken relationships, too many instances of being rejected. I feel like I cant really trust myself with others or others with me. Dont get me wrong Ive got a successful business (self emloyment is GREAT for ADHD) & friends but we arent as close as Id like & Ive been single for over 5 years. And Im binge eating/dieting which is where I found some info on Interpersonal therapy. I read it & thought this would be fantastic for ADHD. Its short, results focused & tackles how to get on with others (I feel like Ive got a bit missing when it comes to this sometimes) Heres what it said.
Interpersonal psychotherapy focuses on the relationship problems and interpersonal issues that contribute to compulsive eating. Your therapist will help you improve your communication skills and develop healthier relationships with family members and friends. As you learn how to relate better to others and get the emotional support you need, the compulsion to binge becomes more infrequent and easier to resist.
And Wikipedia
Interpersonal Psychotherapy (IPT) is a time-limited treatment that encourage the patient to regain control of mood and functioning typically lasting 1216 weeks. IPT is based on the common factors of psychotherapy: a "treatment alliance in which the therapist empathically engages the patient, helps the patient to feel understood, arouses affect, presents a clear rationale and treatment ritual, and yields success experiences. It also says its good for bipolar, cyclothymia atc.

Has anyone tried this? I saw someone calling it group therapy, but groups arent mentioned in either of the 2 things I read.