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06-05-12, 01:38 AM
My psych is a great guy, I'm really lucky to have him, he's very open to different forms of treatment so I'm pretty sure that he'll rx it.

I've been on adderall since feb of 2011 and tried the ritilin groups (concerta, focalin, etc.), strattera, provigil, modafonil, vyvanse, clonodine, etc. and then adderall, which worked great... or at least I thought.

I'm also an addict in recovery, relapsed for a time on opiates and my same doctor who treats my adhd I came to for help agian... and prescribed me suboxone.

So after about three days on the suboxone, I realized my girlfriend relapsed and we decided to part ways. This caused some strong emotions to stir in me and for some reason I relapsed on meth after being clean for almost two years from it. And it wasn't fun at all... it reminded me of why i gave it up in the first place, because I use it in conjunction with watching porn and it was really a miserable existence all around. The two go hand in hand for me and the addiction from years ago blinded me from the reason I started using meth in the first place. That reason was that it made me feel normal, it gave me the best clarity of my life, allowed me to control my thoughts, etc. I realized this during the comedown which was strange, but the level of clarity that I had achieved actually made me cry! Becuase I had realized that Tyler is still here! I hadn't killed him with drugs!!! The person that I want to be, who I know is smart, and funny, and empathetic, and caring, and understanding, and able to control his own destiny and not be controlled or blocked out by "clouded thinking" and impulsive behaviors... is actually still here!!! So now I remember what it felt like when I used meth for the first 6 months of my life, I used TINY amounts in the morning. I would make a gram (100$) last for 4-6 weeks, did this for 6 months. Thaats really astonishing to me considering the addictive nature of this particular drug as well as the highly abusable street form it comes in, and considering my addictive past, taking extremely high doses of many other drugs. It wasn't until I realized that using alot more and watching porn was like coffee and cigarettes.

I'm sorry I'm really getting off topic. It just rips me apart that my life has been stolen because of my addiction, and I BLAME MY ADDICTION ON ADHD, and the realization of this sooner in life could have curbed 12 years of hell, but at the same time gave me hope that realizing that addiction is a medical problem so in turn needing a medical problem.

And I don't know if desoxyn is correct either, it might not be. I haven't tried dex either so I"ll probly ask him for that first, which he already said he would do. He's a great doctor and understands the posotive effects my adhd meds have on my impulse control and how it fuels my addiction.

It just really blows my mind that a substance that can cause so much damage if used in the wrong "form" as well as the method of injestion, can also have the potential to do just as much good if used in the correct way.

I'll follow up tomorrow with an update after I see my pdoc.

06-05-12, 04:27 AM
Many many people especially those untreated for adhd will self medicate so you are not alone. I personally would start out with dex only because of your previous problems with meth. ARe you getting any therapy? This can also help. If you find that dex or other stimulants dont work then desoyxn could be a viable alternative just be careful.

06-05-12, 11:12 PM
Well just got back from the doc and he basically said that everything I said is not really relevant because its not scientific, even though it may make sense theoretically. He said that for him to give someone that medication he needs to be able to trust his patient, and he says he trusts me and is willing to prescribe desoxyn for me. So he's gonna switch me when my adderall runs out in a couple weeks. Hopefully it does what I'm hoping it'll do.

06-18-12, 09:22 AM
if u can get straight crystal meth,im talkin that ice, that glass, that tina, pharmaceutical grade quality, THEN GET THAT $H!T

on a serious note, ur much better off with a less neurotoxic stimulant medication for add treatment than methamphetamine. i wouldnt take desoxyn ever, and i highly recommend you never go further than dexedrine. seriously, if u got some issues like u mentioned, u better leave desoxyn alone for ur own good and also cuz its unnecessary when u have dexedrine or focalin....idc wut they say, meth is meth, and its an awesome street drug for a reason, gettin it legit and legal like dont make it any more respectable, and when temptation comes knockin, desoxyns gonna be ur worst medicine

best wishes and health and stay safe