View Full Version : cymbalta works but...

06-06-12, 09:02 AM
If I take cymbalta my mind stops focusing on problems and all thats wrong and suddenly I don't feel my neck hurting or focus on if I feel tired or try and google all these stupid things. So it basically works for the issues I've been dealing with and thats awesome. So , this means I can actually focus on finding a new job instead of obsessing about the now if I can tolerate it .

Yet , when I take it , I'm fine for a few hours and then I'm just out of it . Its not as bad as the rest of the terrible ssri's and it's better than effexor and my impulses are better controlled but then I can't get my motivation back and I cannot remember anything. Keep in ming this is the first week symtoms but still I have adhd and it took me hours to finish the easiest task yesterday so I didn't take it last night.

What in the heck do I do about this? Is this the medicince wearing off or not being dosed high enough? Cymbalta dose I'm taking is only 10mg ? All the other ssri's make me feel really odd, will increasing the dose help my energy .... I'm really sick of this because I honestly dont know what I'm talking about nor do I make any sense when taking cymbalta which is worse than stupid worrying as being dumb and not understanding anything will make my life worse.