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06-08-12, 12:14 PM
Newbie, 58 and been on vyvanse 3 years, ( diagnosed late in life unfortunately). Recently started Paxil 40mg. Psyc. Knows about the vyvanse 70mg I've beed on. After 2-3 weeks at 40mg Paxil I have come to a complete stop. I mean no productivity in work & hobbies. I will start something only to realize I've been (up to an hour) staring into space. Example - Saturday while cutting grass I got off the mower to move an object and my wife comes out to check on me. Told her I was ok, why? She said I had been sitting there over 20 minutes with the mower going. Any one have similar experience when starting antidepressants while on add meds?:confused:
Thanks, Jerry

06-08-12, 12:30 PM
I don't believe I have no, I used to be on anti depressants, and ADD meds. Although I never took them consistently so not exactly a good candidate for advice lol.

06-08-12, 02:07 PM
Seems pretty much what I have gone through and experienced. I really cant tell you it's something short term. The more I have tried antidepressants the more I have gotten effects like this. I guess the objective in medicine is to give your brain time off to recover from stress. I can't think of any other reasons. Fact is that things like this usually elicit more searching on the topic and make you search for more off topic issues and can lead you down more pathways of dissaray. I dont really know which is better being stressed and being stuck on one bad thought of how you can't do this or how to overcome thinking about this or that or being fatigued or taking this med that helps the bulk of symptoms but makes you not make sense at all in conversation and so on.. I think it's a symptom that tends to stick around and just gets a little better which enables you to think when you need it and the other times you may just space out. The hope is that you will condense the other focus times and get out of or make better decisions and think about things that are actively happening... I don't know. I have the same thing.

06-08-12, 02:55 PM
I can't say I've experienced anything quite that extreme, but I have often been asked "what are you staring at" because I get tied up in my own thoughts, and just stare off without even blinking. The worst is when it involves other people. "I swear, I wasn't staring at your chest! Your chest just happened to be in front of my eyes!" Yeah.

06-08-12, 03:53 PM
I'm probably being overly hard on myself. Motivation definitely plummets . I have sleep apnea which seems to really screw with me too. I cannot tolerate my cpap machine so I'm going towards a dental device. I am very fit so I hear that osa with resonds better to people who are in shape to the dental device. Well, with the antidepressant I will be writing or typing something and then kind of forget my intent and the moment I have that realization I kind of hit the walll and set back and dont do anything.

06-14-12, 12:04 PM
It might be too much paxil. 50mg is the top dose my Dr said we could do and your doing 40mg. I was taking 20 mg and it was making me numb, as in certain situations where you would expect to feel sadness or even cry, I felt nothing. When I explaind that to my Dr he immediately said that I shouldn't feel this way and dropped me down to 10mg. I also take Adderall during the day (I take my paxil at night), I find that I'm mostly productive, as in as long as I've gotten a fair amount of good sleep, I'm productive, if I've been shorted sleep, I will feel sleepy and sometimes take naps in the afternoon.

08-08-12, 11:20 AM
I had a similar experience while taking 40mg of paxil. The 40 was prescribed by my primary care doctor. I finally went to a psychiatrist and he lowered me to 25mg. He said that some people are sensitive to paxil and in large doses, it can act like a sedative. The 25mg is much better, but at times I still find myself doing silly things like missing my exit on the way to work. He said if this was an issue, we would switch to 12.5 mg, which is what I plan on doing. I also take 40mg of vyvanse.