View Full Version : obsession with weighing myself

06-11-12, 12:29 AM
I used to never really care what the scale said and focus more on how I looked/felt.

Since I've been on adderall I weigh myself almost every day. I used to not really care about the number. I cared about knowing what it was, but it didn't affect me at all.

Now every time I get on the scale and it's lighter than the day before my reaction is like :yes: but if it's more then i'm like :eek: and make sure to eat even less than I normally do when medicated.

Right now I don't think my behavior is unhealthy but I was just wondering if it sounds to you guys like I'm headed in the wrong direction, or if some of you have similar habits and it's nbd at all.

*also, if it makes a difference: i'm a pretty avg weight for my height (5'5 127)

06-11-12, 12:44 AM
Healthy equals balanced. I think your weight will continue to fluctuate as long as your intake fluctuates (what a fun word), for sure. The number isn't a true reflection of actual fat loss, muscle development, etc. anyway.

You're not at an unhealthy weight to start with, so don't let that number rent that much space in your head. Kick it outta there and fill that space with fun food facts, learn new recipes, or grow some food, or something fun. :)

06-11-12, 02:19 AM
Ugggghhhhhmmm... I don't think the way you describe it is - as yet - a problem but it isn't a healthy tendency for your attitude to food and weight. So yeah, not the right direction really. Mostly because I don't think it should be given so much of your thinking-time; it is really isn't beneficial to your happiness to head towards obsessing over the number on the scale and how much/little you are eating. I'm 20+kg (45+lb) overweight and I *have* to pay it attention to improve my health. It's not fun - it isn't a good place to go if you don't *need* to.

Put the scales away and only check your weight once a week at the most. If you're at a healthy weight and eat a reasonable diet, there is no reason to check it more often than that. :)

06-12-12, 11:58 AM
Get rid of your scale, and eat healthy and drink more water instead... as long as your healthy and hydrated your weight shouldn't matter, it is still going to fluxuate anyway. Continuing to weigh yourself without care of the outcome number, but still have a reaction of yay or awe... you might be setting yourself up for disappointment.
I can kind of relate to this, last winter I spent from Dec 1st to about March 30th taking my temperature basically every hour/2 hours, to see if I was suffering from low thyroid function, or metabolic dysfunction. Needless to say it didn't really 'prove' much of anything, I got good data for graphing out of it, but it definitely was starting to mess with my head after a while.