View Full Version : wht was your ADHD diagnosis like in uk or scotland

06-11-12, 08:28 AM
hi all what was your ADHD diagnosis like in uk or many interviews did you have with psychiatrist i had 3 and go back for 2 more
what happens after that do i get blood tests or a check up or told got adhd

06-11-12, 08:54 AM
No diagnosis yet. I've seen an NHS psychiatrist twice. In the last appointment he said that he thinks I'm an unlikely candidate for ADHD but he would discuss it with the consultant psychiatrist. That was more than a month ago and I haven't heard from him yet. I keep calling bu he never returns my calls. I guess, that's it.

I'm considering seeing a private ADHD specialist.

There are no blood tests for ADHD (unfortunately). Usually it's diagnosed after an extensive interview with the patient and if possible someone close who has known the patient since childhood. You might get a few questionnaires as well and some ask you to do some mental tests, I think.

06-11-12, 09:21 AM
my mom just had to ask 530 questions on me now back for 2 more meetings am every 2 weeks for meetings with him and its nhs am though as well

06-11-12, 12:44 PM
i was diagnosed a few years ago....

I told the GP I thought I had ADD.... and gave him chapter & Verse.

There were not Adult ADHD diagnosing psychiatrists in Scotland... either NHS or private so I went private in England.

Once diagnosed my GP was happy to prescribe Concerta and Equasym.

I would advise getting a good therapist ASAP.... that side of things can b worked on before diagnosis. My therapist helped me through the long and tortuous path to a diagnosis.


06-11-12, 02:28 PM
i been told i will get a social i think i will get a physical examination as well

02-22-13, 07:49 PM
I got DX less than a year ago in Wales.

1. Seen Adult General Psych
2. Seen ADHD Specialist and did silly CAT assessment or whatever on Comp there.
3.Received letter to go see 1st Psych.

"So whats the result?"

"Didnt Dr Specialist say? :O"

(He actually said "ok everything seems good" after looking at my marks... Should of I got that "ADHD I pronounce thee" ?? lol.)

Psych (General) then said yes "its seems very likely you're ADHD"

"Well no suprise there..."

".... and Autism Spectrum Disorder... "

(you can imagine my reaction of Disbelief and dtrong disagreement, lol)

I have had to keep going back to see General Psych fot MPH med prescription and to see how doing. 2/3/4 weeks, whatever the volume of prescription,

There have been no blood tests, although there was mention of doing one at start. Probably to have a comparison for later (or other reason spexific to my area - psychology students - blood checks try to identify relating genes to mental whatever)

I've had my blood pressure checked few times, as stimulants ADHD medication ncreases it, so just monitoring it and used as measure of if med dose to high or unsafe etc.

Checked heart with FunnyScope even less times.

No blood taken though.

Blood sample is not mandatory or needed or prescribed by NICE Guidelines for stimulations.

However Strattera is a different matter...
might take for that(not sure if mandatory or only when there seems to be problems arising. I'm gonna go with mandatory though)

And something else regarding blood test...
which actually only learned yesterday, lol.

If get ASD DX to (high rates of ADHD AND ASD together) I read yesterday about something called Fragile X Syndrome and it being the 2nd largest cause of mental differences (ie Autism / ADHD) and to find out if FXS to, for definite (there are physical manifestations/indications of also, and other stuff to) but blood test is how find out if suspected etc.

Hope my tangent was helpful :)


Oop nearly missed a bit.

You wont necessarily have a physical if you are otherwise in good health.

Your weight, possibly height will be measured/asked. Blood pressure taken and heart listened to.

I'm not sure which type of social worker you're referring to xD
(yes more than one type and i'm still not sure who does what, maybe cause do nothing lol)

You might also see/get an occupational therapist, see a Psychologist, and a few possible other professionals depending on your unique needs and difficulties and diagnosis/symptoms etc.

Hope knowing a bit more has helped calm any apprehension etc you mighta had or cleared up some confusion/answered some Qs :)