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06-11-12, 02:35 PM
Well , I've played this game over and over. Even if I feel good it's never enough. On my best day here at my office I'm not even close to what I would feel like on the weekends or on vacation after a few days rest. Sure, alot of people say that but they aren't stuck on the same thoughts day in and day out. I don't feel bad now , but it's useless. Waiting it out won't change things. I'm basically living in fear daily. I hate to even consider it but I need to change things up. Last time I tried effexor I felt really tired for most of the day but noticed that I didnt' feel in the least any predisposition to think or do what I've been doing day in and out for the last few years. I have done this a milion times but I may have to do it again. I guess I need to get on effexor again. I would sit back and say yes prozac helped alot and the others in the ssri's helped too but the fatigue was gross and I really couldn't think at all on those. Effexor felt different. I guess I'll do it again. I know people, it's basically the last result to say okay depression and social anxiety .. Well tried em all but I saved this for you. Boom ( release the effexor cannon) .

06-11-12, 03:28 PM
I went on effexor and then I felt too agressive but that might have been a good thing in my case,but the thoughts went so slow and stuff,
and I felt so strangly calm there for a while and not so extreemly emotional sensitive, but if I forgot one pill I felt horrible and I often forget to go to the doc to get my meds before holiday and then I have to go without it for like two weeks which I deeply hate, but now when Im of it my social anxiaty is worse again,specially the fobia for phonecalls,and the restlessness too,sometimes I think its lonlyness,then boredom,then anxiety,but maybe its a mixture of it all,
but it keeps me from sleeping sometimes,so its best to keep occupied a lot.
I spend to much time thinking of what I cant do and how I dont messure up and thats not good, so Im gonna try do stop that and do what I like more *Yeas I know it sounds lazy but it works( ))( Something is wrong with this keyboard)
and yeah.Where was I.
Now that I take ritalin Im not sure if Im aloud to take effexor anymore anyway.
Sorry for this messy post.
Im gonna go and take my ritalin now.

06-11-12, 03:57 PM
your on effexor right now? Looking at your post makes me re think the whole process. God, I feel like a loser. It's like if don't take anything then I'm not the true me. Just a standbye watching life. I take ritalin and all the stuff and talent is there but I'm just a good sponge and do only what I like. Not effective. If I add wellbutrin I'm effective at work , but cannot really transition and my energy is really not my true energy levels which blows and I just don't feel like me. Less depressed though. Then if I take a ssri' its like I think the combo works but I feel as if I'm running agaist time. I know that I will only make it so far and then I will just get lazy and forget everything. Sucks. Atleast when I do ritalin only I'm able to focus all day and not be tired . If I add more than just ritalin , all the other junk kind of sedates me. Blows.

06-11-12, 04:03 PM
Honestly after reading your post think there are only two options for me to really do . I can either take prozac or cymbalta. Cymbalta seems to make me a bit tired but seems to have the smallest side effects on learning and memory. Seems I can operate okay on cymbalta and speak and act more like a normal person. All of them excluding pristiq in a high dose I felt a little more anxious , and a little more relaxed at work. I am basically looking to eliminate the constant search for whats wrong effect. I think it's going to be a low dose of one of these.

06-13-12, 05:45 PM
Hm I just take ritaline now I quit effexor some time ago but I have a little slow metabolism and sometimes migrain and I take meds for those things too and sometimes melatonin (but I find they are not allways reliable)
But I feel I still cant acchieve the results I want.
Know that feeling SO well...
I guess its like,
if you break a foot or something major like that, then a little painkillier wount stop it all...

06-13-12, 11:57 PM
Hmmmm... Are you saying Effexor is a band aid. All I need to do I'd stop repetitive thoughts and involve myself more in the now instead of being shy.

La Sleepy
06-16-12, 12:14 AM
I just started Effexor three days ago, added to my adderall (20 mg adderall - generic - three times a day) and I am taking 75 mg of effexor once a day to get up to 150 mg. I actually have to empty out half the doctor told me to do it that way.It makes me feel very speedy and it's given me some nasty headaches each of the three days. I don't know how much longer I'm going to try it.It makes me feel very speedy, and it's uncomfortable. Also- it's very very hard to find any real info on this drug online. I don't get it. Any info anyone can give me would help, my doctor told me it's a stimulant that would help with my treatment resistant depression.

06-16-12, 05:29 PM
It made me more slow,but yet more brave not so sensitive.

06-16-12, 08:33 PM
Interesting...maybe if I could get past the nausea and stick it out, it might work? The Wellbutrin doesn't help any...and SSRI's made me a zombie, so Effexor is still an option.

06-16-12, 08:37 PM
I drink a glass of milk before I take my meds but I dont remember if it helps for effexor but you could maybe try that to fight the nausea ?

06-16-12, 08:44 PM
Oooohhh...milk? :eek: no thanks, I'm very sensitive to side effects of any medications. He gave me 75 mg Effexor XR and I was supposed to take 37.5 for a week but I didn't feel anything so took the whole capsule and the world was spinning :lol: then I freaked out when I started reading about the horid withdrawals and decided not take any more. My current psych doc is a jerk...she keeps watching the clock and doesn't even listen to my complaints. Going to a new one would cost me $160 so maybe I'll discuss going back on Effexor with my GP. I'm also on Dexedrine ER 10mg twice/day and really wanna chuck the Wellbutrin cause it doesn't seem to do anything....

I drink a glass of milk before I take my meds but I dont remember if it helps for effexor but you could maybe try that to fight the nausea ?

06-16-12, 09:10 PM
lol,yeah,Im not a strong milk-fan myself but I drink it before my ritalin to fight nauseaness. ;)
Yeah the withdraw symptoms from effexor are horrible (sorry pharmas!)
they made me go like dZzZzdzZzd . :eek:..dzzZzzzdz or...zapped in the brain,
(in an electric kind of way)

ps. I hate when they start to check the time,
Next time,maybe you watch your clock first :D

La Sleepy
06-17-12, 02:32 PM
The nausea is awful, I agree. But I'm beginning to feel better overall, too. So we'll see how it goes. Milk....good idea. I love milk.

06-18-12, 12:18 AM
Cymbalta seems more even and better for me

La Sleepy
06-18-12, 07:28 PM
I'm feeling better and better with it. I think it was just a rough start. And adding it to adderall may have caused the headaches, but they seem to be gone now. I feel good. :)

06-19-12, 03:26 PM
I absolutely hate antidepressants , but I can tell my brain has just been drained. We will see. Cymbalta over time zapped my energy as all ssri's and snri's do over time. I'm on day one with cymbalta. I don't think I will have symptoms or withdraw if I decide to stop after a day. I was on it in the winter and when I stopped it took a few months and my energy came raging back. Not a fan of being tired like this stuff does after time, that and the 6 pounds I was holding came right off. Anyways, I guess we will see if it's worth it. It's definitely the easiest and most effective of all the ssri's and snri's and most adhd friendly . May quit and do it a day, don't want that no energy crap. That was rough.

La Sleepy
06-20-12, 12:41 PM
But what about Effexor? Is it truly a stimulant? Because it does seem to be. And I do feel pretty good on it now. I was supposed to go up to the full 150 mg after three days, but I was scared, so I stayed at 75 longer. I've been adding about 37 mg more back into the capsule......the whole process of dumping the white grains out and cutting them and adding them back into the capsule (as instructed by the doctor) makes me feel like a druggie. I guess I can start taking the full 150 mg now. Just worried about those headaches coming back.

I've never had any weight gain on antideppressants when taken in combination with dextroamphetamine, which I was on since 1982. But before 1982 I had gained weight on any of them and lexapro was terrible about weight. So I am concerned about weight gain with Effexor. But like everything else about this drug, I can't seem to find much information on it. Wikipedia puts it in the same class as amphetamines, but other places say it's an SSNRI. One doctor told me it's great for ADHD.

It does seem to be helping mine, as well as the depression, and so far, so good!!!

I noticed that all the years I was taking Nardil, at a very low dose, with dextroamphetamine, (yes, I do know that is very unusual, although I didn't know then) and it had been the only thing to work for my extremely treatment resistant depression in over 3 years of trying everything there was, that taking a low dose of a medication is very very very different than taking a higher dose n terms of side effects. For instance, I was only taking 15 mg Nardil (total per day) and 15 mg of dex, at 5 mg three times a day. So the horror of medical professionals at the combination should have been mitigated by the incredibly small dose.

Where I'm headed with that is this: I don't want to go any higher than the 150 mg of the Effexor, it seems like it's very strong stuff. Maybe I can avoid some of the side effects that way?

06-20-12, 12:57 PM
Dont know , cymbalta and Effexor are similar . I was tired on Effexor . Cymbalta seems a little better . What issues are you having prior too ?

06-22-12, 06:49 PM
That's great to hear! Keep us posted on your progress. Ever since I started taking n-acetyl-l-tyrosine 350 mg once a day in addition to my Dexedrine ER 10 mg BID and Wellbutrin XL 150, things have been a lot better! More energy, vitality and no more ruminating.

I'm feeling better and better with it. I think it was just a rough start. And adding it to adderall may have caused the headaches, but they seem to be gone now. I feel good. :)

06-22-12, 07:42 PM
But what about Effexor? Is it truly a stimulant? Because it does seem to be. And I do feel pretty good on it now. I was supposed to go up to the full 150 mg after three days, but I was scared, so I stayed at 75 longer.

Effexor and Cymbalta are SNRI's, or serotinin/norepinephrine reuptake inhibitors. They're technically not CNS stimulants but perhaps how they effect Norepinephrine could be a bit stimulating to some people.

07-01-12, 12:57 AM
Yeah my tendency to get stuck is less with Wellbutrin and stimulant but adding a snri
Helps broaden my thinking by stopping repetitive thinking

07-09-12, 07:56 PM
Effexor and Cymbalta are SNRI's, or serotinin/norepinephrine reuptake inhibitors. They're technically not CNS stimulants but perhaps how they effect Norepinephrine could be a bit stimulating to some people.
I wonder why this had effect on my state of anger and agression and made me more brave and less overemotional :scratch:

07-10-12, 09:28 AM
don't know but it did that too me as well. I don't think I"m not brave but I seem to think about a process and then I'll be in the process but I don't brave myself and put myself out there . I notice with cymbalta it's not a problem and the dose need not even be high at all. I guess I have a better effect from cymbalta than the other ssri's ... Its tough to really tell what is exactly happening but I would think celexa would do the same for me ??

07-11-12, 06:03 PM yeah,maybe...

07-11-12, 10:38 PM
Or not. Fact is they all give major fatigue

07-15-12, 11:57 AM
maybe there is a medicin for the major fatigue too that could be takenin addition? :scratch:

07-15-12, 01:16 PM
Yeah there is and it works great . I guess I have done everything I can not to take 3 meds and it doesn't workout . I will start back cymbalta and if needed take Modanfil . I have allergies and apnea so I think that is why I struggle with ssri or snri . I am fine now , but I cannot really bust the social shyness without cymbalta for now

07-25-12, 03:50 PM
Yeah I hear ya.
The social side of having ADHD really ....!
I think Im gonna ask for Effexor again my self soon.

07-25-12, 04:08 PM
Well I stopped taking wellbutrin as of today so it's not set in stone but I want to see how things go. My concerta and focalin dose are up there and I want to figure out a way to control my adhd without taking such a hefty dose. I think I may give daytrana a shot in hopes that it will last longer. I will say that wellbutrin helped in many ways but I didn't like the way I felt on it. I would overall say I felt off. Kind of dizzy and ditzy , but motivated at times. I think this increased the amount of ritalin that I needed in a day..... ? Bottom line is that I know there is only so much of this stuff you can take and feel and operate fine. So , I hope that with some environmental changes and changes in meds I can figure this thing out.

07-25-12, 04:21 PM
yes! To much meds only makes it worse!:faint:
Its not very responsible to put people on too much meds
they are supposed to have a clear functional operating brain
as well as a confortable one...
But I dont think Ive ever heard of daytrana.
There are so many names we dont have around here.
But hope it works out anyway! :)

07-26-12, 09:28 PM
Things have been going downhill for me...I developed insomnia and it sucks! If I take the prescribed 0.5mg Klonopin, I feel tired and depressed the next day. The Dexedrine ER is like a sugar pill...I take one and it makes me sleepy I have to take a nap. I wonder why this is happening cause when I first took it, about a month ago, I felt so much energy and got so much done. I even tried taking an extra capsule to see if perhaps higher dose would help but was even worse! Complete lethargy and I felt wasted. I can't take a break just yet cause I have a major exam on Monday. But after that, I think I'll just take Wellbutrin for a while. I dunno...maybe it's the tyrosine messing things up. Wellbutrin itself never really cured my depression but I like the brief boost in motivation and zest for life it gives.

For now, I'm ditching the Dex and going back on Vyvanse which always worked.

07-26-12, 10:08 PM
So what is causing the issue? Effexor?

08-14-12, 02:27 PM
I'm still in the same boat. I'm looking at my posts and emails and holy cow my drive and vigor are all over the place. I have never seen anything so strange. One day I can see the confidence in my emails and my drive that day and what I did and then it's the complete opposite. Not sure what the problem drug is or is not here.

08-14-12, 02:29 PM
I think the issue I'm starting to see is actually wellbutrin and not the cymbalta. I think I take more risks and have more thoughts going without the wellbutrin and the cymbalta seems to help boost drive just enough.

08-15-12, 08:40 AM
I'm on 225mg of Effexor now. It's making me unbelievably tired but other than that I don't seem to have any side effects (except for loss of appetite). However, so far it doesn't seem to help with depression.

I'd stopped ruminating after starting Sertraline and thankfully the ruminating and obsessing hasn't come back yet. Also, my OCD tendencies are much better on both. Sertraline pretty much killed any anxiety but now the anxiety is slowly creeping back. Or maybe I've just got more going on. :confused:

From what I've read, Effexor affects norepinephrine uptake at doses > 150mg. Norepinephrine also plays a role in attention so maybe that's why it's supposed to be helpful in cases of ADHD. It also apparently affects dopamine uptake but that is at an even higher dose. I've forgotten the exact value but it's more than 225mg, which is the maximum recommended dose.

Both sertraline and effexor seem to have drastically increased my suicidal ideation. It's more common in adolescents but then I've got the maturity of a 12 year old so maybe it's affecting me similarly.

Anyway, the bottom line is that it doesn't seem to be helping much with the depression. But I've been only 225mg only from this week so maybe I need to give it more time. The tiredness is extremely annoying though.

08-15-12, 09:14 AM
sertraline was aweful for me . I took it and stopped obsessing and I couldnt think . Hey who knows maybe after a solid month that fades, I guess it makes sense that the side effect couldn't last forever right? I only tried it briefly although I think I did it for a month and I could barely get out of bed it was so bad. Anyways, I have and still feel like either effexor or cymbalta allow you to feel your feelings and feel like a human and like yourself and overcome these feelings of depression and anxieties alot better than say zoloft did. That stuff was rough.