View Full Version : how do you know when it's time to up the meds?

06-14-12, 02:12 PM
My son, 15, has been on Focalin XR for almost 3 years. He take 20mg only on school days. He has ADHD-inattentive. It really helped him academically, but I'm thinking that maybe it's time to up the dosage. His school work isn't bad, but it's slipping somewhat. The work in H.S. is harder and I have a feeling the med has worn off by 4:00 or so in the afternoon. He takes it at 6:00. He keeps at it, but just my gut feeling things could be better.

Now, he never has wanted to take meds, I know it bothers him that he needs to. He does it without question. I don't know if the dosage needs to be upped, or maybe a short-term booster in the late afternoons after school for studying and homework.

Any suggestions? Thanks Tisha

06-16-12, 12:36 PM
A few ideas:

1) Can he use the amphetamine class? Has he tried adderall? If he has tried them and they dont work, move on to the next idea. If he hasnt tried them, give them a try. If they work, he can cycle, take a break from focalin, and then switch so that the tolerance doesn't build if that's the issue

2)did he try strattera? again, if he hasn't, its worth a shot to take a break from focalin and lower tolerance

3) its summertime, can he stop takin the focalin until the school year resumes? 2-3 months off would reset the tolerance to practically zero and itll be just as effective as day 1

4) an instant release booster might be a good idea, if the above 3 suggestions dont appeal or work, id try that last

if i think of anythin else, ill let u know

06-19-12, 11:07 AM
Thanks. He doesn't take the meds on weekends or any non-school days. He's sensitive to meds. He's tried Vyvanse and couldn't handle that. It completely turned him into a zombie, and he's a happy cheerful kid. Focalin seems to keep his personality the same. He says he gets "quieter" during the day, but that's ok, he needs to be focusing during school. After school, he's fine.

I approached him yesterday about a quick acting booster on those days that he needs to put in a lot of work or studying, and he seemed open to that. I have a script of short-acting ritalin (generic) that my other son had and never used from a couple of years ago. I wonder if it's ok to try that or if I should make an appt with the doc before school starts.