View Full Version : Great new book for those looking into Buddhism or any other Dharmic religion

06-14-12, 10:47 PM
Hey guys, for those of you who are hoping to further your spiritual understanding in your quest to attaining Bodhisattva, I highly recommend the book "Ocean of Compassion: A guide to the life of universal loving" by Tenzin Norbu

Born Terrence Moore, Norbu is a lesser known lama who is trying to spread his understanding of the Dharma to anyone who is interested; this is his first book. Even if you aren't a part of any dharmic philosophy, you will still learn much from Norbu's almost secular approach finding true happiness through love for all. I had never even heatd of Norbu before "Ocean of Compassion" and now, I am glad I found his teachings. I consider myself rather knowledgeable in the dharmic way, but I learned so much from thos book that I might as well have been completely ignorant.

Look into this book! You can order a copy at Norbu's website

06-16-12, 07:51 PM
Just another thing to add: I have really been looking into Norbu Buddha's facebook and twitter accounts, and he posts some legit stuff on his accounts- not just his teachings, but links, videos, etc.

For those of you who have access to facebook and twitter, Norbu Buddha's accounts are posted on his website, which I provided a link to in my previous post