View Full Version : Delayed Sleep Phase Syndrome? I wish I never had to sleep!

06-15-12, 05:06 AM
Hi, I was wondering if anyone here is going through what I'm going through.

Just a bit of background, I'm 16, have ADHD, Aspergers, and am on methylphenidate (36mg concerta first thing in the morning, and 10mg IR generic at lunch) anyway, it is always an immense struggle waking me up in the morning, and it is causing a lot of stress on myself and those around me

Basically, at night, I don't feel sleepy at all, if I lay down on my bed, my thoughts will run for hours on end, and will feel extremely fidgety and have to get up and find something more interesting to do like play on my game boy or read facebook on my laptop, just anything!.

I generally sleep at around 2 to 3am on a 'good' night and up to 5am on a bad night. My school starts at 10:20am, and I usually find myself awake at around 9:45am. It seems the earlier I sleep, the worse I am in the morning, my mum will try and wake me up (it takes a lot just to make me slightly awake), but I'll say "another 5mins" and go back to sleep, and only get up in the last minute, and usually be in quite a bad mood, just depressed and angry, I don't feel like that in the day

This has always been an issue for me, I've felt energetic at night for as long as I can remember, but this seemed to peak at around age 14 or 15.

In weekends and holidays, I have perfect sleep, I will sleep until 4am, and wake up at 12am - 1pm with no grogginess

However on school days, I find myself having to use my laptop in bed, and then sleeping really late at night, the point at which I feel 'sleepy' which is usually past 2am. At this point, I will fall asleep easily.

Strangely the earlier I sleep, the worse I am in the morning, I feel a lot worse waking up after 7 hours, than 3 hours.

I'm always really groggy and sometimes semi-delirious when I first awaken, and combined with the fact, that I'm always waking up at the last minute means there is always a lot of stress between me and my mum.

I 100% appreciate the immense effort she puts in to try to help me, and I really hate my sleep being this much trouble and so I find the topic of the sleep to be quite sensitive, especially when people think I'm choosing to be this way when I hate it just as much as everyone else does

I'm going to see a doctor about this sometime soon,

I'm just a bit worried that they will think it's the stimulants as my sleep has been worse this year, and I got stimulants at the start of the year. However, there has been a major change to my waking time, now that my school starts at 10:20 instead of 8:45. While mornings have never been easy, apparently I've been worse this year.

I just find it so difficult to try to implement sleep hygiene tips like no computers before bed time. What else am I meant to do, lying down futility is just so boring. If on the off chance, I feel sleepy at 12:30am and fall asleep, I'm no better in the morning than I would be if I slept at 5:30!

I do not pull all nighters and I've only pulled two in my entire lifetime, I always make sure I get some sleep. But it's so unpleasant waking up, I wish every night is an all-nighter

At least thanks to the stimulants, I never feel fatigue in the day, it's just these ******* mornings.

Short of having a crack pipe by my bedside, what can I do to help energize myself in the morning, and get me out of bed

06-15-12, 05:09 AM
I take my meds before I even get out of bed, is basically how I handle it. But I was the easiest to wake up of the four of us kids in my family. Going to bed late is the only reason I have trouble getting up now.

06-15-12, 05:16 AM
Yea I've had this as long as I can remember. Cant get to sleep and feel tired all morning if I can get out of bed at all. Been complaining to doctors about it for years cos I'm sick of people thinking its laziness but they never listen.

06-15-12, 05:19 AM
Yeah, back when I was on IR Dexamphetamine, and also back when I only had IR Methylphenidate, I would keep it by my bedside, and taking it as soon as I wake up, doze back off, and then be relativity charged up by the time I wake.

It was a hit and miss and worked rather well when it worked which was like 50% of the time

While overall the concerta is the best medication I've used, it just takes ages to kick in, so it doesn't work for that purpose, and my mornings have probably been worse since switching, even though everything else has been better, sleep included

06-15-12, 10:42 AM
My husband was diagnosed with delayed sleep phase syndrome. He was prescribed stimulants to help wake up in the morning. He was also told to use a "day time" light alarm clock that gradually brightens in the morning to "reset" his internal clock and help him wake up naturally. It works really well.

06-15-12, 11:13 AM
Quit school.

Get your GED via a distance learning institute.

Get your college degree from a distance learning University.

Get a night shift job, or be some sort of contract worker who takes on projects via the web (eg writing, graphic design or programming) or get into e-commerce.

06-15-12, 03:24 PM
Have you heard about the theory about sleep cycles? One sleep cycle is about 1,5 hours, getting a bit longer as the morning comes. So, you got to estimate your sleep so that you get either 1,5/3/6/7,5 hours of sleep, otherwise you'll be stuck in a deep sleep phase when your alarm goes off and it is a lot harder to get up.

Otherwise, you could either to adjust your lifestyle whichever ways possible, or try to practice the sleep hygiene thing to the max (exercise, strict sleep schedule, no stimulation x hours before sleepytime, avoiding caffeine, alcohol etc).

However, it could also resolve/improve with age. I used to have the exact same issue in my teens, however now at 25, the DSPS tendencies seem to have cleared up.