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06-17-12, 02:23 PM
I kind of started writing poetry again and this is what I came up with last night... my first sonnet in a long time. :o

A Million Sonnets

A million sonnets will never fare
because no words can explain my love, true
I am a slave of love, for you I bear
enthralled by your wisdom, it's not what's due

Will the books I read in depth become you
The tragic fate ran through our lives before
Let us be together and honesty will debut
Like birds, we fly away and start to sore

Don't let the sorrow dewll, that is my wish
My love, come through before it is too late
As one, our lives are more than just childish
dreams or worthless moments left up to fate

Your eyes, so deep, spoke truth of tu et moi
I knew right then, you are my Kerenina

06-20-12, 07:58 PM
I was thinking about someone who passed away, and how it's almost been a year now. This kind of got me sparked a little.

On that warm August evening, the tears stung in my eyes
I read the words that I couldn’t believe, and to this day they still sting strong
The body was yours, you weren’t coming back and for that I hated you
But it was only for a moment, and then I understood there was no hate to be due
The smiles and laughter, they weren’t always real, and more often than not they were just for appeal
The slippery slope, how I’ve been there before. The sadness seems like madness, and the pain never stops
To cure this illness, is to cure the soul – but the darkness is a monster, who can swallow you whole
The longer you try, the more useless it seems – but I’ll always keep on trying with you in my dreams
My fighter, my glory – this is far from the ending of your story.

06-22-12, 06:48 PM
So, things kind of happened and it got a little worse. So I wrote something else, but again it's not happy.

Why I'm Afraid of Happy

I'm afraid of happy because the fall is too deep
You get picked up, and then swept off your feet
Nobody really judges each smile they get
Not until they're left with a pit of regret

Back in the summer, after I fell pretty hard
That first sign of fall and that chill morning air
The smile found it's place, and I sighed with relief
Only to be struck with a traumatizing grief

Those forty-four men, plus the one who survived
That terrible day, why was I still alive?
So many heroes - fathers, and sons
And there I was smiling over cold, frosty air

I'm afraid of happy because karma's a *****
Clearly I don't deserve it; I have some kind of glitch
Nothing is real, no happy will stay
The good feelings fade, but the pain won't go away

I'm afraid of happy because things never change.

(And I was feeling good this morning)

07-07-12, 11:08 PM
This one isn't so depressing, but it's not exactly happy. I'll probably revise it later, make it connect a little more but here you go.

Her wistful eyes and her soft, rose lips
a soul, alone; the yearn for that forgotten poem
Delicate like a flower, she flounders within her thoughts

The need to be loved by not just anyone is filling her on empty
I see the hope as it dwindles past to almost just a fear of the unknown
The fear, it festers and fills her thoughts; breaking her dreams in two

I love her so deeply, yet she doesn't see me; I'm buried underneath these words
Our souls share a vibe and I want it to thrive, but alas, it's not to be
Romanticism runs deep, but the tragic's so meek that it layers thick and steep

My wish is ungranted, our lives left apart but joy! We are still in tune
Her wisdom's my pleasure, I wish it forever and I sing her song to the moon
So gentle in life, understanding and pure - despite her flaws a plenty

If only to save her, my heart's greatest favour and I shall ask of nothing more
For I'm still enamoured and I would just stammer; nothing more shall leave these lips
The silence, a blessing and my eyes will grow sightless, for her beauty eclipses all sight

And I will be fine, just laying this rhyme for all but her to see.