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06-18-12, 01:48 AM
Ok so my assignment was to watch a movie that is based off of actual events, then research the facts about the event. I need 3 history books as refrences. Im having a hard time finding anything so I was hoping someone could point me in the right direction.

The movie is " Tears of the Sun"

Everytime I search names, or key phrases like "navy seal mission to nigeria", or "dr kendrics" all that I get back is tears of the sun reviews.


ana futura
06-18-12, 01:53 AM
That movie is fictional, it's not based on actual events. Did your teacher assign this movie or did you pick it?

06-18-12, 02:46 AM
Navy Seal missions aren't likely to be published in history books.
Dr. Kendrics is most likely not a real person.

If you want to use this movie, you need to focus your search on the actual events that the movie was loosely based on. Perhaps searching for info on "Nigerian civil war" or "American involvement Nigerian civil war" in order to determine what are official policy was. Find the dates for the civil war. Who was the Sec. of State at the time? Did the US have an active policy regarding Nigeria.
Was the Dr. Kendrics in the movie a hostage? Being held for randsom? I'm not familiar with the movie but perhaps you could search for "Nigerian civil war hostage" or something along those lines.

Perhaps this movie would be helpful to better understand the work of Doctors Without Borders since Dr. Kendrics is based on them?

Another thought is to look at books discussing Catholics living in the predominately Islamic northern parts of Nigeria.

ana futura
06-18-12, 01:45 PM
The Nigerian civil war in the movie is not the same civil war as "the Nigerian civil war", which happened in 1967-1970. The war in the movie is made up, it never happened.

I believe that the war in the movie is supposed to be a stand in for Rwanda/ some other African country. Since Hollywood can't tell the difference between one country in Africa and another, movies like Tears of the Sun are made.

It's the equivalent of making a movie about the US civil war, and setting it in Canada. Sure, Canada had civil wars, but not that one.

06-18-12, 01:54 PM
Still, there's a good chance that a good paper which tears the movie apart for historical inaccuracy and cites three legitimate historical documents in the process, might be acceptable? I'd have to know more info about what the prof. set as guidelines.

ana futura
06-18-12, 02:04 PM
That is a graduate level paper you are talking about there Drew. But it would be awesome!

06-18-12, 05:59 PM
That is a graduate level paper you are talking about there Drew. But it would be awesome!

That's a part of my problem... Every project that I set out to complete is at a graduate level, only, I'm not. *sigh*