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11-23-04, 06:02 PM
Many, many years ago, my ex wife used to take Dexamyl prescribed for "a thyroid condition". She got them in the mail every month or two. Dexamyl was dextroamphetamine and amobarbital. I never thought much about them and it was during the time when ADD was called Minimal Brain Dysfunction and applied just to kids. She took them during the week but didn't during the weekend since, "...I want to relax, not clean the f***ing cabinets in the kitchen." She put the two in a separate bottle for reasons I don't understand. Maybe to con her doc into thinking she was still one a daying.

I was in grad school and came back late from a conference and needed to study most of the next day for a seminar. She split one and gave it to me and said "drink a lot of water". Well it was like I'd discovered scholars heaven. I was calm, centered, not fidgety and read the material with comprehension and retention. That " thing was no longer holding my shoulders and making me screw up. That's the visualization I had of ADHD before the term existed and 20 years before my first diagnosis. I was starting to come down by the time of the seminar but did really well without interrupting or being a motor mouth. Then I went home, got in bed at 6:30PM and slept until 9:00AM the next morning.

Well the extra dexamyls cut in half became my college fund and I did really well. After my orals and dissertation defense, I quit taking them and never really got back to them until a couple of years later when I had to learn a great mass of technical data for a set of certifications. Then I stopped again. And the wife quit taking them when she got pregnant and eventually the rest of them just got misplaced or tossed during a move.

I've been going through the usual meds for ADHD and just had an awful experience with Straterra. I'm pretty sure that, for me, low level anxiety is the potentiating agent in the expression of my ADHD symptoms. So, a combo like the old dexamyl would be indicated.

I'm going through all the other stuff until I can suggest the stimulants without looking like I'm "drug seeking". I have my blood pressure under control and would really like to get back to somewhere close to that sweet spot.

11-23-04, 06:21 PM
These were known as "mothers little helper" I think! Not sold in that kind of combination anymore, or by mail - heaven only knows why ;-)
It's pretty common for us ADHD types to need something to help with anxiety, but these days doctors us SSRI's and such. Paxil is popular (I take Remeron myself).
If you've given Strattera a try, I would think that you have "paid your dues" sincerity wise and can ask for stimulants. You may find that you are less anxious on the stims anyway, but if they make it worse you can then ask for a something in addition to the stimulants.
Good luck,

11-23-04, 06:21 PM
You need to try dexedrine. Straterra didn't work for me either and a lot of people have complained that it doens't work AT ALL!

try dexedrine...the brand

11-24-04, 12:58 AM
These were known as "mothers little helper" I think!
Actually, several drugs have been called "mother's little helper." The first was Miltown, a drug introduced in the 1950's. Later on, Valium and Librium were also referred to in the same way.

11-29-04, 01:20 AM
try dex with xanax. I take both daily. I know I know they are both highly addictive, but i know my body and if physical dependency became an issue i would stop. The nice thing about the xanax is you dont have to take it daily. I do, but most dont. If you do take it daily you must not abruptly quit. Xanax has potential to cause seizures if stopped cold turkey. You can simply take a small dose of xanax before anxiety producing situations. BY ALL MEANS DO NOT TAKE EITHER IF YOU THINK YOU COULD GET ADDICTED!!!! I have used drugs in the past (illegal) before i knew i was ADD. Most ADD people have a high potential of using drugs. Why? Because we strive for stimulation. I have seen the benefit of what my medications can bring to me. Your DR will not think you are shopping for drugs, but make sure you give the drugs a chance before discontinuing. GOod Luck