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06-25-12, 11:30 AM
Yet another reason to send my granddaughter to a different school this fall as the
current school simply cannot deal with her disability and resultant behaviors.

Only 3% of the suspensions were for state law mandated issues - the rest were at
the school's discretion? :confused: Holy smokes batman! and scroll down to click on PDF link

Breaking Schools’ Rules: A Statewide Study of How School Discipline Relates to Students’ Success and Juvenile Justice Involvement features these other key findings:

Of the nearly 1 million public secondary school students studied, about 15 percent were suspended or expelled 11 times or more; nearly half of these students with 11 or more disciplinary actions were involved in the juvenile justice system.

Only three percent of the disciplinary actions were for conduct in which state law mandated suspensions and expulsions; the rest were made at the discretion of school officials primarily in response to violations of local schools’ conduct codes.

African-American students and those with particular educational disabilities were disproportionately disciplined for discretionary actions.

Repeated suspensions and expulsions predicted poor academic outcomes. Only 40 percent of students disciplined 11 times or more graduated from high school during the study period, and 31 percent of students disciplined one or more times repeated their grade at least once.

06-25-12, 02:05 PM
Lunacie ....if I am remebering correctly .....the school your granddaughter goes to now is close by your house right ? ....and the nearest one that you guys hope she will do better in is not ....( is it 45 minutes away? ) .....

Seems to me that all the trouble you've had, especially this last year ...has added up in time dealing with the problems to way over that extra time you'd spend in getting her to and from the more far away school ....

and peace of mind in having her in a school that actually understands her, and then there's all the good that it will do her to be able to succeed at that school ....cause it follows that if they understand her ....they know how to work with her ....can only make for a hapier child, parents and you .....

the close school never really seemed to commit to helping her ...and of course you guys had to rush up there all the time , and so thank goodness it was close .....but I am hoping that sort of behavior on the SCHOOL'S part will change ...once she is at a school that can deal with her problems and help get them under control more rushing up to school cause they have thrown their collective hands up and washed them ( can you do both ?) of the problem that is your granddaughter ....( wimps)

...WHen she is at a school that has teacher who are trained to deal with her problems ....they AREN"T gonna say ..."ooo we just don't know what to do with her come and get her" .....they are professionals in the field and DO know how to deal with her will be able to go about your day knowing that your granddaughter is in capable hands ....and the really best of it is that she will be able to grow and learn when she is around teachers who don't crumble when she is having problems .....they will help her get throught the times of stress, and when the episodes or entire stages of her life are through, she can learn from them ......

that's my hope for your family gave the local school a shot, figuring that it would be better to keep her close to home as possible, a perfectly logical and normal action's too bad they're ( the school personel) are not capable ....they've shown themselves over and over to be not very good at all ...or downright bad for your grand daughter as things have progressed downwatd not forward .....

06-25-12, 04:41 PM
Thank you Salleh. At this point it takes about 5 minutes to reach the
neighborhood school. It will take about 40 minutes to reach the special ed
school we hope she'll be transferring into.

You're right, between the time she refused to go to school and the time
she was suspended or they called to have us come and get her early - it
would more than make up for having to drive that far in the event we need
to pick her up. It will make scheduling sessions with the doctor or the
therapist a bit more difficult, but other parents seem to manage.

The special ed teacher she had in 2nd and 3rd grades had spent several
years teaching at this other school and she really worked well with Nove.
There were other issues with moving from the primary wing to the
elementary wing besides a teacher that didn't click as well.

I think some of the toileting issues that had been resolved in 3rd grade
where there was a toilet off the classroom got worse in 4th grade where
the toilet was down the hall and she had to ask for permission to use the
bathroom and usually have an aide go with her because she would end up
wandering the halls instead of returning to class where she would have
to ... (gasp) ... work.

But really, how can one special ed teacher really be trained to deal with
the multitude of different disorders she may have to deal with in just one
classroom of 10 kids. I don't know if anyone at the new school will have
any more idea of how to work with an autistic kiddo than this teacher did,
but at this point we wonder if it could possibly be any worse.

I just think they won't be as quick to blame the child for the behavior
instead of finding ways to work with the child. That study is an eye opener
in teachers who don't have clue how to teach kids who are different simply
banishing them from the classroom.