View Full Version : study problem, 11th grade, ADD

06-26-12, 04:00 AM
Hey guys,
I have ADD, I live in India. A bit of background, I am passionate about robots and computers, I know about 10+ programming languages, and I love science. In my 11th grade I have opted for physics, chemistry, maths. The problem is that I don't feel like studying even if the things do interest me. My grades in 9th and 10th grade had been pretty bad, ADD at that time was undiagnosed. I want to join MIT, and need to work hard for that, I want to study but I can't. I do however have another problem, and that is I sleep a lot. My sleep cycle is messed up, I don't feel like sleeping till 2 and then I wake up at 12 noon. I do have extra-ordinary capabilities in science and robotics, and I know 10+ computer programming languages. But I am not able to get myself to study, and the sleep problem troubles me.