View Full Version : Poems for Ashley

06-26-12, 11:42 AM

Forget, forget, forget
Forget what you regret
Just don't let what you regret
be yet bigger a regret
Don't be led by your treacherous heart
into pathways of destruction
Stay away from the ways you know to be bad
Long for the days of promised sun rays and
Hold fast to those you love
More than your own life

06-26-12, 11:45 AM

Once you have been shown love,
that you know can never be replaced,
Why throw that away?
Why chase empty shadows of chance or doubt
of insecure hope
Where demons play and no lasting warmth exists?
Foolishness is the child of stupidity.
Death is the grandparent of them both.

06-26-12, 11:50 AM

Long gone are the days of your crafty ways,
into the deep darkness they went.
What has become since then has brought brightness
and hope, true peace from within.
No man is right in all his ways.
No man is perfect at all.
It is impossible for any may to be perfectly true,
but it is beautiful for him to try.

06-26-12, 11:56 AM
Thank you for reading
Ashley is not a real person.
I wrote the above poems for myself when I was
trying to heal from heart wrenching mistakes.
It's hard sometimes to fight that inner struggle.
2011 was a tough year
I considered that I may have ADD that year as well, I guess on the plus side ;)