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11-25-04, 01:54 PM

Does anyone know how this works? I phoned up NHS direct some time ago for advice on this subject and I was basically told to go away.

I was told that it is not worth pursuing treatment of ADD for adults as the NHS didn't really support it. The doctor also told me that most adults that say they have ADD are just lazy and looking for an excuse therefore the NHS won't and couldnít afford to administer drugs for such a condition. The money was needed elsewhere.

Just wondering, but Iím doubtful, the NHS sucks.

I hate ADD so much!

11-25-04, 02:13 PM
I don't live in the UK, but by reading on here and, the UK is probably the WORST country for an ADDer to live in. It takes months to even get in to see a doc for this sort of thing, and, then, they tend to react as you say, dismissively, or they treat the person as a drug seeker.

If you can afford it, I would find a private doctor. That seems to be what most of the successful ADDults have done to get their condition recognized and treated.

11-25-04, 03:49 PM
I don't remember too much about the diagnosis process in my case since I was 7 at the time.

But Exeter is right, in my area (south east england, just outside London there's currently a three month waiting list to see a NHS psychiatrist (9-10 for a NHS child psychatrist) and ADD is one of those conditions whereby medications can only be administered by a licenced psychatrists (GP's don't have the authority)

Private medical treatment would be ideal (I admit i'm incredibly lucky as my dad get's family BUPA cover as part of an employer medical thing) Unforunatly It's often £200 for an initial consultation, followed by several follow up consultation to get the medication/dosage right. Also any medication costs incurred are going to be coming straight out of your pocket :(

Personally, I'd do some research into ADD, and build up a concise account detailing the similarities between your symptoms and typical ADD symptoms. Doctors LOVE it when you do their job for them, if you can present them with reasonable and justifiable grounds (remember the main reason why they're reluctant to give out referals is that they have to justify every single one of them) why they should refer you to an NHS psychiatrist.

And if this doesn't work initially, then see a different GP in your practice. They're generally willing to let you see a different GP from the same practice.

Whatever happens keep at it, sooner or later they'll realise it's less effort to refer you than it is to fight you

Good luck

11-26-04, 06:12 AM
Shall we all write to our local MP? LOL!

11-29-04, 10:46 AM
This is the N.H.S clinic where i had my diagnosis.
The adult adhd clinic-room 32
Neuropsychiatry Unit
Maudsley hospital
Denmark Hill
London SE5 8AZ

My doctors name is Philip Asherson since diagnosis my life has completly changed you need a referal from your G.P i know there is another adult clinic in cambridge but not sure of that address. I was told that there was no treatment for adult adhd on the NHS in england by my G.P. I did my own research thank god !! Philip is fantastic it's just a shame we are in the dark ages in England regarding adult adhd. Both my kids have adhd too whats going to happen to them and all the other kids when they reach 18 ?
we need more clinics now !!

good luck lotty

02-13-05, 05:12 PM
What I don't understand is, GP's and psychiatrists will throw expensive anti-depressants like prozac at you at the drop af a hat, which seem a short term fix, but (the psychiatrists anyway, i've had a few sympathetic GP's), just dismiss ADD on the spot. The end result is in my case a long, frustrating spell on incapacity benefit with Anxiety/depression, which would certainly cost more than private treatment for ADD!

I don't know if it's the 'stiff upper lip, keep it all in' mentality in this country, but i get very frustrated when i see people with fairly minor physical disabilities treated much better than people who are suffering greatly due to mental distress, the sooner we know more about the brain and can test for conditions people are silently suffering from the better i think, the average person might be a bit more understanding then.

08-26-05, 04:24 PM

Does anyone know how this works? I phoned up NHS direct some time ago for advice on this subject and I was basically told to go away.

I was told that it is not worth pursuing treatment of ADD for adults as the NHS didn't really support it. The doctor also told me that most adults that say they have ADD are just lazy and looking for an excuse therefore the NHS won't and couldnít afford to administer drugs for such a condition. The money was needed elsewhere.

Just wondering, but Iím doubtful, the NHS sucks.

I hate ADD so much!
Hiya there Smarky...

I Live in Coventry UK ; To get my ADHD diagnosis, i asked My GP to refer me to a Psychiatrist, to be diagnosed with ADHD...
The GP wrote a letter and 5 weeks later, i was at the Psychiatrists appointment ; Which lasted 1 hour and 5 minutes...
At the end of the appointment, he diagnosed me with ADHD and Chronic Depression...
I came out of that appointment so very relieved! and Happy ; Because at long last, i was going to get medication to help me sort out my life ...
I'm taking it one day at a time but i'm on Strattera and getting updosed next week!
Good luck Smarky and stand your ground!


08-15-06, 01:42 PM
I hate the ignorance doctors seem to have - they seem to only know whats in the textbook.. I went to my GP and told him I thought I had ADD and he was very cold about it.. I gave him a questionaire I had filled out and he had a good look at it but he seemed to have a really dismissive attitude. He said he didnt know much about ADHD. He even asked me if I took any recreational drugs! He said that he didnt know if Ritalin was safe for adults as it's only used on children!! - how clueless can you be! Finally he sent off a referral to an adult psychiatric centre (he thought I was too old to see a child psychiatrist as I'm 17), who then sent it back to a child psychiatrist centre because I wasn't over 18 and once my case had been 'reviewed' my mum phoned up and got a message that they wern't allowed to release any information about how it went and that only my GP could say.. So i saw my GP again and explained what happened - all he said was 'Oh thats absolutely crap of them.. how ridiculous' and said that obviously he wouldn't know.. Finally we recieved a load of psychiatric questionaires and forms which my college and we filled out and sent off... Now im on a '10-13 week' waiting list for an appt. and am currently on my 10th week of waiting.
Now I wonder if its a huge waste of effort and time? The NHS is so ****. The only ADD medication i'm willing to take is Dexedrine.. which is not the first-line treatment. I would go see a private psychiatrist but its so damned expensive. My parents are unwilling to do so until I see if I can get anywhere with the NHS. And I'm 18 in 2 months. If i do indeed get Dex free, it'll probably not be free once im 18?? Is anyone else in a similar situation?
many thanks

08-18-06, 01:04 PM
I started three months ago at the GP, he tried to refere me to the maudsley on my request.. my pct would not pay for the maudsley. so then i got refered to local pysch.. he has now refered me to the maudsley and hopefuly this time they will see me! The psych i say pretty much did'nt believe in adult adhd.
Now this is a bit controversial on this particular forum but I have just started getting treatment from DORE, maybe you should look into that option also.
good luck!

08-20-06, 06:33 PM
I actually came on tonight to start a thread about this. I am having a terrible time trying to sort this out. I realised that i had ADHD in december after doing some research on hypersensitivity, which suggested a link with ADHD. So i began researching that and it was, well mindblowing to be honest! I am a textbook case! In fact i have an online journal on another forum and a few days ago i was looking for a recipe i had posted on there and i came accross an entry from last november. I had been in a very bad way, i was saying i knew i had something wrong with me and couldnt work out what. As i re-read my listing my issues it was just amazing, they could have been an article demonstrating how a person with undiagnosed ADHD feels!
Ok now to my point, i went to my doctor who referred me to a local psychiatrist (i've already been down on his books for depression for years) this psychiatrist diagnosed me with an anxiety dissorder and with a difficulty coming to terms with my mothers death i was like "you get paid HOW MUCH to come up with that?!" I didn't actually say it but i was thinking it!
Anyway i asked about the learning difficulties and ADHD. His response was basically that if you have LD'S or anything like that you are completely incapable, unable to behave like an adult and basically need a nappy and a bib....then he admitted he knew nothing about LD's or ADHD. I then asked him to write to my GP, he had said in our first meeting that he would, requesting a referal to a specialist. This time he denied saying anything of the sort, and also refused to write any letters at all. The "help" he offered was a photocopy of an A4 sheet on anxiety dissorders. That was it.
I went back to my GP and told him what had happened, he was amazed and thought it was disgusting, he asked what i felt my problems were, i listed ADHD as one of them and he talked through it with me and agree's with me. He said he would write to the PCT himself and try to get me to the Maudsley for specialist help.
A while later i got a letter from my PCT saying that my case was "fascinating" but that they do not have a policy of funding any treatment for ADHD, i've spoken to special needs teachers in my area and they have told me that getting help for children with the condition is almost impossible too.
My GP bless him has put ADHD down as a diagnosis, but i don't know how helpful this will be as i presume you need to be a specialist to diagnose it.
I really want some help because i am finding it impossible to cope with the practicalities of life and am getting more and more in a hole, with bailifs sending nasty letters, trouble with benefits etc.
I feel i need the help of social services but i have no idea how.
Sorry to ramble on like this, i'm just getting so frustrated and i feel there must be stuff i should be doing but feel far too overwhelmed to even start to think how to do it.
So, any ideas?

08-21-06, 05:57 AM
I found it very difficult to get a diagnosis.

I first suggested to a Doctor when I was 20, that I believed I had ADHD. He dismissed it and said that if didn't effect adults.

Then when I was 22, I was receiving treatment for depression, I suggested to the CPN, that it was related to my having ADHD, which my brother had been diagnosed with. The CPN then spent forty minutes making making me feel stupid...

Then when started university, I went to the local GP surgery, told the Doctor I could not concentrate in lectures, she told me I couldn't have ADHD, as I was in University, but eventually referred me to the mental health team...

This time I saw a social worker, who said that I should just deal with it, as I didn't have depression, he also said I didn't want any "drugs". He also implied I was failing my degree because I was stupid - not that I was failing it, I was receiving on average, B's and C's.

Then I thought maybe I had dyslexia, and that was what caused my problems. so I referred myself to the university dyslexia unit, and I told them of my problems. I was screened for both ADHD and Dyslexia, and then referred to an Educational Psychologist (cost the uni 300 pounds), who spent three hours giving me all sorts of tests. She said I didn't have Dyslexia (although I had some traits), but she said it was clear that I had ADHD.

She said she had never in her career met anyone with it before, but she said that was because relatively few ADD'ers make it to university.

So this time, I took her report back to a different GP, who was very understanding and knowledgable of ADHD. He also asked, off the record, if I took illigal drugs, as it was common for adult ADD'er to self medicate, in this way.

He then referred me to a psychiatrist. He also said that the mental health team I went to, was not a very good unit, anyway.

Three months later, I saw the psychiatrist, whose first question was, with a huge grin " you think you have ADHD, why is this?".

I then handed him the psychologists report, which I knew he could not ignore. Now, two months after that appoinment, I have a diagnosis and am just starting on a new type of med - Reboxatine. Which, has not really helped my concentration, but my head seems to be a lot less chatty now and I sleep better. And me and my girlfriend are argueing less! Although I have only been on it for, four days, at the lowest dose (4mg). I am seeing him again in six weeks, after I return from backpacking in Hungary, and before uni starts.

It has taken me a long time to get recognised, but as soon as I got the diagnosis, I felt instantly happier. But, I am quite sure, without that psychologists report, I would not have been taken seriously.

08-21-06, 09:24 AM
I started this process in June. I had no patience or desire to get involved in this "ADHD doesn't exist" or "you couldn't possibly have ADHD" business, so I went to my GP and told her that I was seeking a private referral and would she be willing to sign the forms etc.

Just got on the books of a private clinic and hopefully things will progress from here.

08-21-06, 03:40 PM
i'm now going through the process of getting disability living allowance..
Dore.. with whom i have just started treatment have produced an excellant 40 page document to help adhders fill out the dla forms..
dla is a benefit that we are entitled to..
so we should all get it.
i got turned down at the first stage.. which is apparently quite normal..
it now goes to a tribunal.. which apparently should say yes.

I am also currently waiting the pct to agree to fund for the maudsley

am currently self funding dore.. but the dla will cover it when that starts.

in the mean times.. my debts spiral... new relationships start and crumble
etc etc...

09-06-06, 04:53 PM
I was referred to psychiatrists at 14 by my school for "ongoing behavioural problems". I never went to my appts. From then to now (aged 26) I have been in and out of the psychiatric services with no idea what was wrong with me.

For 6 weeks (but not the last 3 weeks) I have been seeing the CPN for "anxiety issues, OCD symptoms, tics and failing in uni".. he reffered me to a neuropsychiatrist, my appointment was today. He took a detailed history, went through the criteria with me and told me I have ADHD. I got prescribed some drugs and thats that.

So it took from the time I suspected something like ADHD myself (some 6 weeks ago) to today to get diagnosed.. quick and easy for me.. I guess I was sort of lucky.. although the fact remains that I have probably been AHDH for most of my life and it just wasn't picked up till now hence the frequent psychiatric referrals.

The main reason I was sent to the CPN was the fact that I am in university myself, and I was failing abominably.. but I was failing work placement more than the academic stuff. My academic marks ranged greatly from a really good A to a just scrape a pass D depending on how interesting I found the subject. On the work placements I was found to be "lazy", disinterested, have poor concentration, irritable etc.. etc.. you know the drill :S

Anyway... I guess if you are finding it hard to get answers.. just keep trying... it is terrible how it takes some of us longer than others to get diagnosed and treatment.

10-19-06, 05:07 PM
This is my first post,went to GP today with all the info regarding 101 AD/HD,Went there when i was 21yrs old and also 2 years ago,each time i go GP's say i'm stressed and depressed,which to me wasnt the case.Now i'm 35 and still can't concentrate and procrasternate all the time.
Have got a follow up appointment next week for a memory test and then a blood test the followin,really considering failing the memory test on purpose and turning up with a pair of white Y front pants on my head and two pencils stuffed up my nostrels!
Is this normal for Uk Gp's to do this?
I only want to be refered,i'm so frustrated with this situation!Once i have done both tests, i might get refered to a psychiatrists,which is really anoying,as i have found an Adult AD/HD testin centre,which is only 30 minutes away from me,the only thing is you have to be referred there by a GP.Anyhow for the timebeing i'll will try to remain optimistic.
Any advice would be handy.

10-21-06, 04:28 PM
I would like to tell you a positive story of diagnosis in the UK on the NHS. . I initially thought that I had some kind of early onset dementia, having been to my doctor on several occasions throughout the years complaining about my appalling memory. He had variosly diagnosed depression/anxiety and prescribed anti anxiety drugs, (which did absolutley no good at all) I would then give up for a year or so, carry on muddling through..Then .. when I forgot my 7 yr old daughter, leaving here at home whilst I went out for a 2.5 hr walk with the other 2 kids - I decided something had to change . I trawled the web and came across the symptoms of ADD. It was a complete revelation, EVERY criteria applied to me. I printed off the list and took it to my GP. He didn't laugh ( the biggest worry of the whole process), instead he referred me to a local Psychiatrist. I saw him 2 weeks later and had about an hour and half interview. They really focussed on memory and didn't think that I had a particular problem. It took some explaining that actually its my concentration that has the time span of a gnat !. This Psych referred me to another Psych (a professor !) again all about memory - but he referred back to the original.. who convinced that I wasn't becoming demented.. referred to The Adult ADD unit at the Maudsley. BINGO !!!!. Got my appointment and assesment date in Sept, and diagnosed with inattentive type ADD with concentration span of max 5-10 mins. Now being bounced around a bit to sort out the meds. Its 6 weeks since the Diagnosis and I have had to have numerous tests to check that the meds are safe. (I take thyroxine - a stimulant type of medication for thyroid) so Concerta/Ritalin not an option - instead I am starting Strattera on 25th Oct. I started this trail on 8th Feb so its been a fairly long haul.. but worth it. My GP is not overly up on ADD but at least he kept an open mind. For info I live in West Kent area of UK

10-22-06, 10:11 AM
Brillant news Sarac,i can really relate to you regarding being diagnoised about depression,muddling through,unable to concentrate and discovering the web,with all that information about AD/HD,it truley is a revelation! I too also inattentive type via the web adhd sites.
How did your GP,respond to you giving the AD/HD printed info?I had loads but found it very hard to get the information across,my GP didn't seem interested,like i was tellin the GP to such eggs!How on earth can you tell a person that your brain is inattentive?i'm finding it very tricky as i do have a good memory,people have always remarked how do you remember that?and you have a good memory!and to be honest i dont remember or think,words just come out my mouth automaticly,which i dont remember saying or why,but 90% of the time my answers to a someone asking are spot on!
It must be a standard practise for GP's in the uk to immediately to ask patiences whether they are depressed!And i am convinced that there must be more than the 6% of popultion showing signs of ad/dh types,i see it everyday in everyone i meet.So why do GP's seem to dismiss it and have little knowledge on ad/hd.
Glad your GP had an open mind and very happy for you that finally you are about to start your medication.
Let us know how things go,good luck and thanks for sharing your positive story.

01-07-07, 09:53 PM
Wow! Positive stories about the NHS at last!

My husband's GP did not want to touch this issue and sent my husband to a psychiatrist. The psychiatrist however was an awful self-righteous and conceited person who mocked my husband and refused to consider the extensive treatment he had received in the US. Yes, my husband has a proper diagnosis and history of successful used of ADHD medication by a great psychiatrist in the US, but it is like it has never existed!!

He will go back to the GP, armed with a copy of his psychiatric history and UK articles on the topic (BBC has just done a a little news piece on it TODAY by the way!). If she denies treatment or referral to a ADHD specialist, he will just find another GP.

We were looking so much forward to move to the UK, but this issue alone and the arrogance and lack of respect with which my husband has received makes us wish we had never come! Denying my husband of treatment is taking a huge toll in his personal and professional life.

What a disgrace that the UK is in the middle ages about this! I am baffled at what the OP was told about adult adhd just being "LAZY" I have a few choice words to use about them, but none of them are appropriate to post :mad:

02-18-07, 03:51 PM
hi all
this is my first post. I'm in the process of trying to get a formal diagnosis. I've had the symptoms for years and never known why I was so different to everyone else. Purely by accident I found the article on the BBC website describing adult ADD and went from there.

I know I have the condition, my wife realises it too now, but there's no chance of getting anything out of the NHS, I've been in and out of various therapists long enough to realise that, so I'm going private.......which the doctor doesn't like but i've just screwed up in my dream job by losing the rag with the top suit, so depite procrastination, lack of energy and disorganisation I'm going to kick the door until I get a response.

It would be great to have a name of someone who knows about this that i could take to my doctor.

Thanks kilted

02-18-07, 08:36 PM
Hi everyone,

My experience is also positive (well eventually it was anyway).:) I was tested for dyslexia at university as I got so tired of my reading problems and awful concentration etc. I was diagnosed 'severely' dyslexic. The Education Pych. discussed ADHD with me and I went through the doctor/psychiatrist/maudsley route which took around 6 months all in all. My doctor was great, although he knew very little about it. The psychiatrist rather reluctantly reffered me to the Maudsley and told me that few adults were ever diagnosed. He warned me not to expect anything as it was more likely that I was feeling like I was because of the breakdown of my marriage and difficulties I'd had in my life......doh?! What?! I came out of there feeling so deflated and began to doubt myself big time. Anyway, I was diagnosed with ADD...there wasn't any doubt. Innatentive type - nothing I didn't expect as I think you just know these things. It was a relief, but I have been struggling to find the right dose of concerta and ritalin so not got there yet, but well on the way.
What a struggle. I have 4 children and 1 was diagnosed 2 years ago. This was what got me thinking about myself. I'm 45 by the way and in the Surrey area.

02-19-07, 07:42 AM
hi all
this is my first post. I'm in the process of trying to get a formal diagnosis. I've had the symptoms for years and never known why I was so different to everyone else. Purely by accident I found the article on the BBC website describing adult ADD and went from there.

I know I have the condition, my wife realises it too now, but there's no chance of getting anything out of the NHS, I've been in and out of various therapists long enough to realise that, so I'm going private.......which the doctor doesn't like but i've just screwed up in my dream job by losing the rag with the top suit, so depite procrastination, lack of energy and disorganisation I'm going to kick the door until I get a response.

It would be great to have a name of someone who knows about this that i could take to my doctor.

Thanks kilted

HI I am living in Scotland and was diagosed and recieve medication through the NHS however medication is all I get, no other service, but seeing what others say about the NHS I am very lucky to get that. There are very few experts on adult ADHD in Scotland, it really depends where abouts in Scotland you live, up here in the north no chance, central belt, prop more chance. Oh I had to see a neuro-psychologist to get a diagnoses so you could ask GP to see one hope this helps.

03-04-07, 10:04 AM
Hi Folks

Still nothing from the GP, I'm trying Clinical Hypnotherapy for some of the more annoying yet minor symptoms. The Hypnotherapist also knows Cognitive Behavioural Therapy as well so thats sort of in the mix too.

Too early too tell if its working......but I can now wear a suit without my skin crawling!

Interested in all the "Self medication" type posts on the main board.....I had a serious alcohol problem for years but have recently had to cut right down.....I tried marijuana and it calmed me down but I got paranoid dreams so I'm sort of slowly spinning out of control as all my coping mechanisms are being knocked away.

FYI I'm in the Central Belt.

03-14-07, 02:16 AM
I thought I had put something on here ages ago. Must have got distracted... :p

Anyway, I got diagnosed in September 2005 and have been on Concerta since October of that year. I am 30 years old.

My story is similar to kinddog's one, having got diagnosed with Dyslexia at university and discovering I had ADHD later.

Here's the short version in the form of an outline

My background: History of chronic lateness, messiness, procrastination since childhood at school. Left school aged 16 (1993). Struggled to hold down jobs and manage time, money and personal space ever since.
Diagnosed with dyslexia at Universty aged 24 (August 2001)
Nervous breakdown (August 2004) During a stay at mother-in-law's to recover, she suggests ADHD. She is an Educational Psychologist.
I ask my doctor to investigate possibility of ADHD. Dismissed first time. Second doctor in same practice agrees to refer me to Psychiatrist (August 2004).
A year long shuffle (2 doctors, 4 different psychiatrists, 1 clinical psychologist + an IQ test and an EEG scan; ADHD repeatedly dismissed by ALL of them on the basis that "adults generally don't get ADHD" or "you have intelligence, therefore can't have ADHD" implying ADHD = low IQ??)
Told there is nothing they can do for me and that I definitely do not have ADHD. (July 2005) Reluctantly referred for a "second opinion" to the Adult ADHD Clinic in Cambridge
I get sent a large survey. I struggle to get it done quickly (typical ADHD symptoms) I get sent a nasty letter after a few weeks threatening to discharge me for not cooperating (not from the ADHD clinic, from the psychiatrist)
Eventually get to see specialist at the clinic. Promtly diagnosed with ADHD-Inattentive, apparently a classic case (September 2005)
Started medication (Concerta) in October 2005. Medication helps me to think clearly and speak more fluently, but still struggling with procrastination and time management. Psychiatrists refer me back to my (new) GP. Psychiatrist not interested in offering any further help now they have given me some medication.
Now appealing for Primary Care Trust funding for ADHD coaching or similar therapy. I have never been offered any form of CBT or councelling.
Reflections on my experience:
An adult seeking a diagnosis for ADHD in the UK faces an uphill battle. Psychiatrists still seem to carry certain prejudices about ADHD, believing it to be only a childhood condition, or assuming that hyperactivity is always the defining factor. I do not think that the name of the disorder helps at all.

Now I have been diagnosed, I am feeling some of the benefits of the medication, but I have been offered nothing else in the way of support. Now I have the tablets, the psychiatrists have left me high and dry. The medication has helped a bit, but they do not deal with all the symptoms or help me deal with a lifetime of bad habits. My doctor is sympathetic, but says he is not given the option of offering me CBT or coaching, which would help a great deal. He is investigating possibilities of having this changed.

One of the prime difficulties for people with ADHD can be lateness and forgetting appointments, and it is shocking how quick the institutions are to exclude you from their services if you happen to struggle in these areas. On more than one occasion, I was treated as a time-waster when I was late or had forgotten an appointment. It is tantamount to disability discrimination.

I already suspected that I might have ADHD when I first approached my doctor. I was dismissed repeatedly by a succession of psychiatrists. Imagine how hard it must be for a person who is experiencing similar difficulties not knowing they may have a condition that is treatable. My experience tells me that doctors and even psychiatrists are not equipped to recognise ADHD. If I were not lucky enough to have married someone whose mother is trained to recognise the condition, I dread to think where I would be now.

I am in Suffolk. Other areas may be different.

Sorry for being so long-winded. I just hope someone will be encouraged to know they are not alone. The message? Don't expect it to be easy, but most of all, DON'T give up!

03-16-07, 04:18 PM
Just had a letter from my GP they have tried private and NHS and failed to find anyone with experience of Adult they've refered me to the community mental health nurse....great!

Any names of doctors jimmib??

03-29-07, 08:11 AM

This says it is a national service, but I do not know whether national means the whole of the UK or just England.

Ask to be referred directly to them. It is one of only two adult ADHD clinics in the country and the other one is in Addenbrookes Hospital, Cambridge. Although this is where I received my own diagnosis, I do not have a website address for them.

If they say no, ask them why not. Let us know what happens.

03-29-07, 08:35 AM
Ask if they have anyone who looks after head injury? ADHD and ABI (acquired brain injury) are similar in some of their symptoms.

Both affect Executive Function of the Frontal Lobe.

08-30-07, 01:34 PM
It took me about a year, knowing my facts and my rights and a lot of perseverence to get my dx at the ripe old age of 35 at the Maudsley earlier this year.
I only suspected adhd when I stumbled across something about it a few years previously on the net. I was gobsmacked and did as many online diagnostic tests as I could and I fit avery criteria. I had been on citalopram for years about six. I had had a terrible school experience. When I was young I was constantly under achievieving and despite haveing an iq in the top 5% ended up being expelled from two schools. Whilst I was young I was very daydreamy but as I got older I became more impulsive. I stole everything that wasn't tied down even two horses and a sheep. Which got me in the local press. I was a walking timebomb you never knew what I was going to do next.

My first port of call was my gp and I told her the whole story. She then refferred me to my pschiatrist who met me. Did an evaluation and agreed with him that Although I do have emotional problems, there was something underlying this. I had to tell him strongly that I wanted a referral to the adult adhd section at the Maudsley and agreed to go along with the psychoanalysis as well. Which I don't doubt would help me as well.
After much nagging and phoing and insisting I eventually got my refferal.
Lo and behold I got a dx.
So it is possible to get diagnozed on the nhs. It has taken a year from first going to the gp to getting dx and meds.

Hi to all you UK adhders.
Sorry to ramble on

10-03-07, 08:15 PM
Hi all,

I was planning to ask for advice about treatment in the UK, but I see that there is no hope to get anything out of the NHS in less than 6 months to 1 year. Great! So that's how we're being treated when we're desperate for help, about to quit yet another job because we can't focus and our life is falling apart.
Like many inattentive ADDers I wasted half my life not knowing what was wrong with me, so a few months shouldn't matter, but damn, life is short and how can anyone say they had a positive experience with the NHS if they had to wait a year to get a diagnostic?:confused: I think it's so typical in this third world country where people are happy to take any abuse without ever complaining. Of course it's easy for the NHS to reject people with inattentive ADD, they don't cause much trouble around them....

Similar story for me. I discovered I had ADD a few months ago, knowing NHS was useless, I tried to get private treatment through a private GP. He referred me to a private psychiatrist. That cost me 180 pounds to talk to this guy who was yawning at me for an hour. After several weeks not hearing from him, I go and see him again, pay another 120 pounds for 10 minutes, asking for an affordable way to get a diagnostic, but then I had to call again several times until I got contact details to get this done. To my surprise, the clinic wanted to charge me 850 pounds for a 2 hour assessment. I asked if there were brain scans or anything needing expensive equipment, but no, it's just for sitting for 2 hours filling out forms. Wtf?!?!? I had sinus surgery for much less than that! They probably would even tell me I have no ADD because I am able to fill out those forms without problems. I got the best grades of my year at uni so theres no chance they will believe me anyway.
Ok then I try to go through NHS... first GP I see tells me that ADD does not exist in adults, and in any case, I managed to get an university diploma and am working full time, so there is no way I could have ADD. I immediately make an appointment with another GP, luckily a very friendly and competent guy who tries to refer me. after weeks of waiting, he finally managed to book me an appointment... so I apparently am on a waiting list... to get a pre-assessment! If I'm lucky I will get this done in 2-3 months, and then there is a panel of experts who are going to decide if I deserve some help and if yes, will put me on another waiting list that will also take at least 3 months.....

Luckily I have a great private GP who after weeks of hesitation, finally agreed to try some medication on me. I tried strattera for a few weeks but it almost killed me, and now I'm on Concerta which helps focus but made me into a zombie... I am very grateful that I can do my job again, able to focus on all those boring little tasks with phones ringing all around me, and instead of being an useless idiot about to get fired, I'm now among the best in my team. Unfortunately I absolutely hate everything else, not interested in seing people, meeting friends, dont want to work out anymore, just want to be ALONE all the time. Can't imagine doing holidays or even to have a girlfriend. I guess I need different medication better suited to my ADD type but cant go back to my private GP every week asking for some other kind of class-A drugs! Anyway he thinks I'm depressed and should start taking Prozac if Concerta doesnt work for me.
I guess I will have to wait til next year til my private insurance allows me new treatment, unless I figure out an easier way that I can afford. Not sure why I'm posting this, I have no hope that anyone here will have a solution for us poor *******s who live in the UK.

Thanks for the great forum btw, found some useful information and inspiration on here. Shame there isn't a separate section for inattentive ADD though, it's a totally different condition than hyperactivity. Different symptoms, different problems, probably different meds... It won't help things get better for PI-ADD people, probably it will be many years til we won't need to waste months of useless treatment because we're simply classified as hyperactive or depressed or whatnot...:faint:

Take care, wish you all good luck!

10-04-07, 04:02 AM
My husband called the local ADHD support group (found the number online) and got the name of a psychiatrist specialized in ADHD!! Yes, the guy works with children primarily, but he is aware that by far most children with ADHD don't simply "grow out of it" like the NHS likes to believe. So he also treats adults!

It cost my husband 300 pounds to see him, but it was a 2 hour long assessment and he now has the medication he so desperately needed! It is like the difference between night and day for him and he is so happy!

He will see the guy again briefly next month to check how the meds are going, but the psychiatrist wrote an assessment to our NHS GP who will from then on be the one prescribing and monitoring the medication. So no need for more than one expensive follow up with the psychiatrist, unless DH feels he has to.

So honestly, I think spending about 500 pounds (300 last month + about 150 next), though a lot for our little budget, was worth it! It was either that, or DH risk losing his job and suffering yet another year with ADHD.

I hate the NHS! :mad:

10-04-07, 02:24 PM
MrsHaupt Would you mind putting the psychaitrists name on my Adult ADHD Assessment thread. One of the real hassles I had was finding the names and contact details of those diagnosing Adult ADHD as opposed to child/adolescent ADHD.


10-04-07, 02:50 PM
Done!! :D

11-01-07, 06:13 PM
Smarky- when you say the doctor told you to go away, who do you mean ? Your GP ? There aren't any doctors answering calls on NHS direct. You ring someone who isn't medically trained and if necessary a nurse rings you back.

Loversinc- why should we all get disability living allowance. If you believe American epidemiology then 5-10% of the population would be on it. Whos going to pay for it ?
According to the goverment website "You may be able to get Disability Living Allowance if you are aged under 65 and you have needed help with personal care or had walking difficulties because of a physical or mental disability for three months and you are likely to need this help or have these difficulties for at least another six months"
Each case I suppose should be taken on its own merit although I doubt ADHD will qualify.