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11-27-04, 03:49 PM
I'm an adult living in the Burnsville area and am positive I have ADD and have had it most of my life. When I was young (I'm 41 now) we didn't have a clue what ADD was and so I was a "problem student" because it was so hard to pay attention. I wasn't "slow" by any means and always scored very high on testing. It just wasn't challenging enough for me so I eventually dropped out and later went on to college.

About 10 years ago I was raising a step-son who was diagnosed with ADD and was put on a generic form of Ritalin. It helped him a great deal and after a while he grew out of it. After reviewing all the literature I came to the logical conclusion I had ADD as a child and continued to experience all the symptoms as an adult. At the time I thought it was something kids could grow out of and didn't know it could continue into adulthood. I figured something must be wrong with me as I still had the same symptoms. Most of the time I feel like I have a million things going at once, cannot organize and prioritize them. I can't finish projects and scored very positive on the screening on the Adult ADD website.

At the time my wife suggested I talk to the doctor about my possible ADD but I felt too self-conscious about it. I did - at her insistence - try my step-son's meds on several occasions. I don't drink or do any other drugs so this was a difficult decision for me but I was getting desperate so I gave it a try and it was amazing - The difference was like night and day! I was able to complete projects at work, could sit through meetings without fidgeting or feeling the need to bolt from the room. I could stay on task and best of all, I could actually remember things! I am horrible at remembering names, phone numbers and meetings. I'm so bad at it that I depend entirely on my cell phone, PDA and Outlook to keep me on schedule. I felt uncomfortable continuing the meds because though I believed I did have ADD they were not prescribed for me.

Now I need help and cannot deny it any longer. It has affected my work and I have actually lost jobs because of it (Lacks ability to organize and prioritize work). I'm in a new position doing technical support that requires remembering a LOT of information and I'm finding I cannot and it's difficult to sit through the training. I can't keep track of follow up issues and other information. I'm also a writer and artist and it even affects that part of me. I am scared to death I'm going to lose my job and have decided to put aside my self-consciousness and feelings of being "flawed" and seek help.

The problem is I don't have insurance and not a lot of money as I'm just getting back on my feet. Are there any doctors in the area that would treat me and help with this problem that do not charge a lot? Also, how much is a prescription for something like Ritalin or a generic version? Are there any good "natural" remedies available over the counter?

Any help would be greatly appreciated and as soon as possible.

Thanks you all and happy holidays!

11-27-04, 06:35 PM
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