View Full Version : Warm up 2: University of Turbochica descripions

07-03-12, 07:13 PM
Use as few or as many of these items to write a paragraph

1. campfire

2. moonlit night

3. guitar

4. friends , dog or horse

6. clock

7. humor- laughter

8. popcorn

9. smores


11. fireflies

07-04-12, 09:24 AM
I ran quickly back to the kitchen for the ingredients, tossed them in a sack and ran back to the CAMPFIRE. I could smell he fresh popped POPCORN, hear the crackle of the fire. The embers glowed with a pulsating orange heat from within.
The laughter of my FRIENDS wafted around in the air. As I looked up at he stars on this MOONLIT night, I thought, how thankful I am to be here.

07-04-12, 03:20 PM
It was a cool MOONLIT
night alone me and him...
A Spanish GUITAR strummed in the distance
and the sound of LAUGHTER drifted around between FRIENDS.
The CAMPFIRE crackled and the smell of SMORES filled our
We danced like lovers entwined around each other.
Suddenly a CLOCK in the distance struck twelve and he disapeared out off sight on a jet black HORSE.
My heart raced as i quickly ran after him, but all i could see were the footprints in the sand and the FIREFLIES...........

07-04-12, 03:39 PM
It was a moonlit night as we sat down around the campfire with our friends. Just for once the clock stood still as we told questionable jokes which were in such bad taste that only the dog laughed as if he was choking on smores.

The screeching sound of a guitar being played badly tore the silence apart and chased away the fireflies and made our ear drums pop like popcorn.

8. popcorn

07-07-12, 05:53 PM
Use as few or as many of these items to write a paragraph...

"He is hung like a horse!" She mumbled at last, her mouth still full of an unfinished smore. Drewbacca, who had been previously playing Popcorn on his guitar attempted to hide his face in the shadow of the camper. "No use in hiding like a cowardly dog," she said. "No one can see the red on your face in this campfire light anyways," she continued, as the moonlit night was filled with the sound of the friends' laughter. However, their humor was soon interrupted when an unusual cat, which glowed like a firefly, asked "has anyone here seen a hare with a clock this night?"

07-07-12, 06:01 PM
It was a clear, silent, moonlit night. The bow of the boat cut through the water like butter, and as it sliced, the diatoms glittered and sparkled like aquatic fireflies. The factory buildings loomed in the distance, the refinery looking like trees,the steel tresses nestled underneath like a large horse. And here, in this moment, the hustle and bustle of the city receded leaving us alone, silence our most cherished friend.