View Full Version : Warm up 3: University of Turbochica walk and observe then write

07-03-12, 07:16 PM
Look out your window, take a walk along the beach, in your neighborhood, at the mall at the library etc.. and really pay attention to what your senses take in

what you
what you think as your a observing

and write as much or as little as you can/want to

07-03-12, 09:37 PM
It's interesting that you created this thread, Turbo, because I was doing EXACTLY this on a long walk this morning, and I realized that the best way to stay in my right brain was to listen and touch and smell. If I stayed focused on those senses, I would get to the point where I could observe and think without words running through my head.

Not sure if that makes sense. It just turned out that focusing on the visual ends up linked to verbal for me. If I thought about what I saw, I ended up describing it to myself. If, instead, I thought about those other things, I didn't hear words. I was a lot more "present" then. And I could even OPT, by the end of it, to observe sights without words. But I had to start with focusing on the sounds and smells and physical sensations.

07-03-12, 11:18 PM
There is so much we miss in the fast paced life that seems to be all to easy to get into.I find that when I am focusing in these things I enjoy where I am , what I am doing more then usual. I like to sit outside on a damp cool night or look at the star filled sky, sit by a crackling fire or listen to the frogs and peeps croaking and singing away. It's like trying to see it all for the first time :)