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07-04-12, 05:18 PM
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I'm sure this has been brought up before here at ADD forums, but programs in mobile devices can be a godsend for many of us struggling with the challenges of AD/HD.

When I got my iPod touch a couple of years ago, Tigg hooked me up with a an excellent 2do app from Guided Ways Technologies called 2Do: Tasks Done in Style. It truly is an excellent tool (with outstanding support form the devs), but over the many moths I have used it, it has not been as effective for me as I had hoped. In a nutshell, it has too many options for a person like me.

After playing with many apps and continually discovering that simpler is better, I thought it would be cool to post my favorite apps for managing my inattentive AD/HD. Here they are:

1. Way of Life
from Lars Arendt
It's a little pricy, and still does not have iPad support or iCloud syncing at this time, but Way of Life happens to be an ultra useful tool for tracking habits. It is very simple: input something you want to track (Eating Fruit for example) and each and every day press a yes or no button to show if you have done it or not. I cannot tell you how motivated I often am to get a green box (success for the day) on each and every one of the twenty-one habits I am currently trying to form or break.

2. Clear
from Realmac Software Ltd.
An extremely simple an elegant 2do app with a visually engaging interface. There are no alarms to set, no email reminders to check off, no start or due dates, and no subnotes. You just make a list, drag and drop the items to establish a priority system (denoted by a cool fading color scheme), then go. I recommend setting the app badge to count whichever list you have open. App badges irritate me because I like a clean interface, so they make an excellent motivator. The dev is working on iPad support and iCloud syncing.

3. Mind Jogger
from Patrick Fata
You ever set alarms to remind you of things, but unintentionally ignore them because you are used to the same alarm going off every day at the same time? Yeah, me too. Go with this app then. It's cheap and serves a simple yet very useful purpose for us AD/HDers: it reminds you to do something at a random time within a time block that you set. For example, one of my reminders is to "drink water." I set Mind Jogger to remind me six times between 10am to 8pm, and it gives me those six reminders at random times. VERY useful. Hey, and it just went off as I was typing this! *gulp gulp* :D

4. Minuets to Go
from Neuron Industries Inc.
A countdown timer app that posts the hours/minuets remaining as an app badge on its desktop icon. This is one of the apps I keep docked on my bottom bar (along with Clear and Way of Life). When I need to get something done (Okay,'re going to read that pharmacology book uninterrupted for at least 45mins!) this is my go to app. If I get distracted and feel like pulling out of whatever I am doing, I just look at that badge and remind myself that I can screw off in La-La Land after I bunker down and get that last 16mins of reading finished!

5. iThoughts HD
from Craig Scott
Mind mapping for the iPad. It has a companion app for the iPod/iPhone, but I really didn't get the full benefits out of this program until I got my iPad. If you are is visual learner/thinker like I am (and many of us with AD/HD are) then mind mapping may be useful for you when organizing your ideas or planning complex projects. The downside to this one is the dev charges for both the HD version and the iPod/iPhone version, so if you like it as much as I do, you have to drop $16 on the whole deal.

6. Waterlogged
from Shadel Software, Inc.
More useful for some than for others, Waterlogger is a simple an cleanly designed water tracking tool. Put in what you want to drink every day and then log each time you drink. I use this in conjunction with Way of Life. When I hit my 64oz of water (and/or tea) for the day, I click off a successful water day in Way of Life.

So do these app cure me of my procrastination as distractions? Hell no, but they often help, and I hope some of them might help you too; especially my big four!

07-05-12, 01:44 PM
Interesting that you mention this because I just recently installed alarm clock programs into my laptop. Now I feel more aware of time.

02-20-13, 02:02 AM
Are all these for ipods or can they be used on computers too?

ana futura
02-20-13, 02:14 AM
This is of course assuming you can find your phone/ mobile device or keep it charged. Is there an app for that? :rolleyes:

I am jealous of people that can use smartphones well. I do better with a mini calendar/ planner and pen, because it's a simple, tangible object. It's easier for me to interact with. Still, I'm not great with it. I lose it and I still forget about things all the time. I wish I could use something like a phone, but it seems too complicated (even if it isn't), and I never keep the battery charged.