View Full Version : Erratic sleeping hours

07-08-12, 02:01 PM
I'm on disability, so I don't work, though I do a lot of unpaid work and always have a million writing projects going. I'm an insomniac, so I only sleep when I take my med to fall asleep.

Lately I've been finding myself getting carried away with projects late at night and then staying up until 5 or 6 AM working on them. Which feels great, in a way, to be so focused on something good and to be doing so much writing. (On a "normal" night, I go to bed between 1-2 and get up between 9-10.)

I know that with depression, my biggest mental health issue, having a sleeping/waking schedule is said to be very important. Do you think it's as important in ADD? Or is it more important to listen to your biorhythms and go with them?