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11-28-04, 07:50 PM
Morning Dew

Grass cries from the heat of the day

Suffering in silence,

Internal decay.

But God was kind and heard your plea

And sent the morning dew you see.

Without a word He feels your strain

The endless days you pray for rain.

Your tears dry up upon your cheek

As thunder wakes you from your sleep.

You felt as though you were alone

An inside job where no one roams.

But God was there before grass cried

He checked you out way deep inside.

Thunder roars with great intent

As rain falls hard on grass thatís bent,

Then slowly silence follows through

When rainbows stretch in front of you.

And all the things you felt before

Seemed smaller now than did before.

The grass does not cry anymore

Itís bigger than it was before

Godís great love for all heals.