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07-09-12, 11:37 PM
Looking for a free budgeting app for my Android. Must be stupidly simple.

By stupidly simple I mean math learning disability, never figured out spread sheets, money confuses me, have very very basic budget, don't need multiple bank accounts, don't even have a credit card. I just want to enter how much I get paid each Friday and what must get paid each month and it does the rest. No bells or whistles. Any suggestions?

Yeah, most apps I've tried so far still make you do the math and distribution of funds. I need something that does that for me. I'll keep trying different apps. *sigh*

Not a ledger, there's plenty of apps that work that way. I need something that actually does the math for me. If X amount comes in each week and X amount must to go this and that each month, this is how much of each weekly pay to set aside for this and that, and this is how much will be left over. That sort of thing.

Of course, being paid weekly means that some months you get paid 4 times, some months 5 times and some months 3 times, which gets even more confusing.

I've tried
Easy Envelope Budget Aid: Sync
And another one but I can't recall the name.
They are a little too feature heavy and so far expect me to do the distribution and math.

I make $500 every Friday after deductions. There's 5 Fridays in august and 4 in September.

Rent must be in the bank on the last day on the month, it's $650.

How much of each pay cheque do I set aside to make the rent?

This is the sort of thing I need to know.

07-10-12, 02:04 AM
have you tried I'm sure they have an app by now too. My husband uses it (I am no allowed to do finances anymore :lol:)

07-10-12, 02:15 AM
have you tried I'm sure they have an app by now too. My husband uses it (I am no allowed to do finances anymore :lol:)

they do have an app and its free. also check out manilla for reminders with paying bills

12-18-12, 04:58 PM
Budgeting is about decisions. You cannot get software that makes the decisions for you, because it will make the wrong ones. This is the type of situation where you need a friend who's comfortable with this stuff, not an app. If your situation is really as simple as you say, you will owe your friend a coffee every month, not your first-born. :)

12-18-12, 05:11 PM
Just dont use anything that asks you for bank information. Mint had a hacker mess up clients a while ago. I dont recommend them.

12-18-12, 05:35 PM
Just dont use anything that asks you for bank information.
Having any kind of money application, on the computer (or the phone, the tablet, or anything) that knows your bank account information would be very attractive and extremely dangerous. Don't do it. They will make you sign something saying if your money is mismanaged or stolen it's not their fault. It's that old saying about how a computer lets you make all the same mistakes only a thousand times faster. :(

12-18-12, 06:12 PM
RHW, here's what I'd suggest.

Set up two bank accounts, one checking, and one savings.

Figure out the total PER YEAR that you pay for regular expenses, at a minimum. So $650 x 12 = $7,800 per year in rent.

If you get paid every week, then you need $7,800/52 = $150 to go out of each paycheck into the savings account. Then move $650 into the checking account from the savings account just before the date that the rent is due. You can set the rent on auto-pay, and the transfers on auto-transfer, and then you won't "see" that money in your checking account, and you'll only spend what you have.

Do that for a few other monthly expenses, then adjust your discretionary spending around it.