View Full Version : Anyone have success using Dr. Amen techniques or supplements??

07-12-12, 02:25 PM
I read some of Dr. Amen's books "Change your brain, change your life" and some others. He mentioned for ADD/ADHD to use supplements like LTyrosine and such, and i was wondering if anyone who has read his books and tried any of the "supplemental recommendations" instead of perscribed medications, have you had any significant changes or gotten off perscribed meds successfully?

I am very scared to use perscribed drugs as well as it being super expensive. So I'm just curious if "alternatives/supplements" are a reality or will I just be S.O.L. and have to take perscription meds to get through this life with a clear , but medicated, mind?

07-12-12, 02:54 PM
So far, no supplement is validated as therapeutic for ADHD. The only possible exception is Omega 3 or fish oil. There is evidence that it may be beneficial for some but not all.

Other than that, unless there is a medical deficiency in some substance they really do not do much good.

There is nothing wrong in taking supplements to promote general health. Keeping the health level up is beneficial in dealing with ADHD and really most things in life. If your overall health is good you are better equipped to cope with whatever comes your way. Bad health can make it much more difficult.

On a note on Amen, his work on types of ADHD has not been replicated. What this means is that we do not know if he is on to anything or not and his work has been of little impact in the research involved with ADHD.

Note this does not mean that he is wrong but simply that we don't know.

On that basis you can follow his work and recommendations or not as you choose. Nothing really wrong with either way.

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07-12-12, 04:59 PM
I saw one of his lectures on youtube not too long ago. I've just started a supplement regimen based off research I've made. I'm not too sure yet but I'll post when/if I start to see any results!

07-12-12, 05:11 PM
Thanks for your replys.

I don't know if being "impressionable" is an ADD/ADHD thing, or if it's just a "me" thing, but I like to believe a lot of what i hear if it looks like it may make a difference for me. Probably why I hate good sales people, because I always feel like I'm being taken advantage of...

Anywho...I see Amen shows and books and they seem "too good to be true", which is why I posed the above question. So if anyone else has had success or took his advice, I would love to hear it.

OH and has anyone had a brain scan? If so, did it change your previous diagnosis?