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11-29-04, 10:42 AM
I'm going to start out with this poem up here, since I feel I had very strong emotions when I wrote this one. (
Applies to the day I found out about everything that was going on behind my back. But anyways here it is, I called it 'part 2' because I felt like I needed to write a prequel or something to the poem to show what got "this person" to the point he is now.

Suicide Note Pt.2

Seated on the edge of my bed,
on the coffee table,
the gun or the knife,
my last decision to be.
The glass bottle on the table,
itching to get closer,
I've turned to it before,
it's simulated closure.
The bottle tips,
the glass fills up,
my memories begin to drown.
I'm slowly lost as I begin to take it in,
the things that have hit me,
are beginning to disappear.
What you've done to me,
no longer seems to matter.
I stare, at the contents on the table,
the choice seems so much closer.
Death has become the only way out.
The only way to free me from this pain.