View Full Version : Constipation and sweaty thighs...?

07-15-12, 04:01 AM
I tried Wellbutrin for the first time on Friday, I didn't notice any improvements yet for my ADD (I might have to wait a few weeks), but I instantly noticed feeling a little constipated and my thighs were sweating.

Has anyone ever had only these issues? How long did it take for you to see improvement on ADD symptoms?

08-25-12, 01:54 PM
I did have improvement over time with my depression and a small improvement in attention (before I was diagnosed with add). Unfortunately, I had horrible sweating everywhere, and strong BO smell from my underarms that wouldn't wash out of my clothes. I showered every night before bed, put on antiperspirant, and only wore clean clothes, but that didn't matter. I would get hot flashes and profuse sweating. That's why I had to stop.

When I started on Provigil (while still on Wellbutrin) for hypersomnia (which also turns out to be a treatment for ADD), my face and ears would get hot. Without the Wellbutrin, I have no side-effects from Provigil.

Good luck!