View Full Version : Ritalin changed my life

11-29-04, 12:10 PM
Hi there people,

My names lotty i thought i share my experience of taking ritalin with you, firstly both my kids and me have adhd and we all take ritalin, i can truly say it has changed all of our lives. I was diagnosed two years ago at a NHS adhd clinic in south london ( maudsley hospital ) after an agonising childhood, major drug abuse and generally many years of despair. I started ritalin and it changed my life, the fog cleared, i could focus for the first time in thirty years!!!. My first reaction was of genuine surprise, my god is this how other people feel well no wonder i never did well at school, if i'd been given ritalin as a child i'm sure my outlook would have been very different. You cannot be bitter it's never too late to get a diagnosis and change your life don't let the bitterness destroy you try to move on. I'm now a good mum to my fantastic adhd kids and i no longer abuse drugs. We now love our adhd as the positive side can shine through. Remember adhd can be a blessing if treated correctly, or it can destroy you and those around you when untreated. Theres nothing wrong with using meds when they are really needed i also have an adhd life coach and i exercise regularly as i am still hyperactive. This combination seem to work very well for us.


toni paul
03-14-05, 05:28 PM
Oh ma god!!!I want a life coach where do i get one.