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Rudie Punk
07-16-12, 12:35 PM
Hello all,

I've been on adderall for well over a year now and just taking the standard dosages of 20-30mg daily and like most people I know, there seems to be a plateau period after the first six to seven months. Whether it is getting your receptors burned out or just general stimulant tolerance the effects of adderall just aren't the same anymore.

Every so often I try taking four to five GABA capsules at 200mg each before bed to help reset my neurotransmitters. The next morning I feel like a giant heavy slug and it's hard to just get out of bed (so maybe don't try this the morning of a work day) but it isn't an unpleasant feeling... I know that GABA is a powerful neurotransmitter inhibitor and in some cases I've heard people say it negates the effect of any meds clear into the next day but it seems to work well for me just as a break in between if you feel you need to cycle off adderall for a spell. Anyone else have any similar experiences?

I also notice a lot of weight lifting supplements carry GABA for repair and recovery of muscle tissue overnight and supposed effect on human growth hormones increase. These GABA supplements also usually are stacked with over 1000mgs of Inositol per capsule


07-16-12, 02:11 PM
This is interesting. I take GABA at night to help me fall asleep with melatonin. I don't think GABA supplements cross the blood brain barrier though so I'm not really sure what good it's doing.

Is it possible that you could be burned out from something else?

07-16-12, 02:23 PM
This is interesting. I take GABA at night to help me fall asleep with melatonin. I don't think GABA supplements cross the blood brain barrier though so I'm not really sure what good it's doing.

Is it possible that you could be burned out from something else?

If not anything else, GABA will increase human growth hormone during sleep, which has a whole lot of health benefits. GABA has never done anything for my anxiety though :scratch: I have yet to find anything that seems to be like a real "reset" for the adrenal system. The closest thing would be xanax, but a natural alternative would be nice.

tired tired
07-17-12, 06:08 AM
You want to reset your tolerance and reverse neurotransmitter
down-regulation (basically up-regulation) as a result of chronic stim use?

Research Memantine. It is a medication used for Parkinson I think. I read few scientific papers discussing its efficacy with recovering chronic meth users who experience anohendia (if the spelling is correct).

Also search the adderall thread for a guy who started a course on Mematine describing his experience (and it was beefy with lots of info).

Good luck

In my point of view, most of the supplements are a scam. If they actually contain what is said on the bottle. Many studies found that you have to have a real deficiency or you will pee your money away.

Besides all supplements have a statement that they are not FDA approved. So they can put juicy in those supplements and won't even tell. With no legal obligation for these companies to test the contents of their stuff or their efficacies. I mean the biggest banks and fortune 500 firms in the US were making up numbers and do shady dealings to the point of charging more than loan sharks for people with poor credit. Until they got caught and by then the whole world financial system collapsed until today. These high-end establishments were no hustlers and liars. The tumbled the economy yet they still operate and making good money like they have done nothing.
You expect small supplement companies to actually not lie to you about if their stuff is actually suppose to do what is suppose to do. And even so, they do not have to submit any testing to market their stuff or show that even that stuff even works.

By the way, I can not prove it but I remember seeing an article or two saying that GABA and tyrosine supplements do not even cross the blood barrier to reach its destination and only their the brain can make use of it. And if it did, there has to be a huge defiency.

So you have many unknowns here in addition to placebo.
Usually young healthy adults get their stuff from their diet. Its only old people with Parkinson’s that actually have defiency in dopamine or serotonin. But the brain can not use external GABA or Tyrosine to make those neurotransmitters. Dopamine have to be supplied in its pure form (dopamine) and the medication is called L-dopa.
If the GABA supplement manufacturers claims are right and your brain actually uses those pills (assuming they crossed the blood brain barrier also)
GABA and L-tyrosine should be given to Parkinson patients and theoretically that should work for them making their symptoms disappear. But The do not give to the patients or even consider it an enhancement because it does not work. That is my opinion.

I remember also those Xtacy goers used to buy huge quantities of l-tyrosine because they thought that after xtacy depletes their brains from dopamine. If they take these supplements. Their brain is going to reach GABA from the blood and start making new dopamine like its that easy and know they are biochem educated and know what they are doing.

They are doing drugs that screws their brains. and who knows what inside these xtacy tabs. Their actions is a verb that like the word oxy moron for names (hope i made sense).