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11-30-04, 08:12 AM
Someone : A Poem by Me

You are the gift to the world without anyone telling you so..
but it would be great if someone does tell you that.

You have it in do anything that You may wish to do..
it matters if someone does believes in You so.

You are beautiful in your own right (without neeeding to compare yourself with the beauty of others.)
And this world needs more voices who would say just that.

You can climb up any mountain, stand up to any fear that you may have.
I guess we'd love to hear this our climb, and path of life.

If that someone is not there with you..
Maybe You can be the someone to say these sweet things to Your self.
and be more to play the most important part there is in this world..
to be someone in someones life.

11-30-04, 08:16 AM
One day as I was reflecting on my life lived so far
I realized that I hadn't really lived my life
and then I had a thought
just as I saw all the people that I knew
carrying on with their life having found some references to live with in their life

and I became so angry that I punched my desk
and said to myself
this wont do..this simply wont do..
lets make a list of the references what one needs to live and
find them and lets start living life before it ends.

So I took a pen and paper and started writing, compiling the references..
So I said..Life begins with breathe so I wrote it breathe freely
and I started breathing heavily for next few moments in and out..
but it didn't end there for it would have to be done throughout my life..
so this item would have to be kept unchecked

then I said...maybe there is Love too..
so I wrote..To many as I can..
and I started loving everybody..from the next instance..
and I loved hope that I will help them blossom with my love..
but not every steam turned into flower
and some flowers had big thorns that cut my flesh, heart

then came learning..I wrote it down
and I said.lets learn whatever there is to learn in life..
and I read books, people minds, hearts, and mine as well
and as I read more and more of all of dawned on me..
that the knowing never ends.

then came a tough part...for it involved money
and I wrote down money..
but it wasn't easy earning money as it was to write it down..
sometimes one had to cheat ones own soul to earn money..
and it required more than just skill, honesty & heart..

So I got more angry than what I was at the start of the list
for I couldn't done with even one item in my list so far.
so I tore the list the into small pieces
and now I live just how it was with me all this while
from moment to moment from darkness and light..
in love and fear..just by being myself.

Dear Ones,


For years I have been wanting to write this poem having bit humor and some pain in life too..involving my life journey and how I wanted to find those references in my life and fulfill my life with it..and its such a paradox..the list, references..and our attempts..

I was reflecting on it on Sunday. as again not sure whether this is a complete poem of not..maybe there is something missing in it..I don't know..what matters is that I created something...gave a life..three poems in one day!!!

It took me months to write, come up with one today i am excited..lets see..if these poems have any life in them or not..

Love Ya All,


11-30-04, 08:17 AM
The Circle of Love.

Meeting people far and between
completing circles now and then
only to have the waves of sea wiping even the trace of it..

What does it take to make this circle of love..
and why is it hard for some people to finish it...
While some lucky ones have all the chances/hands that they can get..
why is it then some are left behind to draw the circle by themselves.

It takes two hearts/hands to be in love to complete a circle
why then some people are left with the waiting for the other hand/heart..

How far can one go in search of such heart/hand..
meeting up with the distance of time, space
and how long does one wait for the moment to come..
to have someone to help us to finish the circle


11-30-04, 08:22 AM
I was there too and was Here too.
I was one amongst the crowd who threw stones on the Lord.
I was there too amongst the General who saw it with the lewd smile
and the who gave orders to crucify HIM and nail HIM to die

I cried tears of Blood for HIM being one amongst the millions who cried.
I gave my heart to HIM to Pay for the Sins that we all had committed in all.
And to pay for the lewd smile on my face and for the stone in my hand.
And for the sin that I committed in being indifferent & heartless To HIM in

HE Paid For the Sins that I had Committed in many faces and hands.
HE Paid the Price with a Smile On His Face..and With Compassion and Heart.

HE came again on Earth and Lived the Life of a Man.
HE choose to Fight without a Weapon..with a Love in HIS heart and Open
HE cleaned the Toilets, walked with bare feet and naked to be one amongst
IT was the Fight Between Greed, Dirt of a Human MInd and Divine Heart.
Then came a Time when I Fired bullets at HIM piercing His Heart and Taking
HIS Life
And HE paid the Price for All My Sins Put together of past, present and
future beforehand
I stood there being one Amongst the crowd who shed tears of blood once again
for him and who tried from Heart.
And I saw My Face in Every Face..that took HIS Life or Loved HIM and Cried.
I was there too and was Here too.
In Killing HIM and Wanting HIM to Die and Paying Up with My Hearts Love as

Dear All,


I wanted to write this poem for long time..on God and Gandhi and I amongst
Alll who took his life or loved HIM and cried.

WIth Love,


11-30-04, 08:26 AM
Am I alone in my silence?
or are there many of me in the broken mirror of time
chasing me in my silence.

Is it possible to leave out the 'me in me?
for atleast few moments to just 'be'
like one of those millions tides of the sea
which has no end or no beginging

To live without references, reactions
to fly with wind like a treeleaf..
to leave the anxieties on the wind
to sail away atleast once from
this shore of haunting 'me'

To be at a place where there be will no chasing anymore
and no hide and seek..
where the pointing fingers wont hurt
where the blood will dry out of old wounds..

Will I ever find that piece of the broken mirror
where i'll be whole and true...
where I'll smile at myself
in joy of finding a new 'me'
Where my eyes wont search for the scars on my face
and meet meeting a long lost friend

Will I ever find any such mirror, place or me?
Will I be free from these serpant like questions to be just 'be'
When will this chase end?
will it end with me?

I am a voracious reader otherwise but I never had much of a chance to read poetry...and so had no idea how to construct the themes, questions, pictures in my head into words of poem..

Some of the poems I wrote could not go beyond couple of lines...or other lost their way through losing the rythem...and I felt awkward looking at them because I didint know if they could be called as poems or not..

So this poem in particular is rather poor attempt to fit some genuinue questions, themes, issues in my mind, life to lifeform..

With Love,


12-01-04, 08:40 AM
The Lost Pursuit

Often One gets enwrapped in the temptations of desires resulting in wounds or a forlorn smile
One sees through the life's small betrayal but nevertheless walks through it even when it breaks ones heart.
When the past life is mirrored in the present, one gets embroiled in lost pursuit

A fleeting moment sees oneself drenched in the nectar of spiritual love and the other moment one is unable to lift ones hand for prayer
What for is this longing for and why is this helplessness a heart that wins over other heart steals away a glance from the eyes.
When one can touch the heart of someone but returns without knocking on the door.

12-07-04, 03:27 AM
Poetry of Two Kinds..

Poetry is of two kinds.
Its like there is a essence of poem in feeling..and then there is perfume of words
these two are different..even though they both have the fragrance and come from love.
one is formless and the other has form..
the essence does not have a is like spirit..or air..
we can feel its presence inside us and in the world around us..
but we can not touch it or smell it..we just have to know it in our heart..and trust it so.

The perfume of words..speak for has appearence..form, colour & taste.
Words have their own meaning and shape..
They have roots and branches..and they bear fruits of recognition or despair.

The feeling poem though never goes stale..or out of want..
It lives in the deapths of who we are.

The expression we use to descibe ourselves..
is the expression of our feeling poem..
It can be an expression of Love..or that of hatread or pain..
we can never wrong in rhythm when reciting the feeling poem..unlike the poem of words
and can do no wrong..cause there is not right or wrong in feeling poem..
This poem does not have to be loved or even liked by others..or even ourselves..
It stays True and alive..even if its hated..or is disliked..
like the heavenly Father who loves us despite our outcry.

There is a Poem inside each of us..Even if we write it or not..
Its the Poem of Spirit or Divine.

Having felt a Poem of feeling gives such an joy..which none writer can experience with his word..

01-06-05, 06:42 AM
"I am a Wildflower."

Everyone, Everything on this Earth represents me in parts or whole..

I am in Roses, Lotus and Wildflowers..

When I am Joyous I am like a Fully Bloomed Rose..which wears its heart
proudly and open for all..

When I connect to Myself in Harmony..I become a Lotus..finding Union of
Spirit and Heart..

But most of the times I am a wildflower
Living anonmously on a Hill top, opening up its small petals to give and
share and care for all.

No one adorns a wildflower..or gifts one to their Loved ones..

Its stands for real meaning..lives on life in some corner on
the Earth..

It Hopes to be discovered and to have a new meaning, reference found from/by

Maybe there will be one day when a Wildflower will stand for something..a
sign of Eternal Love, Abundance.

01-06-05, 06:45 AM
I am not the picture on my passport..
I am not the marks on my marksheet or
extra comments in my Certificates..
I am not the stories that people spread about me..
I am not in judgements of pointed fingers or facts of any kind
I cant be put into numbers, labels, or types and orders.
I am not in knowing and cant be known by knowledge of mind..
To experience and meet me as and who I am..
know me through the knowledge of your heart..
which asks for no knowledge to love someone of its kind..

I am an experience, a wave, a choice that of a tear or a smile..
I am a flower, tree, or butterfly..I am the sea and the open sky..
or the wind that caresess your hair..
I am that what I love and what I am afarid of...
I am Me..anything and anyone what I want to be..

Dont tell me who I limits, my scale, my size or who I can be..
Love me as an experience, give me the freedom and the space to be me.
If You must know me..Give me a Hug and a Smile..and share a caring word to let me lead you to a place, an experience called as "me"

01-06-05, 06:54 AM

Life is
what the we
find ourselves in
one fine morning on waking.

It could be
a quarrell for a piece of land,
for a vain notion of respectibility.
It could be a wound
to an enormous pride

Life is
what the living beings
make out of it
through their own efforts
or efforts misappropriately place
resulting in a broken image
one finds in the mirror before him.

Life is
what one wants it to be
a disgraceful man complaining on life
or a toothless smile of a old lady

01-06-05, 06:57 AM
I find my souls truth is mirrored the eyes, faces of my friends.
I can smell it in the air when I am with them or even when I am not
and can see it with closed eyes..
I can let go of my ego, even my self..
and Plunge into the river connecting us all.

In my house there is corner where the Gods reside.
It has Gods Idol in it and many images of Various Gods.

There is even a corner in me..which reminds me of my divinity,
occean of love in me.

It has the images of friends, family and soulmates..of people connecting to each other..through simpleness in love.

As I connect to family and Friends..
I connect to my True self..and with it to God.


This has been with me for too long..I remember the people I love with the fragrance of their spirit, the colour behind their skin colour..and with the voice that fills in to my heart..

Many a times a I see many in unique shapes. I guess thats how a ADD person sees the world around it..its so beautiful to imagine, visualize..and maybe bit hard to explain or share..

I havent written any poem in long long time..and its funny how it goes..these poems just come to me by themselves..and appear word by word, line by if they were already existing in an alternative reality and were just waiting for me to make a sign from heart.

I love writing, esp poems. Simple as they are I find them belonging to all.

I see many people who seem to have faith in God, religion they pray to God to find peace, their hearts desires and there are those who believe in power of mind..they believe only in their self..and they act according to that. I find myself there here nor there..I do love God but dont know how to ask for things..and my mind is swinging upwards and downwards..into light and fears. So I live by this feeling of love, friendship, romancing life.
I fill wonder into everyday moments of Life.

So there comes there writing part and this bond of love that I share with everyone.


01-06-05, 07:07 AM
Dreams :

What is your dream the spirit asked,
and then I replied,
My dream is to fly in the abandant sky
speading my wings to the full,
breathing in the fragrant air
with the wind caressing my hair,
soaring in the sky.
My dream is to be the boy that once I was
and run without limits on the seabeach
to find a boundless spirit in my chest.
To be a beautiful butterfly
so that to kiss the flowers with my lips
and carry the sweet honey,
spread the polen to all directions.
To do all that I can and to Love much as I can.
My dream is to Love a wo/man
not as a man but as a spirit
To look for the heart and not the body.

And then as I chant my daily Prayer
uttering the beauitful words of the prayer.
I dream to find God/ess within me
gracing the faults in me
and to fill the womb of my heart
by residing His Divine presence in my heart.
This poem is so close to my heart. It tells about my longheld dream to be free from the clutches of fear, depression and from the world of lack to be in the world of abandance and Love.

i felt this poem many years ago as a child in my heart.

01-06-05, 07:10 AM
Different Drums and Different Drummers"If I do not want what you want,Please try not to tell me that my want is wrong.Of if I believe other than you,at least pause before you correct my view.Or if my emotion is less than yours,or more, given the same circumstances,try not to ask me to feel more strongly or weakly.Or yet if I act, or fail to act,in the manner of your design for action, let me be.I do not, for the moment at least,ask you to understand me.That will come only when you are willingto give up changing me into a copy of you.I may be your lover, spouse, your parent, your offspring,your friend, your neighbor, or your colleague.If you allow me any of my own wants,or beliefs, or actions, then you open your-selfso that someday these wants of minemight not seem so wrong,and might finally appear to you as right - for me.To put up with me is the first step in understanding me.Not that you are no longer irritated or disappointedwith me for my seeming waywardness.And in understanding me you might come to prizemy differences from you, and far from seeking to change me,preserve and even nurture those differences."Author Unknown But Grately appriciated.

01-06-05, 07:16 AM
A Poem about Greatest Poem on Earth

Whats the greatest poem on this earth?
who has written it?
We write it everyday.
when we give care and when we share from our heart
pouring our love on someone with kindess shown through a simple gesture
or soaking someones pain in our heart through shedding a tear or by giving a hug.

The greatest and the grandest form of Love isint in words..
its seen in silent moments of days and nights..
when lot is said without uttering a word..

The greatest Song ever written is not by any musician..or lyric writer..
Its a lullaby sung by a mother to its child.
Or that small poem which lives lifetime and a marriage of two hearts in love with each other.

The Greatest, Grandest, Tallest, Biggest that we search for all our lives in the outside.
lies within simple caring, loving hearts..

You/I/We are the Cocreators of all that dazzling, life-giving, sparkling Love..
which moves, shapes, create, change many lives..and revolves this world
for that one person for whom it matters the most..

The greatest Poem ever not written through words..
Its a life lived one moment at a time well lived, well loved, and shared with Everyone.

01-06-05, 07:39 AM
One night as a child I saw life and death in a different way..
Death then meant being in permanent sleep, slumber..
and life meant awakening from a night of nightmares
or a opening eyes after having some beauitful dreams..
What if then in being living now..I am living in a nightmare and being dead?
and maybe I will be awakened to a life only when this nightmare ends?

The wise call the 'reality' unreal
can it be then what we call reality is when we sleep
when our thoughts ride in our dreams..

Pain, suffering brings us death and a ghasty nightmare brings us to
can it be one and the same?

Have you pinched yourself going through your reality to check if its a bad
Sometimes the reality feels like a bad dream..
and at that of the night some nightmares look so real..
Its hard to choose between the two..

The hands pound on the wall of night to beg for some light
can there be a morning after all and can there be life?
when will this nightmare end and when will i begin with my life?


I still remember that time of the day..when as a child I was thinking about
life and death..
and it occured to me that it resonated with sleep and awakening..
there were so many layers...and i cant put them into words

01-06-05, 08:22 AM

Memories with sharp nails kneel me in my heart
as I remember the helplessness of that time
when I was so alone and defenseless
against the crowd of perpetuators

Boys and girls at the back of my mind
whisper to each in hushed silence.
as the teacher whips the lashes of his tongue
and the boy tries the count the pieces of his broken heart.

Memories in hoarse voices
of those old men
and the imprint of the rope tied to my hands.
The stronghold of a man's hand over two small hands
& the glint in the old green eyes.

the stinking memories keep on
lingering in the air
the boys and girls with ugly grin over their faces

The bit by bit defeat of a human soul and its dignity
boys and girls at the back of my mind
begin to roar with laugher.

01-09-05, 12:04 AM
Sending You a Hi! From me.
and in that sound of Hi
I will find comfort and a human voice.
which I will wrap around my body
to keep it warm and be alive.

Feeling terribly lost and drained
from thinking and scratching at the surface of life

Is life a battle or a poem woven from the words of sweet love?
does the Rose has the thorns or is it the other way around?

Whats the difference between the winner and the loser?
is it between skill, luck, faith, God or in thoughts?

All the philosophies, and great works of art..
can reach only upto certain point
after that its a human experience that you must live up
and choose to suffer or enjoy.

01-09-05, 12:05 AM
I have no idea why i say what i say.
why i behave the way i do
and whats going on..
the world seems a crazy busy market place
and i have nothing to sell..
so i gaze around..
watch people..with intent and heart..
i look for things that please my heart..
and the ones that come for free but are not cheap
like songs, sunshine, a hug that keeps me warm
i could be lost and wrong in what i believe
i may be mad to hold on to my heart..what i find to be dear and true..
i shall wait and see. and hope for a better tomorrow and a better Me.

01-09-05, 12:06 AM
I see many Troubled Souls..who have much to give but dont always get the chance..
or maybe they are too lost in their life..much judged, uncared for..

As the world is looking at the Alter, in the stones, in pictures and stories for God
I see God in all those unnamed people..who are born with no great skill or mind but their heart.

There is so much potential in such people..who can only love and share..
however different they might look or sound to the world at large.

People imagine God to be Free from Trouble and to be Mighty and Powerful
but I imagine God to be vulnerable and soft..facing the judgemnets, insults, bitebacks
living amongst us with the tag of 'different' or 'troubled'..
as one of our own..owning up our faults, and scars..
and yet loving us from so nearby yet so afar..

01-09-05, 12:09 AM
There is Divine in the Water of Ganges..
and in the gutters that carry the dirts of the city..
one purifyes the sins of thousand human lifes
and the other cleans the dirt on their body, mind.
one carries the sweet water..and the other has foul smells, bad taste..
the water is the same..and so is the divine..
is our judgement that makes them apart..

01-11-05, 11:57 PM
The Sigh of a Tree

A woman’s sorrow. There are many references to her sorrow.
She reminds me of a long worn tree stripped to only bare naked branches
She bares no fruits yet she longs for the blossom, the fruits
Her heart aches at the sight of kids clinging to the branches of those other trees.
For those trees have branches filled with fruits and flowers of every kind
She lowers down her branches in vain hope that some child would be tempted to ride upon
her shoulders but all she manages to get is those nasty kids who rip her of her
branches for furnace for the festival of Holy

No bird sit on her branch, Young couples have no sight for her. After all she
has nothing to offer to anybody except her love.
The Clouds do not stop by her its not their fault
They have been taught to rain only on greener pastures where the soil is in its youth
Sometimes a stray cloud does rain on her but I suspect the raindrops are nothing but tears of sympathy.
She does not need your sympathy O Megha,
All she wants is a drop of LOVE, which will sink beneath the wrinkled land
and reach the roots of her heart.

Her womb yearns to bear a fruit that she can call her own or for a tender flower
All right if they do not happen to be the fruit of youth
She does not care whether the world will laugh at her being a mother
All she cares about it to have a soul-filling moment of being a mother
She’ll give them all the nurturing love with her roots searching for every drop of rain and soil

Does a tree ceases to be a tree just because its not beautiful.
Is beauty nothing but an attractive face or is it the warmth of a loving heart
Is it passion of youth or a compassionate inquiry of heart

We live in the city where everything sells on merit of face
We put a price on everything don’t we?
There is a price for beauty n price for soul
I don’t know how much a loving heart is price though
Is it measured on weight of kilo, or the tears shed by a forlorn heart
I am not acquainted with the market place you see
Cause I am just a wanderer with no copper in my purse
I have but only a heart that weeps for a tree which bares lonely braches.

In the crowded market place of this world everybody has ears to word spoken
by mouth who’d understand the sigh of heart
Who’d listen to silence when nobody listens to even the voices anymore.


This is a poem about Kujba. An ugly woman. she is not princess beacause princesses are always beautiful...or if they are ugly it is so only because of a curse...makes me wonder how we brainwash and curropt think like think that beauty in a person is about beauty of a face, mind..

There are products that are sold in millions of dollars to make some plain looking woman to be beauitiful and fair skinned..

What for? what does fair skin and attritrive face or smartness in mind has got to do with who the person really is?

Why this insane chase for perfection? and who would bear to the vanity of a perfect person? Is it not our imperfections that level us bringing equiminity in relationships, love?

Anyways, I think I should calm down a little see I like to come up with the talk inside my brain..but i dont know..

There is something I want to talk about..maybe I'll ask it to you later.

Hope You will like the poem

With Love,


01-20-05, 03:58 PM
I have written a poem..on the power of heart and mind..

While I was working I always had this conflict between my mind and heart.
My Heart danced every morning at the site of the Crisp Golden Sun glowing in creamy butter colour of Abundance and Love's light..and the trees sway gently and reminded me of the kind of songs that I like..(like any song by carpenters). All this while my mind would take stock of the probable situations of anxiety, panic ahead..there would be some meeting..some letter to draft...and i used to be so scared of it.

Hope You'll like the poem.

Wishing Everyone A Wonderful Day Ahead,

With Much Love,


In the Morning : New Poem by Me

In the Morning

The Heart
All the world is beautiful & bright
the Sun shines in Crisp Golden colour
sending Butter Cream Rays of Shining light
the birds are chirping a love song.
for they are so happy to be alive
the trees sway gently to dance
to the tune that love song..
The Sun, The Birds, Trees and Us human alike
are born of God's Love..
and are united by the Love of Our Heart.

The Mind
All the world chaotic and scared..
everyone rushing around to chase success, career or life
all minds are set on desires and wants..
there is competition everywhere around..
who has the time for the sun or the morning song?

Every Morning is a invitation from God..
A Renewal of Life..
Another Chance that You have
to play the Song of Heart..

We live in parallel world
of emotions, feelings and Thoughts
Its the choice that we all have
Between viewing a simple Morning as
A Bright Opening of Life
or mad rush towards life..

01-21-05, 03:25 AM
I see a great need for heart..and greater need for love in Todays world.
There are wars going on..and fighting everywhere; inside every heart
there is so much pain..within our body and inside our mind..

It feels like we need a warm blanket of Love..All of us..
and caring, Understanding..a Compassionate inquiry on someones lips..
Words that wont cut or harm.
Words that will heal..words that'll speak of Love and warmth

There are so many barren lands - hearts that have gone dry in want of love.
and the only sign of that of hot tears in our eyes..

We need Rain..of Gods Love inside of us all.
how come we have so much water inside us and yet our heart have gone dry?


Each of us are as beautiful as a Tree, Bird flying high in the sky..
We seem to have forgotten our own beauty..and the power of love that we have.
or are looking at mirrors that dont tell us the truth of our beauty and our soul.
the mirrors of mind..or motives of ego..which plant seeds of darkness and chaos in our heart..

We need to go back to the old mirror of our self..
The Mirror of Soul..which is so pure and Divine..
It shows no scars on body or mind..and does not comment, judges or condemns us
for being who we are..
It loves us even when we feel lost and uncared for..
It holds us dearly and binds it with its love..
Like a fresh stream of river..ever flowing from mountain peaks to the fields of plain..
It meets the highs and low in our life with same Dignity & Love.

01-21-05, 03:26 AM
I see a great need for heart..and greater need for love in Todays world.
There are wars going on..and fighting everywhere; inside every heart
there is so much pain..within our body and inside our mind..

It feels like we need a warm blanket of Love..All of us..
and caring, Understanding..a Compassionate inquiry on someones lips..
Words that wont cut or harm.
Words that will heal..words that'll speak of Love and warmth

There are so many barren lands - hearts that have gone dry in want of love.
and the only sign of that of hot tears in our eyes..

We need Rain..of Gods Love inside of us all.
how come we have so much water inside us and yet our heart have gone dry?


Each of us are as beautiful as a Tree, Bird flying high in the sky..
We seem to have forgotten our own beauty..and the power of love that we have.
or are looking at mirrors that dont tell us the truth of our beauty and our soul.
the mirrors of mind..or motives of ego..which plant seeds of darkness and chaos in our heart..

We need to go back to the old mirror of our self..
The Mirror of Soul..which is so pure and Divine..
It shows no scars on body or mind..and does not comment, judges or condemns us
for being who we are..
It loves us even when we feel lost and uncared for..
It holds us dearly and binds it with its love..
Like a fresh stream of river..ever flowing from mountain peaks to the fields of plain..
It meets the highs and low in our life with same Dignity & Love.

01-21-05, 03:58 AM
sometimes living this life and being with people becomes a common sight
Like how one gets used to the grandour of sky and all the sprakling stars
and one gets used to this breathing..and becomes accoustomed to the light of Life..
There is beauty in Each one of us..In Every Breath in that One Ray of Light of Life..
We are the stars in the sky..who sparkle to Give to spread Love, Joy and Light..
and then when we see ourselves from the ground below..
we wonder at how beauitiful these stars are..
and wish to be them..but only sometimes..
we are so busy otherwise to notice the beauty of the sky and stars..
and the message that they have for us..
that God is the Never Ending Abdandant Sky..
and We are the twinkling Stars at night..

01-21-05, 05:01 AM
A Poem on the Wrinkle on the Face

Come out of the circle of time
And into the circle of love.


Every Wrinkle on your face is a crease of Times You have spent in Love or Pain..

Next Time you start worrying about those lines on your face..

think about all those who didint had the fortune nor the Time..

to Capture Life essence on their Face..

for they died too young..

Blessed Are You for having the Creases & the Lines on Your face..

which folds with Every Smile and Every Tear that You Shed..

01-21-05, 05:23 AM
Who is to tell you wheather You are beautiful or not.
Does Your Beauty needs a permission to BE itself..
Does a Rose asks us before it comes into existance?
Did Any bird ever asked You before it took off for a flight?
They didint do so because they are simple creatures of God
God hears so many complaints from Humans from everywhere..
But it is nowhere our Holy Books..
about God getting a Complaint from a Bird, Flower or Animal of any kind

So Yes..You over there...You..You..You
You are a perfect creation of God..
Perfect in body, mind, Spirit & in Heart.
Are you a Rose, Dolphin or a Butterfly?
If You are none of these..dont complain or be sad..
You are just as beautiful and unique as they are..
Just feel the fragrance of a Rose inside You
and the Spirit of a Butterfly..
and Take flight like a Dolphin from the sea of Life to the open, abdandant, clear blue Sky..

With Love,


01-21-05, 05:37 AM
Dear All,


Every Poem, Moment of Writing that I spend...I feel this itching in me the one that I wrote about in my poem Two Minds..and I saw this metaphor of kissing a caterpiller and releasing it to be free and fly around the sky..and I saw the More I kissed and Loved every moment or life and writing, poems, I freed myself and flied with those millions of tiny butterflies...

Kiss a Moth and Release it to Fly..
If it has Any Life in it..
It will spread its tiny Wings and Fly
And Share its Colours and Spread Beauty and Life
Do not Pause or Wait For the One to Turn into a Butterfly
For The Life does not Spring in a Doubting Mind..
It Springs only in Loving ceaselessly
and Loving with Heart and a Broad Smile..

With Much Love,


01-21-05, 06:08 AM
Flute in a Friend

In the walk of life I meet and found many hearts.
They were of a all sizes, colors and shapes
and of different cultures, beliefs and thoughts
each one had his/her own way to touch my heart

Many had a ugly past or were unloved and were sad.
They were to taught to feel being unworthy and to feel lacked
They were told often by someone
that they weren't worthy of heartfelt love, a warm hug or a kiss
and that they wouldn't amount to much of anything

And I saw in them the Duel that I had in me as a boy
the duel between mind, judgments and thoughts
with the Power of Feeling Felt from Heart.

I Love the fat on their bodies, and the pain and the scars.
& the lackness that they feel inside their heart.
As the Pain that they have in them and all that they think they lack
are minor things as compared to the Spirit that they have

The holes that they are so scared to have in them..
are like the ones that a flute has..
and the spirit and heart that they have to show..
is the sweet tune of the flutes music flowing from their spirit inside
flowing from the same holes that they fear so much about..

What we see in what we have inside our heart..
if we choose to concentrate on beauty and love
and every face looks beautiful and smart..
Would one care for music inside the flute or care for is shape, color and size..
when God's are ready to play the tune...
what else can you do than to give in you heart.

Dear All,


I have had so many images that urge me to write to bring them out and give them life..and it feels great to have found them a voice, a place where i can share them..and to have your love show me the way and Guide.

I saw so many people on net..feeling that they were a broken record or broken drum that brings no music..and I felt all the it is that the world and they themselves cant see this beauty in them..How cant you love yourself and have people to love you??? is what I alway wanted to ask to them..

I am so happy having found this poem inside me..and the image of the flute or musical piece inside all of us..

I worred for long to make a beautiful piece that would please everyones heart and the more I tried to be that..the more difficult it became..and then suddenly I felt I must conintue on my path and write without much care of how, what worth my poems, words have..and how much praise that they can have..and it pleases my heart so much to write just enough to bring out the beauty or pain that i felt inside...and to give a life of its own..and release it in sky..and watch the abandance carry it along...maybe it touches others heart sometimes.

With So much Love,


01-21-05, 06:46 AM
You Fear Going Wrong and Losing your way..
but if you have Love in Your heart You'll Never Lose or stray.
For Love is God In Your Heart and the God Outside..
He is the Same God that they statues are made of
and the One who leads You to Light

You Fear the Judgements and Someone Ridiculing on your Face.
But if You keep on Loving the God within and Outside
You will Never Have to Fear or feel the shame
For HE willing holding your hand in Every Step of the Way
Beaming Love's Light in Darkness & in Making Your Baggage weigh light.

You worry over being worthless and poor
But you are not..
For God does not measure You in your Knowledge or Riches that You
Poesses in your Life
He Loves You Just for Who You really Are from Inside

You can Never Buy God with All the Riches of the world Put Together
or with the Knowledge of HIM in your Hands
You may Win HIM over easily
when you give a Hug or Kiss someone
and hold someone Tight.

HE Who You Love So Dearly is Residing Inside Your Heart
Know HIM Right...
Love Yourself and the World..
And Love Your Life.
and then Wait for the God Inside You
to web the Spell of Love
To Shower the Blessing upon You
Of Friends, Smiles, and Caring
or Health, Healing and Light.

With Love,


01-22-05, 04:41 AM
Sit quietly for a moment

Sit quietly for a moment
and you realize how you have been
running around.
Learn to keep your mouth shut
and you realize how
you have talked too much.
Avoid getting involved in too many things
and you realize that you have been wasting your time
on unnecessary things.
Close your door and you realize
that you have been mixed up
with too many kinds of people.
Have few desires
and you realize why you have had so many ills.
Be human and you realize that you have been too critical
of others.
Be humble and there is nothing
beyond your reach.

- Chen Chiju -
16th Century China

01-25-05, 09:05 PM
Through the Eyes of a Blind

Dear All,


I am sensitive and have always wondered about the life lead by those who live with different perception of senses..or challenges due to various health reasons.

There is an inherent quality of shining every person who is differently abled..i love that quality..i love what the blind bring to this world with their vision and the language the deaf and mute speak with their hand..and how their fingers dance to create words and images and how they converse among themselves with no word spoken from mouth yet carrying the message across with the flight of their fingers..

there is a beauty of distinct kind amongst the mentally retarded too..they might be slow to learn, know..but in their own pace and time they are a beautiful flower...that has an easing perfume in them..these mentally challenged kids can unlock you and release you to be attuned with your heart with their smile or with their wisdom of their heart..

I saw as a child how the world created walls and pushed aside anyone who was different from who they were/are.. And then there become a small world of such people who were differently abled..blind, mute, slow or ill with pain..and if they didint find anyone like them..they longed to be with someone where theyd be no question or disagreements about them..

I started learning the sign language as a child to be able to converse with the deaf and mute..and i imagined myself a blind to be able to share more intune with the blind..sadly I hardly came accross any blind or mute when i was a was years that I have few select friends who have a vision and a great heart..and they always inspire me with what they can see from their heart..

I have tried to write a poem on the exercise that i did as a child..I used to close my eyes and try to relate to my world from the eyes of a blind person.. Wish i could write more beautiful poem about what was an honest and loving way of a child to embrace all.


Years ago as a child I tried to perceive the world from a set of blind eyes.
I closed my eyes and thought of colours red, black, orange and blue..& white and tried to feel colours through my heart,
feel their fragrance with my nostrils and taste them with my tastebuds

Red was the colour of anger..of hot tears shed by me..

Orange seemed like hot sun..that warmed on my face
and brought me greetings of a new day..and swelled my heart with the light within me..

black felt like the colour of unknown..the colour of fear..and evil thoughts..

Blue seemed like sound of beautiful ocean..tiny waves of seawaves hitting my a Childs innocent smile felt by a touch..

White was the colour of Divine of everlasting peace, of God in me.
that brought everyone in togetherness under the shade of Divine Love.

01-27-05, 11:57 AM
Dear All,


As a child..and I imagined, prayed, thought about life. When kids my age wanted to play a superman..I wanted to be a Angel of Love, Healing..touching everyones life..and bringing light, magic everywhere.

I have written this poem on what I felt as a child..of how I wished for and/or wanted to create or be such a existance which would shine like a days light to illuminate everyones world..

I dont know how the poem as shaped up..i dont know even if its a poem or not..though I always wanted to be a better poet that what I am..because i know my feelings are honest..and there is a richness in them. I wish if i could bring the same richness in my poems..or make money out of those poems..and make a name for be able to get recognized for what i stand be able to share, contribute towards what I believe in..

I hope you will like the poem..

I felt wonderful..finding the child in me..and the feelings that I felt so give them a physical form..and release them in the outer meet my beautiful soulfriends...



As a child..i saw life with keen eyes. I soaked everything that came my way
feelings of pain, joy and love..
and absorbed the pain or joy that I saw or felt through the eyes of my heart
and cried silently for countless people..or the world..and for myself..

I took everyone inside my wings..and nursed them with my love..
with the ansh(part) of Godness with me..
and prayed for release of pain, divide in us.

I often wondered about such a place, world or existance..
i thought of such a
which will warm up my heart..and that of everyone
who is in search of hope..

I wondered what if everyone carried this place, world in their pocket..
in their heart..
or had this existance around at arms lengh..

it would mean so much to have one face warm up
in knowing of the outcome of love and removal of fear
to know that s/he is not alone, faceless in this world
and that God is watching over him/her

There is so much going on in this world.
so many ills, pain, wars continuing to plauge us with fragmentation..

I see so many people with pain written over their face
and anguish, ache filled hearts..
carrying the weight of their rocks over their shoulders
with heavy feet..walking their walk.

I wish them all..Peace and Joy like they never had before.
and healing cover of Gods love..
a touch of Gods heal their wounds,
and a cure for the illnesses of body and mind.

I wish light closing on darkness
and oneness spreading all around..
erasing the inner battles, divides in us
and to union of our Soul.

Mother Earth has shed many tears and seen so much pain..
i hope and wish for such a time to come..
when we will breathe in union in harmony and love.

04-21-05, 01:48 AM
Who I Am

I am not my hair, my eyes, my nose or my mouth.
I am not my skin or the shape of any of my body parts.
I am not the IQ of my brain.

I am not the sound of my voice or the volume of my laughter.
I am not my strengths or any of my weaknesses.
I am not the level of my skills.

The temple of my physical makeup is a culmination of genetics.
It reveals nothing about the person who resides within.
I take no credit or point no blame for the way I look.
My temple is perfect, as is.

This body is not who I am.
It is an exquisitely perfect dwelling for my soul.
Everything about it is exactly as it should be.
No other, anywhere, ever, could serve my soul as well.

I am not anything you can see with your eyes or touch with your hands. Should you judge me by that criteria, you will never know me.

I am not a dumping ground for bias that's based on a man-made standard, and I do not accept the prejudice it creates.

I am a union of body, mind and spirit, a trio, not a solo.

To know me, is to know yourself.

Those who hear the voice of their soul, recognize the song in mine.
They do not stop at the front door and judge me by the dwelling in which I reside.
With a humble sense of honor, they knock upon the door and ask to come in.

The judgment of others does not change who I am.
Quite the opposite is true. It reveals who they are.

Those who deem me unworthy at a glance and pass me on by, have my blessing to keep walking, for they have a long way to go. They have not reached the point in their journey where they are able to see and appreciate me for who I am.

I will accept no less.

04-21-05, 01:52 AM
Courage to be Me

I have the courage to...
Embrace my strengths --
Get excited about life --
Enjoy giving and receiving love --
Spring free of the Super(wo)man Trap --
Trust myself --
Make my own decisions and choices --
Talk as nicely to myself as I do to my plants --
Honor my own needs --
Give myself credit for my accomplishments --
Grant myself permission to play --
Choose what is right for me --
Plant "flower", not "weed" thoughts in my mind --
Accept myself just as I am now.